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Vayakhel -And He Assembled

Shabbat Shalom !

Welcome to Vayakhel -And He Assembled , this week’s Parasha (Torah Portion).

Exodus 35:1–38:20;

1 Kings 7:40–8:21;

John 6:1–71;

Prophecy 75, 51, 96;



Torah Reading

Exodus 35:1–38:20


*~Exodus Chapter 35 ~*

1And Moses assembled all the congregation of the sons of Israel and said to them, These are the Words which YAHUVEH has commanded, to do them:

2Work may be done six days and on the seventh day it shall be holy to you, a Sabbath of rest to YAHUVEH; everyone doing work in it surely shall die.

3You shall not kindle a fire in all your dwellings on the day of the Sabbath.

4And Moses said to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, saying, This is the thing which YAHUVEH commanded, saying,

5Take from among you an offering to YAHUVEH. Everyone willing of heart shall bring it, the offering of YAHUVEH: gold and silver and bronze,

6and blue, and purple, and crimson, and bleached linen, and goats’ hair,

7and rams’ skins dyed red, and dugong skins, and acacia wood,

8and oil for the light, and spices for the oil of anointing, and for the incense of perfumes;

9and onyx stones, and stones of settings, for the ephod and for the breast pocket.

10And every wise-hearted one among you, let them come and make all which YAHUVEH has commanded;

11the tabernacle, its tent, and its cover, its hooks, its boards, its bars, its pillars, and its sockets;

12the ark, and its poles, the mercyseat and the veil of the covering,

13the table and its poles, and all its vessels, and the Bread of the Presence;

14and the Menorah of the light, and its vessels, and its lamps, and the oil of the light;

15and the incense altar and its poles, and the oil of anointing, and the incense of perfumes, and the screen of the door, at the door of the tabernacle;

16the altar of burnt offering, and its bronze grating, its poles, and all its vessels, the laver and its base;

17the screens of the court, its pillars, and its sockets, and the screen for the gate of the court;

18the pins of the tabernacle, and the pins of the court, and their cords;

19the woven garments to minister in the sanctuary, the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments for his sons, to minister as priests.

20And all the congregation of the sons of Israel went out from Moses.

21And they came, every one whose heart was lifted up, and everyone whose spirit made him willing. They brought the offering of YAHUVEH for the work of the tabernacle of the congregation, and for all its service, and for the holy garments.

22And the men came in together with the women, everyone willing of heart. They brought in bracelets, and nose rings, and rings, and ornaments, every gold article, and every one who waved a wave offering of gold to YAHUVEH.

23And everyone with whom blue was found, and purple, and crimson, and bleached linen, and goats’ hair, and rams’ skins dyed red, and dugong skins, they brought.

24Everyone rising up with an offering of silver and bronze, they brought the offering of YAHUVEH; and everyone with whom was found acacia wood for any work of the service, they brought.

25And every wise-hearted woman spun with her hands; and they brought spun yarn, blue, and purple, and crimson and bleached linen.

26And all the women whose hearts were lifted up in wisdom spun the goats’ hair.

27And the leaders brought the onyx stones, and stones for the setting, for the ephod and for the breast pocket,

28and the spice, and the oil for the light, and for the anointing oil, and for the incense of the perfumes.

29And every man and woman whose hearts made them willing to bring for all the work which YAHUVEH commanded to be done by the hand of Moses; the sons of Israel brought a willing offering to YAHUVEH.

30And Moses said to the sons of Israel, Behold! YAHUVEH has called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah.

31And He has filled him with the spirit of ELOHIM, in wisdom, in intelligence, and in knowledge, and in all workmanship,

32and to devise designs, to work in gold, and in silver, and in bronze,

33and in cuttings of stones for finishings, and in carving of wood, to work in all workmanship of design.

34And He has put in his heart to teach, he and Aholiab the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan,

35He has filled them with wisdom of heart, to do every work of a smith, and an artisan, and an embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and in crimson, and in bleached linen, and a weaver; doers of every work and devisers of designs.

*~Exodus Chapter 36 ~*

1And Bezaleel and Aholiab shall work with everyone wise of heart to whom YAHUVEH has given wisdom and intelligence, to know how to do every work of the service of the sanctuary, concerning all which YAHUVEH had commanded.

2And Moses called to Bezaleel, and to Aholiab, and to everyone wise of heart, to whom YAHUVEH had given a heart of wisdom, everyone whose heart had lifted him up to come near the work, to do it.

3And they took every offering before Moses which the sons of Israel had brought for the work of the service in the holy place, to do it. And they brought to him still more willing offerings morning by morning.

4And all the wise men came, those doing every kind of work for the sanctuary, each one from his work they were doing.

5And they spoke to Moses, saying, The people are bringing more than enough for the service of the work that YAHUVEH commanded, to do it.

6And Moses commanded, and they caused it to be voiced in the camp, saying, Let neither man nor woman make any more offering for the sanctuary; and the people were held back from bringing.

7And their property was sufficient for all the work, to do it, and it was too much.

8And every wise-hearted one among the doers of the work of the tabernacle made ten curtains, twined, bleached linen, and blue, and purple, and crimson; he made them with cherubs, the work of an artisan.

9The length of one curtain was twenty eight by the cubit; and the width was four by the cubit; the one curtain was the same measure for all the curtains.

10And he joined five curtains one to another; and he joined five curtains one to another.

11And he made loops of blue on the edge of the one curtain, from the end to the juncture; so he did at the edge of the last curtain at the second juncture.

12He made fifty loops on one curtain; and he made fifty loops on the end of the curtain which was at the second juncture; the loops cor-responded, one with another.

13And he made fifty hooks of gold; and he joined the curtains by the hooks, one to another. And the tabernacle became one.

14And he made curtains of goats’ hair for a tent over the tabernacle; he made them eleven curtains.

15The length of the one curtain was thirty by the cubit, and four cubits the width of the one curtain; one measure to the eleven curtains.

16And he joined the five curtains separately, and the six curtains separately.

17And he made fifty loops on the edge of the last curtain at the juncture; and he made fifty loops on the edge of the curtain that joined the second.

18And he made fifty bronze hooks to join the tent, to unite it in one (echad).

19And he made a cover for the tent of rams’ skins dyed red; and a cover of dugong skins from above.

20And he made the boards for the tabernacle, standing planks of acacia wood.

21The length of the board was ten cubits, and a cubit and a half was the width of the one board.

22The one board was connected by two pins, one to another; so he did to all the boards of the tabernacle.

23And he made the boards for the tabernacle: twenty boards for the south side southward.

24And he made forty sockets of silver under the twenty boards; two sockets under the one board for its two pins.

25And for the second side of the tabernacle, to the north side, he made twenty boards,

26and their forty silver sockets; two sockets under the one board, and two sockets under the other board.

27And he made six boards for the sides of the tabernacle westward.

28And he made two boards for the corners of the tabernacle, in the sides.

29And they were double from below, and in like manner they were complete to its top, to the first ring. So he did to both of them, for the two corners.

30And there were eight boards, and their silver sockets, sixteen sockets; two sockets and two sockets under the one board.

31And he made bars of acacia wood; five to the boards of the second side of the tabernacle;

32and five bars to the boards of the sides of the tabernacle westward.

33And he made the middle bar to go through the middle of the boards, from end to end.

34And he overlaid the boards with gold. And he made the rings gold, housing for the poles; and he overlaid the bars with gold.

35And he made a veil of blue, and purple, and crimson, and twined, bleached linen. He made it the work of an artisan, with cherubs.

36And he made four pillars of acacia for it. And he overlaid them with gold, their hooks gold; and he cast four sockets of silver for them.

37And he made a screen for the door of the tabernacle, blue, and purple, and crimson, and twined, bleached linen, the work of an embroiderer;

38and its five pillars, and their hooks; and they overlaid their tops and their bands with gold; and their five sockets bronze.

*~Exodus Chapter 37 ~*

1And Bezaleel made the ark of acacia wood; two cubits and a half long, and a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.

2And he overlaid it with pure gold, inside and outside. And he made for it a wreath of gold all around.

3And he cast four rings of gold for it, on its four feet; two rings on its one side and two rings on its second side.

4And he made poles of acacia wood; and he overlaid them with gold.

5And he put the poles into the rings, on the sides of the ark, to carry the ark.

6And he made a mercyseat of pure gold; two cubits and a half long, and a cubit and a half wide.

7And he made two cherubs of gold; he made them of beaten work, from the two ends of the mercyseat;

8one cherub here at one end, and one cherub here at the other end. He made the cherubs from the mercyseat, from its two ends.

