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Va’etchanan -And I Pleaded

Shabbat Shalom !

Welcome to Va’etchanan / And I Pleaded, this week’s Parasha (Torah Portion).

Prophecy 118, 39, 99;

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11;

Isaiah 40:1-26;

John 10:1-42;

New Blood Covenant Prophecies

AMIGHTYWIND YAHUSHUA’S New Blood Covenant Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisheva not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago (this entire ministry was birthed in 1995, and what he speaks here is of the anointing. I give all praise honor and glory to ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH, for it is their anointing in each page that you read, for it is not by my words, it is by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH that I can even hear what YAH speaks). It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

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August 16, 2019

Prophecy 118: Beware, The Great Tribulation Is A Breath Away!

“Enough is enough! Judas was only allowed to walk among the Apostles for so long! He, too, could no longer play the game of a pretender for there are believers and there are followers.

It is not enough to say, ‘I believe in YAHUSHUA/JESUS. I believe that there is a GOD in Heaven called YAHUVEH/YAHWEH. I believe there is a HOLY SPIRIT, the RUACH ha KODESH.’ The question is, do you follow US? It is not enough just to believe!

I am exposing the hidden Judas’. I am exposing those calling themselves Christians and are not! I am exposing who the bride of satan is! Counterfeits are all around you. They battle MY true Bride! The Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is in a war against the bride of satan!

You want to know who your most deadly enemy is? It is not the heathen who refuse to acknowledge MY Name. It is the Church of the Pretenders!

On this day as it is shouted to the world is this someone you would believe when one named Elton John has raised up and proclaimed to all, ‘I think JESUS was a compassionate, super intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross HE forgave the people who crucified HIM and JESUS wants us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel because the Bible says JESUS was without sin so that rules out homosexuality, so it cannot be a sin.’ So says Elton John.

But I YAHUVEH have had enough! This man, Elton John, dares to speak forth MY Holy Words and twist them! And say that JESUS CHRIST of the Gospels is gay?!

World, for this abomination you shall drink of the Boiling Black Blood Plague! Get ready world! I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, speak forth, I have had enough!!!

This disease has been incubating in those who are homosexuals and lesbians, this disease has been waiting for MY timing to come forth. You who make excuses for the homosexuals, I’ve given you time to repent…

I’ll not tell you the day, I’ll not tell you the month, I’ll not even tell you the year this disease will physically manifest, but I’ll tell you this now, the Boiling Black Blood Plague has reached the White House, I tell you none shall escape!

How dare anyone say, that which I have proclaimed in MY Holy Word is an abomination, now you dare say MY only Begotten SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the perfect slain Lamb without a spot, without a blemish of sin, partook of an abomination called homosexuality, a mockery of what I created when I created Adam and Eve.

The Judas’ are exposed before your very eyes, yes, those who quote Scripture and yet lead so many astray for they don’t even follow the words of Scripture. Woe be unto the Judas’ who say, ‘Do not believe the Bible. Do not believe the Holy Scriptures. Throw away the Torah, it is just written by mere man. Tear out this Scripture. Tear out this page. Tear out this chapter.’ I’ll tell you what I’ll tear out, what I’ve torn out, what I blotted out, it is your names in the LAMB’S Book of Life!

I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, say, I’ve had enough, the battle has been raging for so long. Did I not say, ‘In these days before the time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Great Tribulation, the Holy would become more Holy and the unholy more unholy.’ (Prophecy 90, “What is the Name of the RUACH ha KODESH?”)

Now they dare call themselves ‘Christians’. They say, ‘Don’t worry about sinning. I guarantee you Heaven anyway.’

And now this reprobate, reprehensible man of lawlessness and of the antichrist spirit, Elton John, tries to reassure all in the homosexual community and those who dare call themselves Christians, ‘Don’t worry. JESUS CHRIST was one of you. Homosexuality can’t possibly be a sin for you see Jesus Christ was sinless.’ And yet they speak of ME and don’t even know the Holiness of MY Son YAHUSHUA, and they speak of MY Holy Scriptures and yet serve satan with all that is in them.

Do you know MY Little Ones, MY Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I trust you. I allow Judas’ to come into your very midst, just as Judas Iscariot was allowed in the midst. Do you not understand, he also had his followers, but I tell you this, as I told you a long time ago Elisheva, woe be unto the Judas’ who would seek to join this Ministry. They started out drinking the milk and eating the spiritual meat and then they betrayed all that they knew was Holy. So I forbid you to weep over a Judas, for I do not!

The Judas’ that betray you here on this earth betray all MY Holy Bride, even those dwelling amongst their own household. How many have Judas’ in their own household? How many are in unequally yoked households, even those that call themselves MINE? They (the Judases) betrayed long ago in the war with Lucifer in Heaven. Do you think I am surprised? Do I not say that I allow the wheat and the tares to grow together? (Matt. 13:30) Now I have shown you the tares this day and I tell you this, I told you to warn the world it is a breath away from the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, the Great Tribulation.

My Beloved Son (Amightywind Youth Minister), you’ve done a teaching exposing the lies of the devil in regards to the catching away called the Rapture, and how few want to know the Truth. The Church of the Pretenders would rather believe the lies, ‘live any way they want, sin any way they want, it’s just enough to make others be convinced you are a Christian, you don’t really have to follow what you write, what you speak, you don’t have to be an example of who YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is, it’s just enough to pretend. It’s just enough to say, ‘Jesus bless you.”