9And the cherubs were spreading out wings above, covering the mercy-seat with their wings, their faces each toward the other; the faces of the cherubs were toward the mercyseat.

10And he made the table of planks of acacia; two cubits long, and a cubit wide, and a cubit and a half high.

11And he overlaid it with pure gold; and he made for it a wreath of gold all around.

12And he made for it a border of a hand’s breadth all around. And he made a wreath of gold for its border all around.

13And he cast for it four rings of gold; and he put the rings on the four corners, which were to its four feet.

14The rings were near the border, the housings for the poles, to carry the table.

15And he made the poles of acacia wood; and he overlaid them with gold, to lift up the table.

16And he made the vessels which were on the table, its platters and its bowls, and its sacrificial cups, and its pitchers by which a drink offering is made, with pure gold.

17And he made the Menorah of pure gold; he made the Menorah of beaten work, its side, and its branch, its calyxes, its knobs and its blossoms were from it.

18And six branches went out from its sides; three branches of the Menorah from one side, and three branches of the Menorah from its second side.

19Three almond-like bowls were on the one branch, with knob and blossom; and three almond-like bowls on the one branch, with knob and blossom; so for the six branches, those going out from the Menorah .

20And on the Menorah were four almond-like bowls, its knobs and its blossoms.

21And a knob was under two branches of it, to the six branches, those going out from it.

22The knobs and the branches of it were one beaten work of pure gold.

23And he made its seven lamps and its snuffers and its pans of pure gold.

24He made it and all its vessels from a talent of pure gold.

25And he made the altar of incense of acacia wood; its length a cubit, and its width a cubit, square. And its height was two cubits; its horns were of it.

26And he overlaid it with pure gold, its top and its sides and its horns all around. And he made for it a wreath of gold all around.

27And he made for it two rings of gold, from beneath its wreath, on its two corners, on its two sides, for housings for poles, to lift it.

28And he made its poles of acacia wood; and he overlaid them with gold.

29And he made the holy oil of anointing, and the pure incense of fragrant spices, the work of a perfumer.

*~Exodus Chapter 38 ~*

1And he made the altar of the burnt offering of acacia wood; five cubits its length and five cubits its width, square; and its height was three cubits.

2And he made its horns on its four corners; its horns were of it. And he overlaid it with bronze.

3And he made all the vessels of the altar, the pots and the shovels and the sacrificial bowls, the fleshhooks and the firepans. He made all its vessels of bronze.

4And he made a network of bronze grating for the altar, from below under its ledge, as far as its middle.

5And he cast four rings in its four ends to the bronze grating, housings for the poles.

6And he made the poles of acacia wood; and he overlaid them with bronze.

7And he put the poles into the rings on the sides of the altar, to lift it with them. He made it hollow with planks.

8And he made the laver bronze, and its base bronze, from the mirrors of the serving women, those assembling, who served at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

9And he made the court. To the side of the Negev, to the south, the curtains of the court were twined bleached linen, a hundred by the cubit.

10Their pillars were twenty and their sockets twenty, of bronze. The hooks of the pillars and their bands were silver.

11And for the north side, a hundred by the cubit, their pillars were twenty and their sockets twenty, of bronze. The hooks of the pillars and their bands were silver.

12And for the west side, curtains of fifty cubits; their pillars ten and their sockets ten; the hooks of the pillars and her bands were silver.

13And for the east side eastward fifty cubits,

14curtains of fifteen cubits to the side, their pillars three and their sockets three.

15And for the second side on this side and on that side to the opening of the court, curtains of fifteen cubits, their pillars three and their sockets three.

16All the curtains of the court all around were twined bleached linen.

17And the sockets for the pillars were bronze, the hooks of the pillars and their bands of silver. And the overlaying of their capitals were silver; and all the pillars of the court were banded with silver.

18And the screen of the opening of the court was an embroiderer’s work, blue and purple and crimson, and bleached twined linen, and twenty cubits long, and the height was five cubits in width; the curtains of the court joining.

19And their pillars were four, and their sockets four, of bronze; their hooks silver, and the overlaying of their capitals and their bands were silver.

20And all the pins for the tabernacle and for the court all around were bronze.

Prophetic Reading

1 Kings 7:40–8:21


40And Hiram made the basins, and the shovels, and the bowls. And Hiram finished all the work that he made for King Solomon for the house of YAHUVEH:

41Two pillars, and two bowls of the capitals that were on the top of the pillars; and the two gratings to cover the two bowls of the capitals that were on the top of the pillars;

42and the four hundred pomegranates for the two gratings, two rows of pomegranates for each grating, to cover the two bowls of the capitals that were on the pillars;

43and ten bases, and ten basins on the bases;

44and one sea, and twelve oxen under the sea;

45and the pots, and the shovels, and the basins. And all these vessels which Hiram made for King Solomon for the house of YAHUVEH were of burnished bronze.

46The king cast them in the plain of the Jordan, in the thick soil of the ground between Succoth and Zarethan.

47And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed because they were very, very many; the weight of the bronze was not searched out.

48And Solomon made all the vessels that were in the house of YAHUVEH: The altar of gold; and the table of gold on which was the Bread of the Presence;

49and the menorahs, five on the right and five on the left before the Holy of Holies, of refined gold, and the flowers, and the lamps, and the tongs were of gold;

50and the basins, and the snuffers, and the bowls, and the spoons, and the firepans were of refined gold; and the hinges for the doors of the inner house, for the Holy of Holies, for the doors of the house of the sanctuary were of gold.

51And it was complete, all the work that King Solomon had made for the house of YAHUVEH. And Solomon brought in the sanctified things of his father David: The silver, and the gold, and the vessels he had put into the treasuries of the house of YAHUVEH.

*~1 Kings Chapter 8 ~*

1Then Solomon gathered the elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, the chief of the fathers of the sons of Israel, to King Solomon in Jerusalem, that they might bring up the ark of the covenant of YAHUVEH out of the city of David, which is Zion.

2And all the men of Israel were gathered to King Solomon, in the month of Ethanim, at the feast, which is the seventh month.

3And all the elders of Israel came in, and the priests lifted up the ark,

4and brought up the ark of YAHUVEH, and the tabernacle of the congregation, and all the holy vessels that were in the tabernacle, even those the priests and the Levites brought.

5And King Solomon and all the company of Israel who had assembled to him were with him before the ark, sacrificing sheep and oxen, that could not be counted or numbered for multitude.

6And the priests brought in the ark of the covenant of YAHUVEH to its place, to the holy place of the house, into the Holy of Holies, to the place of the wings of the cherubs;

7for the cherubs were spreading forth their wings to the place of the ark, and the cherubs covered over the ark, and over its staves from above.

8And they lengthened the staves, and the heads of the staves were seen from the holy place on the front of the Holy of Holies, and were not seen outside; and they are there to this day.

9Nothing was in the ark, only the two tables of stone which Moses put there in Horeb, when YAHUVEH cut a covenant with the sons of Israel as they went out of the land of Egypt.

10And it happened as the priests went out from the Holy of Holies, that the cloud filled the house of YAHUVEH,

11and the priests were not able to stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of YAHUVEH had filled the house of YAHUVEH.

12And Solomon said, YAHUVEH has said that He would dwell in the thick darkness.

13Building I have built a house of loftiness for You, a settled place for You to abide in forever.

14And the king turned around his face and blessed the whole assembly of Israel; and all the assembly of Israel was standing.

15And he said, Blessed be YAHUVEH, ELOHIM of Israel, who spoke by His mouth with my father David, and by his hand has fulfilled it, saying,

16From the day that I brought out My people, even Israel, from Egypt, I have not chosen a city out of all the tribes of Israel to build a house for My name to be there; but I chose David to be over My people Israel.

17And it was in the heart of my father David to build a house for the name of YAHUVEH, ELOHIM of Israel;

18and YAHUVEH said to my father David, Because it has been in your heart to build a house for My name, you have done well that it has been in your heart;

19only, you shall not build the house, but your son who shall come out from your loins, he shall build the house for My name.

20And YAHUVEH has lifted up His Word that He spoke; for I have risen up instead of my father David and sit on the throne of Israel, as YAHUVEH spoke, and have built the house for the name of YAHUVEH the ELOHIM of Israel;

21and set there a place for the ark, in which is the covenant of YAHUVEH which He made with our fathers when He brought them out from the land of Egypt.

John 6:1–71


*~John Chapter 6 ~*

1After these things, YAHUSHUA went away over the Sea of Galilee, of Tiberius.

2And a great crowd followed Him, for they saw His miracles which He did on the sick ones.

3And YAHUSHUA went up into the mountain and sat there with His disciples.

4And the Passover was near, the feast of the Jews.

5Then YAHUSHUA lifting up His eyes and seeing that a great crowd is coming to Him, He said to Philip, From where may we buy bread that these may eat?

6But He said this to test him, for He knew what He was about to do.

7Philip answered Him, bread for two hundred denarii are not enough for them, that each of them may receive a little.

8One of His disciples said to Him, Andrew the brother of Simon Peter,

9A little boy is here who has five loaves of barley and two fish; but what are these for so many?

10And YAHUSHUA said, Make the men to recline. And much grass was in the place. Then the men reclined, the number was about five thousand.

11And YAHUSHUA took the loaves, and giving thanks distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to those reclining. And in the same way the fish, as much as they desired.

12And when they were filled, He said to His disciples, Gather up the fragments left over, that not anything be lost.

13Then they gathered and filled twelve hand-baskets with fragments of the five barley loaves which were left over to those who had eaten.

14Then seeing what miraculous sign YAHUSHUA did, the men said, This is truly the Prophet, the One coming into the world.

15Then knowing that they were about to come and seize Him, that they might make Him king, YAHUSHUA withdrew again to the mountain alone by Himself.

16And when it became evening, His disciples went down on the sea.

17And entering into the boat, they were going across the sea to Capernaum. And darkness had already occurred, and YAHUSHUA had not come to them.

18And the sea was aroused by a great wind blowing.

19Then having rowed about twenty five or thirty furlongs, they saw YAHUSHUA walking on the sea. And He having come near the boat, they were afraid.

20But He said to them, I AM! Do not fear.

21Then they desired to take Him into the boat. And the boat was instantly at the land to which they were going.

22On the morrow, the crowd standing on the other side of the sea had seen that no other little boat was there except one, that one into which His disciples entered, and that YAHUSHUA did not go with His disciples into the small boat, but that the disciples went away alone.

23But other small boats came from Tiberius near the place where they ate the loaves, the Master having given thanks.

24Therefore, when the crowd saw that YAHUSHUA was not there nor His disciples, they themselves also entered into the boats and came to Capernaum seeking YAHUSHUA.

25And finding Him across the sea, they said to Him, Rabbi, when did you come here?

26YAHUSHUA answered them and said, Truly, truly, I say to you, You seek Me not because you saw miraculous signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were satisfied.

27Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to everlasting life, which the Son of YAHUVEH will give to you; for YAHUVEH the Father sealed this One.

28Then they said to Him, What may we do that we may work the works of ELOHIM?

29YAHUSHUA answered and said to them, This is the work of ELOHIM, that you believe into Him whom that One sent.

30Then they said to Him, Then what miraculous sign do You do that we may see and may believe You? What do You work?

31Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, as it is written “He gave them bread out of Heaven to eat.”

32Then YAHUSHUA said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Moses has not given you the bread out of Heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread out of Heaven.

33For His bread, that of ELOHIM, is He who has come down from heaven and gives life to the world.

34Then they said to Him, Master, always give us this bread.

35YAHUSHUA said to them, I AM the Bread of life; the one coming to Me will not at all hunger, and the one believing into Me will not thirst, never!

36But I said to you that you also have seen Me and did not believe.

37All that the Father gives to Me shall come to Me, and the one coming to Me I will in no way cast out.

38For I have come down out of Heaven, not that I should do My will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

39And this is the will of the Father sending Me, that of all that He has given Me, I shall not lose any from it, but shall raise him up in the last day.

40And this is the will of the One sending Me, that everyone seeing the Son and believing into Him should have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

41Then the Jews murmured about Him, because He said, I am the Bread coming down out of Heaven.

42And they said, Is this not YAHUSHUA the son of Joseph, of whom we know the father and the mother? How does this One now say, I have come down out of Heaven?

43Then YAHUSHUA answered and said to them, Do not murmur with one another.

44No one is able to come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up in the last day.

45For it is written in the prophets that all of them will be taught of ELOHIM. Everyone who hears therefore and learns from the Father comes to me.

46It is not that man can see the Father, rather He who is from ELOHIM is He who sees the Father.

47Truly, truly, I say to you, The one believing into Me has everlasting life.

48I AM the Bread of life.

49Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness and died.

50This is the Bread coming down out of Heaven that anyone may eat of it and not die.

51I AM the Living Bread that came down from Heaven. If anyone eats of this Bread, he will live forever. And indeed the bread which I will give is My flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

52Then the Jews argued with one another, saying, How can this One give us His flesh to eat?

53Then YAHUSHUA said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Except you eat the flesh of the Son of YAHUVEH, and drink His blood, you do not have life in yourselves.

54The one partaking of My flesh and drinking of My blood has everlasting life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

55For My body is truly food, and My blood is truly drink.

56He who eats my body and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.

57Even as the living Father sent Me, and I live through the Father; also the one partaking Me, even that one will live through Me.

58This is the Bread which came down out of Heaven, not as your fathers ate the manna and died; the one partaking of this Bread will live forever.

59He said these things teaching in a synagogue in Capernaum.

60Then many of His disciples having heard, they said, This Word is hard; who is able to hear it?

61But knowing in Himself that His disciples were murmuring about this, YAHUSHUA said to them, Does this offend you?

62What if you see the Son of YAHUVEH ascending to the place where He was before?

63It is the Spirit that gives life. The flesh does not profit, nothing! The Words which I speak to you are spirit and are life.

64But there are some of you who are not believing. For YAHUSHUA knew from the beginning who they were, the ones not believing, and who was the one betraying Him.

65And He said, Because of this, I have told you that no one is able to come to Me except it is given to him from My Father.

66Because of this saying, many of His disciples turned their backs and did not walk with Him.

67Therefore, YAHUSHUA said to the Twelve, Do you also wish to go?

68Then Simon Peter answered Him, Master, to whom shall we go? You have the Words of everlasting life.

69And we have believed and have known that You are the Messiah, the Son of the living ELOHIM.

70YAHUSHUA answered them, Did I not choose you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!

71But He spoke of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, for this one was about to betray Him, being one of the Twelve.


AmightyWind Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago (this entire ministry was birthed in 1995, and what he speaks here is of the anointing. I give all praise honor and glory to ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH, for it is their anointing in each page that you read, for it is not by my words, it is by the anointing of the RUAH ha KODESH that I can even hear what YAH speaks). It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)


March 01, 2019

Torah Portion: The Tabernacle And The Sabbath

Prophecy 75 I YAHUVEH, Will Sanctify And Meet You In Your Sukkot! [I Command You To Keep And Honor My Holy Days]

Oh Treasure of MY heart, do you not believe that I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA will protect you as you observe this Holy Time? Am I not able to keep you safe? Even in Jerusalem, where the danger is great the Hebrew people make their Sukkots as it is written for they trust I, YAHUVEH, to protect them and I do.

Who are you afraid of offending I, YAHUVEH, or your neighbors? Do you really care what others think of you more than what would please I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA? Do you not know that MY People are called the peculiar people, for they walk not to the sound of this world but to the sound of Heaven. Why would you be ashamed of this, MY little one, for this would be a witness unto ME for YAHUVEH’s Glory? Pray that your neighbors will take notice so you can tell them the story of why you build a Sukkot in remembrance of MY Word. This would be pleasing unto me for those who do this witness for ME before their neighbors and I ask you to do the same. How can you witness for ME and be an example of your faith if you hide your Leanto in your bathroom?

The Sukkot is to be outdoors where you can behold the Sky. The Jewish people don’t even realize why the Sukkot has a opening in the roof. It is to fulfill the scripture “Look Up your redemption draweth nigh for YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will come in the Eastern Sky” You need not fear the enemies harming you for I, YAHUVEH, will bless and protect those who are MINE and confound those who think themselves wise, as they ignore the ways of this evil world and ignore the snickers of the enemies. I shall mock those that mock you in their time of trouble.

Create a Temporary shelter that opens to the Sky. Ask ME and I shall lead and direct you how. Take your meals in this Sukkot and rest your head in I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA’s loving arms. I shall meet you there. For those who say they must work the jobs of this world, I say unto you then sow that seed into the work of the Kingdom of Heaven and see if I will not pour forth a blessing so great that will give you reason to praise I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA. I put it upon your heart, MY Daughter Patricia, to ask these questions and write this Ringmaiden of YAHUSHUA so she will share this with others who are new to the Jewish Festivals and desire to fulfill them also. You serve a Risen MESSIAH. Should you not do what He did also to honor and keep the Jewish Holy Days? Those who have been chosen to be YAHUSHUA’s Bride hear what MY Prophet writes as I, YAHUVEH, give her the words.

What is good enough for YAHUSHUA is it not good enough for those who follow after YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Blessings shall come to you MY Daughter for obeying and writing Elisabeth [Elisheva] with these questions, for now others shall learn along with you. This word is meant to be shared to all with Spiritual eyes to see and Spiritual ears to hear. All others remain deaf and blind as the evil pharaohs and Pharisees of this land.

I, YAHUVEH, give MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, those who feed on MY Spiritual Meat to eat and recognize I, YAHUVEH, speak forth out of MY Handmaiden and through her I give this mandate to you. You are to celebrate all the Jewish Holy Days and the coming days of Sukkot as a reminder you are only living in a Temporary Dwelling place. Earth is your temporary dwelling place until you come home to Heaven. You are just a traveler passing through until you accomplish the job I have sent you to earth to do. Destruction is coming to this world, along with it death and disease and weather disasters created by man playing God. You are to observe this Sukkot even if you have never celebrated it before. You are to Keep all the coming Holy Days. Where your faith is your Passover will be. You are to fast on Yom Kippur, humbling yourself before I, YAHUVEH, and fasting for the evil in your land so you will be spared when death visits MY enemies who set themselves against all that is Holy.

You are to remind yourself, as you build your temporary Shelters so very frail, how any shelter created by man, how frail it is. A mere wind can knock it over but when I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA are with you in the midst of that fragile shelter, even in your fragile Temple called your body, I am easily able to protect those I call MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect.

Test I, YAHUVEH, and behold for MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect who do this, see if I do not bless and protect with a more potent anointing, those that diligently love, serve, obey and seek after I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

What is good enough for YAHUSHUA to honor isn’t it good enough for you? I, YAHUVEH, put you in remembrance. You do not worship and serve a Christian Messiah but rather YAHUSHUA was born from a Hebrew Virgin Woman on Hebrew soil, walked and ministered signs wonders and miracles on Hebrew soil. YAHUSHUA kept the Torah and was found without sin. YAHUSHUA ministered as a Rabbi on the only true Shabbat (Sabbath).

YAHUSHUA was not preaching in the Temples on a Sunday. Those with Spiritual ears to hear, listen. All others remain deaf. For the Sabbath is perpetual and for eternity will stand for I, YAHUVEH, created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th day I, YAHUVEH, rested and commanded mankind to do the same. MY Son YAHUSHUA kept the Sabbath Holy and HE is called the Lord of the Sabbath. HE is an example how to keep the Sabbath Holy. MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA was tortured and crucified with words nailed above his head no devil or man could remove and YAHSUHUA died and arose again on Hebrew soil from a Hebrew tomb.

Having said all of this, proving YAHUSHUA is a Jewish Risen MESSIAH, follow not the ways of the pagans and keep not the heathen festivals that YAHUSHUA did not keep. If it is not in the Holy Scriptures, why do you anger I, YAHUVEH, and add to MY Words and teach that the pagan days should be honored but shun keeping the days I, YAHUVEH, decreed as Holy and to be remembered as in the time of old?

You invite ME to your man-made holidays and yet why do you who say you follow, serve, worship, obey YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and make excuses why this is only for the Hebrew People? Are you not Hebrew through accepting MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Blood at Calvary, as HE alone became the Blood Sacrifice for your sins?

Do you not believe HE lives now in you through the RUACH ha KODESH? To really know MY Son YAHUSHUA, you must get to know the Jewishness of your Risen MESSIAH. Why do you insist on calling YAHUSHUA ‘Jesus Christ’ instead of by HIS Hebrew Name, YAHUSHUA which is a constant reminder to satan that YAH saves. Why do you insist on twisting scriptures in the Bible to make excuses why you do not Honor the True Sabbath Day and keep it Holy before I, YAHUVEH?

Is it really too much to set apart the time of Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset and acknowledge this is the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy? When you do not know better you have an excuse, but after you know the truth and you do not let the truth set you free and say you are not under the bondage of the laws of old, what other commandment do you want me to toss out simply because it inconveniences you? Simply because others may not understand, if you are attending a Sunday Church and are not there to let the Pastor and congregation know they are in error for not teaching the Jewishness of the Risen MESSIAH, then I, YAHUVEH, call you a coward and you are held accountable.

I send you forth to warn others and you compromise what you know to be true. Worship ME 7 days a week and gather together if you desire but give YAHUVEH the Honor of especially acknowledging the Sabbath Day and keeping it Holy and rest from your labors on this day and enjoy it with ME. It is not meant to be a day of burden but of joy. Is this really too hard? I give you Holy Feast Days to feast and celebrate with the exception of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement when you are to fast and remember the price YAHUSHUA paid for your sins. Is it really too hard for you to learn of the Hebrew Holy Days?

I could have chosen for YAHUSHUA to be born from any nationality but I, YAHUVEH, honored the Hebrew People by honoring their bloodline. You who accept YAHUSHUA’s Blood transfusion now are no longer gentile and you should not follow the gentile pagan ways or their holidays. Instead follow the Holy Days as I, YAHUVEH, have decreed to be a blessing unto thee. You are held accountable for what you now know, what you do with it is not MY Daughter Elisabeth’s [Elisheva’s] responsibility, her responsibility is delivering you the words I, YAHUVEH, speak forth from her. This she has now done.
Will you be a help to her or a hindrance? To those who read this and the other words I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA have spoken forth and have been blessed as they learned from this Apostolic Prophetic end time Ministry, yet do nothing to be a blessing back unto her and this Ministry, you have become a hindrance and I, YAHUVEH, will hold you accountable for making her job harder and the burden so heavy. How many of you ask her to lift your name before I, YAHUVEH, and ask for I, YAHUVEH, to bless them and intercede for them. As she does this I, YAHUVEH, look upon the names she mentions in prayer and I, YAHUVEH, take note. Did they take the time and offer sacrifices that would be a blessing unto this Ministry?

How ashamed I am to see how few offer to help in any way. They take the time to ask for blessings and yet don’t even so much as ask what they can do for her. For each time know this, every time she has prayed, “Please send us partners to help us in this Ministry,” and you were able to help her in some way and you refused, making excuses, this is how many prayers I will deny you when you ask of I, YAHUVEH. Each time you heard the needs of this Ministry and you turned a deaf ear, and some I have sent to this Ministry have the riches of this world, and yet you turn a deaf ear to this Apostolic Prophet of MINE, you cause her to weep, so I shall cause you to weep as I, YAHUVEH deny your petitions brought before ME.

How many of you put your children in your wills or spouses, family and yet care not about the Ministry that feeds you? How many of you reading this now have the luxury of a job, more than one home, lands, property, antiques, boats, planes and incomes you just store up for greed’s sake to satisfy yourself. Does not MY Word say, “Where your heart is your treasure shall be?” You have showed ME where your heart is. Everyone led to this Ministry could do something and yet how many do nothing. Why is it you so causally tip a waitress who serves you physical food and give nothing to the one who suffers, to have the anointing I have given her to feed you this Spiritual food. What is more value to you? Physical food that only satisfies you for a few hours and then you hunger again or Spiritual food that you will always remember and savor, especially in times when you need to be delivered or encouraged.

What will be your excuse when you stand before I, YAHUVEH, in the not too distance future? You have been warned; those that bless this Jewish Handmaiden bless not only her but I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA. Elisabeth [Elisheva] is the one I call MY Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu]. I, YAHUVEH, have sent her to the Widows of Zarephath and they know it not. You who refuse to help in this worldwide harvest field have no financial needs now, but you shall. I sent Elijah of Old [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] to be a blessing to one widow, though the land was full of widows from the drought and famine. I knew in advance of a widow that would need a blessing and was willing to share her last meal with a prophet named Elijah [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] even though she believed she and her son would eat it and die. She lived and was financially blessed and her cruse of oil did not run dry. I, YAHUVEH, desire to do the same for you. It is no accident you have come to this Ministry and are reading these words now.

I will bless you and protect you in ways you think not, when the time of destruction and testing comes, if you will obey all I, YAHUVEH, say this Day. Keep the Jewish Holy Days Holy before I, YAHUVEH. Remind ME on Passover as you celebrate and remove the leaven from your houses as I protected the Children of Israel as they put the blood of the lamb on their door posts, how much more will I protect those that have the Blood of YAHUSHUA covering them and their homes. On Sukkot as you set up your temporary shelters, it will be a symbol to ME how you depend on I, YAHUVEH, to protect your Body, for in it dwells your Spirit and MY RUACH ha KODESH, the HOLY SPIRIT, as you are a stranger to this Temporary Shelter called earth and just passing through to get to your Heavenly home called Heaven.

Lastly, those who live in America, I have given this Prophet of MINE a warning to give to you. I gave her a mandate to also share a dream I gave her and it will be done. I know those with the gift of discernment look at George W. Bush and you know he has a form of Godliness but no Godliness within.George Bush and John Kerry I, YAHUVEH, say to you, George W. Bush is the lesser of two evils. You know what is wrong with George W. Bush, yet he has not compromised in some things, although the pressure is on him to compromise his stance, as Vice President Cheney betrays him again. Cheney knows no shame and defends his reprobate homosexual daughter like his name says he is chained to the prince of darkness.

George W. Bush stands against abortion, partial birth abortion, stem cell research, filthy abominations unto ME which is homosexuality and same sex marriages. Do not take it for granted George W. Bush will win the next presidential election, for as I told MY Daughter in a dream, if you stand by and do nothing and do not vote or intercede in prayer, the Democrats will win the next Presidential election and the blood will flow in this land and the innocent will be in prison, for they will be accused of crimes they did not commit. John Kerry and his wife are servants of satan, make no mistake, and they will not even feign holiness. You have been warned. I warn you now John Kerry and his wife will make you regret you did not listen when I warned you through this Prophetic Handmaiden of MINE. Picture the most evil and reprobate rejoicing on Election Day. The wolves in the white house now try and disguise themselves but they will rip their own masks off on this day, there will be no limit to the evil that will be done and to the loss of freedom to those that fear YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

Make no mistake; this affects all religious freedoms, even the Moslems. All those serving a false god but desiring to be of a moral character will regret they did nothing but stand by and watch. Those of you who are prayer warriors, start insisting your Pastors stop compromising and speak out at all costs.Ellen Degenerate

The greatest mockery of MY Name yet will be done by Ellen DeGeneres by the ultimate blasphemy to portray I, YAHUVEH, the God of Creation. She will pay with her soul for this and all those that take part in this film. I, YAHUVEH, will send forth MY wrath on those that call themselves the greatest to the least. This includes not only the Studio, Producers, Script Writers, Actors, wardrobe, caterers; make up artists, even the stand-in actors and actresses. I, YAHUVEH, will pour out MY Wrath on even the State this is filmed in. I, YAHUVEH, warn any advertiser I, YAHUVEH, will command MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect as well even those who do not serve nor obey MY Holy Word but know there is a God YAHUVEH to fear, to protest and boycott your products.

A woman named Ellen Degeneres will openly mock ME, portraying to be Almighty God. Ellen Degenerate She is not only openly gay but she is the first in America to be embraced by the White House which included the President of the U.S.A., as they held a dinner for her and her same sex partner she claims to have married. I, YAHUVEH, call Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen Degenerate. She is reprobate and knows no shame as she is rewarded by satan with fortune and fame for she was the first to claim same sex marriage and knows no shame and is proud of her name. Start protesting and boycotting and warning all who will listen anyone that watches this film and listens to her mock I, YAHUVEH, and does not protest in fear will reap what she will sow.

I prophesied through MY Daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva], and that prophecy has been posted for years now for all to read [Prophecy 20], Ellen DeGeneres spoon fed the children and people the spirit of homosexuality while laughing about it. Because of this I, YAHUVEH, prophesied she would be the first to taste the Boiling Black Blood Plague when she will beg to die as black blood will spew from her mouth. All the sexually immoral will suffer this end time plague. I, YAHUVEH, prophesied this through this handmaiden of MINE because I knew what Ellen DeGeneres’ master satan would have her do and that is to mock the Creator of all Creation.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 08/27/2004

Torah Portion: A Joyful Outpouring of Resources

Prophecy 51 The Clarion Call Of The 144,000, Fear Not My Beloved Little Ones, “I AM” Raising Up A Standard Against The Evil Ones!

When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him. Because you have not yet seen it, do not fear that I have forgotten MY promise to do so. MY beloved fear not, again I, YAHUVEH, say fear not MY beloved little ones. I have not raised you up for this hour and endued you with the knowledge that I, YAHUVEH, have given you to forsake you now. You are one of MY anointed hidden ones. Now is the time to arise and come forth to aid your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA. I have given you lands, properties, ships, islands, houses and finances. I have secret millionaires; yes, even multi-millionaires and you have not been much use to MY Kingdom for you have stayed in the world’s eyes and yet tried to walk MY fine line. You have loved and served ME in secret, for you said to yourself, “What can I do for the Kingdom of YAHUVEH? How can I promote the Gospel of YAHUSHUA?” So you stay quiet and hidden, yet pray for someone else to do what you feel you cannot do. Soon, it will be too late to help MY Apostles and Prophets. Do you not yet understand the price even the one I am speaking through must pay, the attacks that must be fended off, not only in the physical realm, but the spiritual realm? Are you helping or are you being a hindrance?

I, YAHUVEH, am pouring many gifts into you. MY hidden ones have much Godly wisdom. Not only in this world but also in the RUACH ha KODESH spiritual realm have I blessed you. You have worked alongside the world and yet you stayed hidden. Many of you are geniuses. I have hidden you as doctors, lawyers, teachers, philanthropists, bankers, inventors, investors, artists, computer intellects, electricians, in the police force, all form of governments, senators, congressmen, statesmen, sales, owner of stores, franchises, real estate, captains, owners of ships, restaurants, all modes of transportation, actors, movie industries, singers, investors, brokers, writers, chefs, designers, contractors, there is no career that I don’t have MY beloved children hidden in. These are MY disciples who follow MY Son YAHUSHUA, and desire to obey YAHUVEH’s laws and these hidden ones are spread all over the world. The standard they use to measure man’s laws is this: Does it line up with the Scriptures? This is the standard they measure everything by; if it is truth the Torah and the Scriptures will confirm it.

I, YAHUVEH, have hidden you for such a time as this. Pray how to use your talents, gifts, wisdom, homes, real estate, finances, and spiritual gifts. All wisdom that does not go against MY Scriptures you are to use to help and barter with, at a time when there will be no other way to buy or sell or help others. Your wisdom, revelations, healing knowledge, and the education given to you will benefit others for such a time, and you will know when to use it, and where to help, and who to help. MY Apostles and Prophets need you to hide them for such a time as this, from the evil ones that seek their destruction, so no one can say they weren’t warned before judgment falls.

I, YAHUVEH, always send the prophets and apostles to speak, not only to repent, but also to forewarn of the dangers to come and how to escape the enemy’s clutches. MY hidden ones are to be bold when you share your hidden knowledge and revelations, that I, YAHUVEH, am giving you daily. I caution you, rely not on your own strength, but rely on YAHUSHUA’s strength, for it is sufficient enough for you no matter what you face. Is anything too hard for YAHUVEH to conquer? You face what you perceive as insurmountable walls that you can’t climb nor go around. With MY RUACH ha KODESH anointing, you will not fail. I, YAHUVEH, am breaking down the walls that keep you in bondage in the prisons where you have been set apart from others.

I, YAHUVEH, am now joining you with others, for these also will be MY hidden ones that I have hidden under the shelter of MY wings. Wait until you see the miracles that I, YAHUVEH, will do. You will see, it will be your finest hours as once again you see YAHUVEH deliver those that others seek to destroy, all because of MY Name. I, YAHUVEH, have chosen this prophet to call forth the Clarion Call of the 144,000. Learn the Song of Moses. In it is the victory in the Name of YAHUVEH! MY new mandate to this apostle daughter of MINE is: now is the time for you to seek YAHUVEH’s face and YAHUVEH’s will and YAHUVEH’s marching orders. Walk when YAHUVEH says walk, run when YAHUVEH says run, speak when YAHUVEH says speak and do nothing when you are told to just stand and wait. No matter how small of a decision, learn to pray for ME to reveal MY will, not your will.

I, YAHUVEH, am anointing MY chosen ones in a greater way than I have ever done before. Study and show thyself approved, so that no one can misguide you with the Scriptures. I, YAHUVEH, am assembling MY troops on the wall to defeat satan, and the demons that surround you. The weapons you have are not carnal, but spiritual. No weapon can match the unusual anointings that I have imparted in each of you, though you know it not. In MY timing you shall see the standard that I, YAHUVEH, will raise up against those that seek to harm the Christians and the Jews. All Israelites who call upon the Name of YAHUVEH, those who do not fear to use the Sacred Names, they realize that they have been deceived, and thereby taught wrong. There is anointing, saving, delivering, and healing power, in the Names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

I, YAHUVEH, ask you this, will you forsake the promises I have given you? The Blessed Hope that I have given you? Why would I say you are not under MY wrath, but mercy and you teach others that I, YAHUVEH, will allow no escape for the Christians who call out to ME in YAHUSHUA’s Name? I, YAHUVEH, do have an ark for you. All MY Children who trust ME, will hear MY voice clearly, just believe, and keep asking ME. Do you think that I, YAHUVEH, have brought you thus far to fail you now? I, YAHUVEH, will not spare Israel because her people are more holy. In truth her sin runs just as rampant, the stench rises to Heaven as it does in nations around the world! Not one nation or people are better than the other. I, YAHUVEH, will not allow Israel to be destroyed completely for I, YAHUVEH, have made a covenant with Abraham and his seed.

MY Children who are grafted in by the Blood of MY Son YAHUSHUA, do not fear. I, YAHUVEH, will honor the Blood Covenant that I have with you also. Through the spiritual bloodline of YAHUSHUA, you are Jews also. Those that refuse YAHUSHUA’s Blood Covenant and say it is because they are Jews, those who reject YAHUSHUA as MY Son and your MESSIAH, be warned. Since you have refused MY gift I, YAHUVEH, gave you at Calvary, then those who only believe and have the faith that keeping the Torah, the Sabbath and the feasts will save them; I, YAHUVEH, remind you that without a sin sacrifice when you do sin there is no holy sinless offering and you will be judged not by YAHUSHUA, but by Moses and the laws of Moses. Woe be unto you when this happens.

There is no grace or mercy when Moses will judge at the Day of Judgment. If it was that easy do you think I would have sent MY beloved Son YAHUSHUA to suffer and die in your place? All have sinned and fell short of a perfect Creator. How much better for MY Children who know they are sinners and yet do the best they can to obey and repent, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA’s Name and know that YAHUSHUA is their Blood Covenant who also was sacrificed for their sins. YAHUSHUA will judge those who have accepted him as such, not the law of Moses, nor Moses. YAHUSHUA will judge the heathen who refuse to live Holy lives before ME and refuse the only Holy sinless blood atonement for sins.

Am I unable to deliver and protect you? The plans I, YAHUVEH, have for you are for good and not for evil. Trust ME and stop leaning on to your own understanding. MY Children acknowledge that I, YAHUVEH, alone have the answers and I, YAHUVEH, promise to direct your paths as you walk in MY footsteps. Your footsteps walking alone will lead you astray, but MY footsteps are sure solid steps that lead to victory. Believe and receive victory. Fight for what you know to be right. There are people that you have been dealing with that I am removing from your life to bring others to encourage and help support you in all ways.

Do not say that there is not yet time to do this or that. Instead realize am I not the FATHER of all time? The keeper of time I, YAHUVEH, am time itself. Who else can stop time, speed it up, or back it up? Beloved child and all children of MINE who call YAHUSHUA by Name and know they can do nothing without that Sacred Name, I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are part of MY hidden anointed ones. Although the enemy will gnash their teeth trying to harm you and they have written down your names, I also have written down their names in the Book of Damnation and these evil ones shall spend eternity in the Lake of Fire, reaping for what they are now sowing!

I shall prove to MY Children once again, if you listen to MY voice and walk in MY footsteps, you will outwit the enemies that seek to destroy you and all MY Children that are seeking to hear MY every word and who obey ME, or at least strive too and knowing that when they do sin they have YAHUSHUA’s Blood for the remission of sins. I your FATHER, YAHUVEH, shall confound them with the evil ones’ own technology. I will confound them with their own inventions. For no earthly or scientific reason the traps set for MY children will instead only entrap and boomerang back upon the evil ones that seek the followers of YAHUSHUA’s destruction. What I did once before with the evil pharaoh I will do again. By YAHUVEH’s hand alone the Goliaths of this world shall forever fall.

The ones I call evil secret keepers, who seek to use the secrets of the occult, demonism, scientific, political knowledge, and manmade laws to destroy MY Children, and take the freedoms I have given to MY Children away. I, YAHUVEH, will have a surprise in store for them; it will confound these evil ones that think themselves wise. They seek to harm MY Children. I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA, vow to protect those that are called forth, and anointed for this hour.

Those seeking to hear MY voice clearer than any other voice, these are MY true treasures on earth. All who call out to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, and rely on MY RUACH ha KODESH to guide them through a most unusual anointing unlike anything yet seen, must realize I am now pruning them, and removing all in their lives that must be removed. Yes, even your loved ones must be pruned, or removed by YAHUVEH’s hand, for I must protect MY beloved ones. If they are not a help to you, and instead are a hindrance, then know that I will remove them, for they will betray you even unto death if YAHUVEH does not divide what was never meant to be joined as one.

Pray and intercede for your loved ones, but when I tell you to move, and yet do not tell you to take your unsaved loved ones with you, it will be a test of your love for YAHUVEH. Will you forsake all for ME, like when Lot was told to flee? He had no choice to divide from his wife; I turned her into a pillar of salt. I had to show him and his daughters the hard way. I demand obedience, especially when I send an angel to warn to “Get out, flee, this place is about to be destroyed.” Lot’s wife fled, but turned her head to look back, and grieve for all her possessions, home, and friends in the city. This is a lesson; when I tell you to flee, no matter what, obey or Lot’s wife’s fate will be even MY children’s fate.

Trust ME and know that the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. I laugh as I hear the plots of the enemies, saying all Christians and Jews will die. Do not the enemies yet understand though they try hard to exterminate MY People such as the Roman Empire and Hitler did, the more they sacrificed the more were raised up? The blood of the saints who are sacrificed only will bring more saints to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sauls will become Pauls. The enemies are so foolish. Do they not think Heaven itself will rail against these demonic enemies and the skies themselves will pour forth MY wrath upon MY enemies that seek to use a machine that plays God? I am even now confounding the enemies in ways you know not. Beware oh enemies of MINE, for I shall turn your own creations against you and your loved ones. MY Children will be spared.

How many times already not only in America but Israel, I have spared these nations in this last month alone. But yeah not only that, but I say even the world would have destroyed itself, as one nation plays deadly war games against another nation, and for what revenge, greed, power, hungry for more control and power. I, YAHUVEH, alone promotes and disposes. When MY People cry in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name and cry out for mercy for the nation they live in as well as those that don’t live in it. How can I deafen MY ears, even if I wanted too? You are reading this now because I have extended time for one reason, for the sake of the intercessory prayers that have gone forth covering this world in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name. Your ark of safety thus far is the fervent prayers of the righteous.

I am YAHUVEH and there is no other like ME. The standard I raise against the evil ones that use their weapons to manipulate the brains of MY Children will find that not only will their weapons malfunction, but instead I shall turn every invention, every machine, every weapon, every disease, all biological weapons and all germ warfare against themselves. Even their own loved ones will be ashamed of them and the evil ones own bodies will refuse to live out their years. This is MY revenge against those that seek the destruction of YAHUVEH’s believers and followers of YAHUSHUA. I love you. Yes, even those that hate YAHUVEH. I alone created you and it will be YAHUVEH’s hand alone sent from Heaven that will destroy both your body and your soul, sending it into the Lake of Fire if you don’t repent in prayer, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA’s Name.

Leave America alone. Leave Israel alone. Leave MY Children the freedom to worship and serve ME in truth and anointed power. I set America apart to be the land of the free and blessed her with no war coming to her shores since the years gone by. America, don’t so freely give away what I have blessed you with simply because of fear. Speak up and remain the silent majority no more. Let your voices be heard. Remember when one loses the freedom of religion and even the wrong are censored; then all are in danger of losing their freedom of religion. Then all are in danger of losing their freedom of religion. MY Children know this is not about a religion being taken away; this is about a relationship with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA being changed to a form of religion with a form of godliness, but having no godliness within.

Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; your very weapons of mass destructions will come back upon yourselves. You will send it out one way and the angels in heaven will turn it another way. I shall protect MY children as a mother lion protects her cubs. Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, for you see, I hear MY Children cry out in fear and wonderment, for I have taught them to be peacemakers and not warmongers and this causes them astonishment at the level of wickedness of man’s inhumanity to men, women, boys and girls. I hear MY children’s cries of fear, for they realize in the natural realm they cannot protect themselves. Now you see why I call them MY Sheep and Lambs. What lamb or sheep can protect themselves? Does a lamb or a sheep have sharp claws, or sharp teeth, like I have given to other animals? No! A sheep only depends on the Good Shepherd to lead them to green pastures and clear water. MY true Sheep and Lambs have no shortage of manna, or Living Water. MY true sheep trust I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA as the Good Shepherd. MY Name is YAHUVEH. MY sheep will come only to the voice of “I AM,” and MY beloved Son YAHUSHUA, and will only hear our still small voice by the RUACH ha KODESH. (Holy Spirit)

I am that Good Shepherd! I will protect MY Sheep and Lambs from the wolves of this world. It is true, some of MY sheep are killed by the wolves, and some will suffer great persecution; but this has always been. Their rewards are not seen here on earth but in Heaven for eternity. I laugh when I hear how the enemies think that I, YAHUVEH, am blind, or deaf and mute, and will not repeat what I have heard to MY Apostles and Prophets. I warn MY children by speaking to their spirits. Is MY arm too short to deliver you MY children? Do you believe I am your Creator, YAHUVEH who created all in Heaven and Earth? Isn’t YAHUVEH the one who created your eyes and ears? Do you think I now have dim eyesight, or deaf ears, not to hear your prayers, and cries, and see, and hear what the enemies are doing? Do you think MY children that I will not raise up, and already have raised up a standard against the evil ones? They have their remote viewing, but I have MY angels that stand guard 24 hours a day, watching and reporting, all that the evil ones are doing!

Some are even using MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name to try and deceive MY Children; sneaking in to the flocks of MY Sheep and Lambs, believing that they are unnoticed, and yet I see their hearts. I know what they have been sent to do. I know a wolf when I see one. I see satan coming as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

MY Children you can be deceived for a short while, but only as long as I allow it! Woe be unto that wolf that puts on the mask of a sheep to spy on MY Children and entrap them. What is the price of your soul? For that is what it will cost you. Your soul will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Repent today before it is too late! Run from the evil that you have done, and expose that evil for what it is. Help MY Children. Become one of MY hidden ones who will protect and not harm MY babies, Bride, chosen ones, and elect. Repent to all those that you have wronged. There is yet time for the wolves to become baby lambs. Only through MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Blood covenant is this possible. Run, wolf, run, for I, YAHUVEH, see you. You only think you’re invisible and blend in.

I have watched the tares, and the wheat grow side by side, and now the time is upon this world where MY angels shall shortly pluck out the tares, and burn them where they will burn for eternity, first in hell and then in the Lake of Fire. MY eyes always are on guard, for I jealously love, and protect MY Sheep and Lambs. Beware you who are unequally yoked, for your own spouses are wolves in disguise. A marriage not ordained by YAHUVEH will not stand in these evil days ahead, evil days for the evil ones. For again I have seen the evil in the churches, and in the ministries where I have watched as satanic plants grew in power, popularity, and taught doctrines of devils. Slyly, the wolves crept in, and played the game of the pretenders, as pastors, apostles, prophets, and teachers, and yes even the evangelists. You can fool the people, but beware you can’t fool YAHUVEH. You use the name of MY Son, YAHUSHUA, and you name ministries after yourself to glorify yourself, but you have kept an evil secret.

That secret is, you haven’t given your sins, hearts, lives, and souls to YAHUSHUA. You instead use occult powers, and use MY Son’s Name to manipulate MY People, to build your towers, and mansions that you call churches. I look at these multi-million dollar mansions you call churches, and I call them mausoleums. MY RUACH ha KODESH is not in them. My true apostles and prophets that warn you are insulted, abused, and chased away. Away with your pretense of worship, I only listen to those that come to me with clean hearts, away from ME with your pretense of praise. The most off key singers that have hearts set to do MY will, and live their lives in holiness, putting all that YAHUSHUA is before their own wants and desires and needs. This is the highest form of praise music in MY ears. Not your choreographed praise dancers. True dancing in the RUACH ha KODESH is not taught, nor choreographed by anyone, but the RUACH ha KODESH. It is not done simply because you want to dance before YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; it is your feet being anointed to do so. No one can teach this. I turn away when I see worldliness in the temples and the churches.

True apostles and prophets are not taught to be such by a mere teacher in this world. Even your so called prophetic schools are a mockery. How can you teach what you never were taught by a human? Only the RUACH ha KODESH speaks and flows from MY apostles, and prophets. Those in such schools had better repent and realize man cannot make a prophet, or an apostle, or even the office of an evangelist. It is the anointing of the RUACH that draws the people. It is nothing learned, nor taught. To be a good pastor, the example is the Good Shepherd. Pastors and Evangelists, stop trying to build your mansions here on earth. Stop storing your riches on earth. You tell MY people not to prepare for disasters, yet how many of you are storing up the best of everything? How many of you wealthy pastors have a secret hideaway, and have made your plans not caring about your own congregations? Why do you think I want the money given to you in tithes to build you crystal cathedrals, or to build the biggest church in America or the world? Wouldn’t the money be better spent helping MY People to prepare for disasters? You own your own diamond mines and yet you throw away the true gems, MY beloved children.

In this world you have them fooled, oh evil ones, but your days are numbered in this world. What will you do then? The law firm that is supposed to defend MY People with money sent to them to help defend those called MY children, now you fleece the flocks. Instead you help those that seek to take the privacy away from MY Children. You have sold yourselves to the highest bidder, and his name is satan. I don’t buy MY People, nor their affections, loyalty, or trust. I won’t barter with the evil ones. I will only warn them. Repent in YAHUSHUA’s Name.

You false pastors, evangelists, apostles, prophets and teachers, you sicken I, YAHUVEH. Stop fleecing MY flocks. Children when you see a minister that is a millionaire flaunting their wealth in your face, why do you only give them more, angering ME further? When you see a pastor bragging about his Rolex watch or Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, or other luxury car, or showing off his mansion, don’t you yet see a wolf has crept in among you? Listen not to just his or her sermons, instead judge their fruit. Realize that if that were really MY minister, he or she would give more than take. Do you have a church you attend that has people unemployed, on welfare or in lack? Then how can you put that money in the offering plate to feed the wealthy pastor, and to feed the spirit of worldliness, and greed? Do you not think I will hold them as well as you accountable? Wealthy pastors that have lack in their churches while they live in abundance are feeding themselves and starving MY sheep. These evil pastors fleecing MY flocks, taking all they have, and yet mocking their nakedness. Pastors that freely receive should freely give, and yet you will see apostles and prophets selling what I freely gave them through the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH.

One minister grieves me so, he once was a symbol of YAHUSHUA’s love, and now he drips with diamonds and wears the most expensive tailor made suits, for he owns a men store. Yet what does he give back to those that have no tailor made clothes? Stop telling MY People that YAHUVEH told you to build this 10 million or 7 million dollar building. Bigger is not always better. Who is tending to the Sheep and Lambs when you have hundreds of thousands in your congregations? How can you even pretend to know your congregations with such numbers? Is it not the pastor’s job to know MY sheep? Most can’t even get a phone call to you or even a letter.

Most of MY Sheep and Lambs in the churches where they are fleeing to only see the big beautiful buildings, the pastor be it a man or a woman stands afar off and is unreachable to the masses of the people. Who do they think they are? Did not MY Son, YAHUSHUA, take the time even to feed the masses of people and touch the people, healing, and delivering, praying, and blessing them?

Shame on you pastors with such large numbers of sheep, and lambs; you do not even know the names of the people that support you! If and when you see their faces, or hear their names, you don’t even know them. These people can’t even get your attention for an appointment. The wealthy in the congregation get your attention quickly and anything they need, even a home visit is not too hard for the pastor and evangelist to fit in their schedules. Hypocrites, shame on those who support such ministries and pastors.

Ask yourself, would one of the more well known pastors of mega churches deliver such a word as I am using this apostle to deliver to you? No they would not. Ask yourself, would this apostle of MINE be welcome in your church to deliver MY harsh words of judgment and mandates for repentance? If the answer is No, and you are supporting them with your tithes and offerings then you are in sin. Yes, does that shock you? When you help someone to continue to sin, then you are partakers in that sin. Repent today!

Don’t support a ministry simply because it is named after someone well known in this world or has the biggest or more well known church. What does MY Word say about if all men love you and love the things in the world, does this make you MINE? Does all mankind love and receive YAHUSHUA? No! For when you speak in YAHUVEH’s name, like this apostle is doing, it is not about a popularity contest. MY true apostles and prophets will lose in the world’s eyes; they go in lack many times as satan lies to the people I have raised up to ease the financial, emotional and physical burdens. MY own children shut out MY voice telling them to help, love, and support, the few brave, and bold ones I do have serving ME and MY People.

Are you one of these that hear YAHUVEH’s voice speaking forth and that will love and desire to help and support MY true apostles and prophets; to open your homes to them, and to help ease the burden to reach MY People with the messages from heaven? MY true apostles and prophets pay the price for the anointing and are accustomed to grief, suffering, rejection, and persecution. Do you ever count the cost it takes to deliver such a message as this one? Why should you as long as it is not you that has to pay the cost right? I know who is reading and hearing this, and I shall one day ask you what you did to ease this minister’s burdens. Did you even encourage her? Do you even lift her name up in prayer? Do you realize how few pastors will invite her to minister in their churches after this prophetic message is given? But I, YAHUVEH, speak this forth not this handmaiden. So I have this against you so called pastors that are no pastor at all. It would be better to resign than face YAHUVEH’s wrath for harming MY Sheep and Lambs.

Shame on you pastors; you are not a pastor when MY Children can’t get your counsel without first being a member of the church and passing your tithing tests. One test being: a member is only recognized if they tithe in a certain dollar amount of donations and attend church a certain number of times. Stop fleecing MY flocks! Remember what a pastor is to stand for. Remember you’re not the Good Shepherd. If I have ordained you to be a pastor, then you are to be a blessing to MY sheep. You should be there as the physical part to encourage them with MY words. Love and pray for them, and their deliverance and praying for the salvation of their soul, teaching them to obey MY Torah and MY commandments with you setting the example.

If you don’t have MY anointing then you’re not an apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher or pastor. I am not impressed with what seminary you graduated from, more appropriately now days it should be called cemetery. The letter killeth and the RUACH ha KODESH giveth life. If the knowledge that you have is your own, and you’re relying on that knowledge to minister, then you’re not ministering in fullness under the gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH.

Away from ME you who are pretenders, you who have crept in among MY sheep, taught them, fleeced them, and yet you are not even MINE. You don’t belong in with the sheep and the lambs. You are a wolf seeking to devour. You have been sent by the roaring lion that is not MY Son YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 09/02/2001

Torah Portion: Receiving The Blessing

Prophecy 96 Year Of Jubilee, YAHUVEH Says, Cast Your Dead Weight Off!


Man carrying dead weight MY beloved Son, lay aside the great weight that you carry. Cast off the corpse off your back. For although your wife is in Heaven with ME, you have carried a load that is likened unto carrying her corpse on your back 24 hours a day. Dead weight, dead weight of bills long past. This is the day I decree is the year of your jubilee. This is the day I tell you to take that weight of all the debts you have and use the man made laws of bankruptcy which is only the counterfeit of what I had called it to be.

Picture yourself and ask yourself would I want you to carry a corpse on your back 24 hours a day? It has affected your health to the point it is only MY miracle that you still live but you live for MY glory. I forgive you for thinking you have to do things man’s way. It is not MY desire for these bills to be paid. I am not speaking of your mortgage, I’m speaking of your past debts that were incurred during the time your wife was still on this earth.

Man carry's debt on his back MY heart is so touched for the love, the love that you have for ME, the love you have for your wife, for all that you do for others, MY heart is so touched that I touched the heart of this Prophet now speaking and I weep through her and I travail through her. Cast aside that corpse. No longer carry this dead weight for you owe them nothing, for they are a den of robbers who cannot even pay their own debts and yet they try to suck you dry of your blood like a leech.

Patient gets the hospital bill and eyes bug out of her head This is what I think of these credit card companies. This is what I think of these debt collectors. Hospitals who raise their prices so high that even when a person lives, because of the crushing debt each day they die.

Leeches! Vultures! Vampires, these financial institutions are. Mortgage companies shall come down! They shall lay in ruins for foreclosing on homes without any mercy. MY Wrath they shall feel and they themselves shall be homeless! For they shall reap what they have sown.

YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH, our Shepherd I love you MY son. Oh please listen this day. It was no accident I sent this Prophet this way. I do not give this Ringmaiden a Word for everyone. For she would not have the physical strength to do so, but because you asked for nothing, I bless you this day. You asked to see MY face. Instead I give you forth this Word for you cannot look on the face of YAHUVEH and live but you can look upon the face that is MY Son. Ask to see the face of YAHUSHUA. One day and it is not afar off, you will behold MY face, and your rewards shall follow you to Heaven.

And you will be reunited with your wife. But for right now I have a job for you to do. So on this Sabbath Day, I give you an answer to your prayers, and I free you of your debt in a different way if you will be just obey and in honor of the love that you and wife share(d) I touch the heart of MY Handmaiden on this special anniversary day.

MY beloved son, there is one more thing I have to say. You must make a new rule, “As for me and my house, we will serve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.” Anyone who sleeps under your roof, this rule must apply. They either do it MY way, and you tell them this is MY rule, your ABBA YAHUVEH, or they’re kicked out to travel the world’s highway. Remember your name is not YAH. You can only do what I tell you to do. Do not take any burden on unless you know that I have placed that burden on you. And then you take the burden and leave it at the cross. Do not try to carry any more for you have been traveling and carrying burdens I have not placed upon you far too long. You already know and you will know, as you take these Words to ME in prayer, exactly what I speak of. You are MY treasured son. Now I kiss your brow. And I end this with Words of MY love. Stand on MY Word for it cannot lie. As you abide in MY Word, I abide in you.

End of Word

After the Word, YAHUVEH said to Elisabeth (Elisheva), “Add this Word to the list of your Prophecies. This is not just for one. This is for all those who are carring the dead weight of crushing debt.

YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH began HIS ministry with a clear reference to the Year of Jubilee. In the synagogue at Nazareth he read these words from Isaiah: ‘The Spirit of YAH is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.’ (Isaiah 61: 1-2 and Luke 4: 18-19).

He spoke of freedom to the prisoners and releasing the oppressed and proclaiming the year of YAH’S favour. What other year could this mean but the year of jubilee? After proclaiming it he went on to bring deliverance from sin, sickness and satan to multitudes of those who were bound and afflicted. All this culminated with his own deliverance from the chains of death, and 50 days later the deliverance of his followers from all fear on the glorious day of Pentecost. They in turn proclaimed deliverance and release to captives wherever they went.

In the year of 2008 the economy has hit hard everyone but the ultra rich. Unemployment, foreclosures, choosing between paying off debts or putting food on your table and paying for shelter and fuel, has even caused Americans to become humble. Famine is sweeping over nations and countries and I would like to tell you it will get better but the bible cannot lie. Right now it is manmade famine, greed, oil companies and even the American President, George Bush who puts on a show that he cares that Exxon has billions of dollars worth of profit, and yet since the Bush families main investments are oil, they can laugh all the way to the bank.

YAHUVEH does nothing without first warning the prophets and I was given prophecies to warn the world many different times. This is not yet YAHUVEH’s wrath that is causing the food shortages, it is man’s inhumanity to man, the rich manipulating prices to decrease the population so the rich will not lack anything. Farmers are paid in America not to plant crops. Corn is used for the rich to save money with their hybred vehicles, instead that corn could be feeding millions of starving people. The rich like Donald Trump has used bankruptcy to manipulate his wealth and only get richer as well as airlines, buisnesses. However it is ordinary people who are choosing between eating and paying their debts.

This prophecy is not for everyone, if you have no problem paying off your debts and not suffering this prophecy is not intended for you. However, if you are suffering and held captive by threats of the debt collectors just know that YAHUVEH has heard your prayers and seen your tears and he anointed me to speak forth this word. Please let me know if it blesses you, write and tell us if you heard YAHUVEH’s voice giving you permission to use manmade laws to set you free from the debts that are crushing you.

The concept of bankruptcy is a poor counterfeit and it is the devil that makes sure along with bankruptcy, people are made to feel ashamed and a failure. However remember satan always counterfeits the genuine. The freedom of debt derives from the biblical idea of the year of Jubilee, the 50th year. In the Jubilee Year as quoted in Leviticus, those enslaved because of debts are freed, lands lost because of debt are returned.

I find it no coincidence that this prophectic message comes during the count down of the Omer as we count down to the day of Pentecost when the disciples were filled with signs, wonders and powers, as the Precious RUACH ha KODESH filled them in the upper room. If you need a Year of Jubilee where you are free from the debts that are crushing you, claim this word from YAHUVEH as your own. There is no shame in this, for even the debt collectors such as banks, credit card institutions, mortgage companies, and even the Government of various lands including America, had to borrow more money because they could not pay their debts. Yet the same people come after the ordinary person with their high price attorneys and threats showing no mercy. YAHUVEH is not amused and I pity the rich when HE sends judgment on them it will be a vengeance like none other and the shoe will be on the other foot.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 05/03/2008

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