Woe be unto these Judas’ who lead MY Sheep and Lambs astray, but you see MY Sheep and Lambs names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life and they will return again to the GOOD SHEPHERD YAHUSHUA. It may take suffering through the fires of persecution with untold agony in the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, that which you call the Great Tribulation, but MY Sheep and Lambs shall return to ME even if it’s with their last breath. Their faith will get hot through the fire of persecution.

Beware to those who are lukewarm, I have sent this Ministry to speak forth MY Words to warn you. I anoint MY Prophet to speak forth MY Words and because she is not a man with a long grey beard, you want to dismiss her. You say, ‘GOD can’t possibly speak out of the mouth of this mere woman.’ You don’t want to hear. You show your foolishness. You show what itching ears you have.

The real reason you hate this Ministry is because of the conviction. You don’t want to be told that lukewarm Christians will go to hell and are no Christians at all and that you are doing wrong when you don’t obey the 10 Commandments. You just want to say, ‘JESUS CHRIST paid the price for me at Calvary.’

Yes, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH paid the price for you at Calvary, but what price have you paid for HIM? Is it too much really to ask you to obey? When you are truly born again and filled with the RUACH ha KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT you no longer have an excuse to sin for you have the RUACH ha KODESH within that convicts you when you sin. You will truly desire to obey I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, with every Word I say.

Oh so many say the Salvation Prayer boast and say, ‘I believe in Jesus,’ but how few follow what they claim to believe? You hate any Ministry or any person that convicts you of your sins.

Lightness and darkness cannot go together. (2 Cor. 6:14) With MY own hand MY Word had spoken it forth. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH came with a dividing sword. (Mt. 10:34) With MY own Words it has been spoken forth and what is your response?

Those who do not want to give up your unequally yoked households, so they will not betray you in the Great Tribulation, your response is, ‘Brand her a false prophet. Rip those Words out of the Bible. Ignore them. Blot them out.’ That’s your answer. ‘Lead others astray.’ Nothing has changed!

The same Spirit of a Pharisee that stone MY Holy Ones, YAHUSHUA’s Bride, they live their lives each day to be pleasing unto ME, they don’t claim to be perfect and when they accidently offend ME, they quickly repent with tears in their eyes and they say, ‘Oh please help me not to do this sin again.’ There are many kinds of sin, even this Prophet that I speak forth this Message now, struggles with the sin of procrastination. How many of you stumble on this one? You know what to do, but you do it in your time. Oh you know what I want you to do and I’m not speaking of the Ten Commandments now. It can be something so small, but you don’t do it. There are many kinds of sin.

No one is perfect, everyone is a work in progress but I tell you this, when it’s time to come get YAHUSHUA’s Bride it will be when your heavenly grades are at the highest level, when each day you strive to obey ME in every way, when you make your bodies living sacrifices, when you know the first Torah Law, (1st Commandment – Thou shalt have no other Gods before ME) and not for the sake of a spouse or loved one will you break it even if it means the end of your marriage. You realize nobody comes before YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH.

The strongest and most blessed marriages will be those that keep the First Commandment and both of them will be ‘out of balance’ in their love and obedience for YAHUSHUA, they will both love YAHUSHUA more than each other or anyone else. YAHUSHUA is the Lover of their life, soul and spirit and when I speak of ‘out of balance’ isn’t that what it should be when you love YAHUSHUA above all else? You are on this earth for such a short time. This is just one breath in your life. We are talking about eternity in Heaven.

Oh Beloved Bride of MINE, Beloved Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, listen to ME, let nothing be more important than the ONE who causes your heart to beat, the ONE who breathes life through you. Oh Beloved One, no one can love you like I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, do. Does the one that you call your loved one, your spouse, know the number of hairs on your head? (YAHUVEH/YAHWEH is weeping through Elisheva as HE said this, when HE spoke of how much HE loves HIS Bride.) Do not allow I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA to become last on your lips.

Oh, you lukewarm puke Christians, the ones YAHUSHUA will spew forth as vomit out of HIS mouth, this is why your love has waxed cold. You put so many other loves before US, your worldly lust, fleshly desires, above US, yes, even those that call themselves MINE and dare to call yourself Christians! And you wonder why you no longer can discern the Truth from the lies, but you stone the Holy and this Ministry speaking forth just as surely as Stephen was stoned. (Acts 7:59) I speak to the puke lukewarm Christians, you do not have to remain puke and vomit! It is your choice!

I sent this Ministry and other Ministries and individuals who are part of the Holy Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH to warn you! I sent this Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] and I don’t care whether you like to hear this or not, but I used MY Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] to birth this Ministry forth and that started in America and is now all over the world, to warn, rebuke, and encourage. I not only speak forth blessings but I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, speak forth curses. Enough is enough! I will not apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!

This world has become a Sodom and Gomorrah in MY eyes. Shame on you! Shame on you who do not defend the Holy Ones who speak forth these warnings!

So, MY Beloved Ones, this day I exposed a Judas. The fate of a Judas is death and Hell. You will see Judas’ come and go. Woe be unto those that follow the Judas’ for yours shall be the same fate! Woe be unto anyone that says taking communion in remembrance of what MY SON YAHUSHUA paid, giving HIS Body and Blood for their sins, is cannibalism or vampirism! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! This is blasphemy, and the ultimate mockery of YAHUSHUA’s sacrifice.

(We knew this person for approximately 3 years. This person was a faithful supporter and we considered this person part of YAHUSHUA’s family. This person went to a website on the internet that says taking communion is cannibalism and vampirism and the sad part is, this person believed this lie of the devil. So this Judas emailed many others and tried to get them to believe this lie, this person even tried to convince Elisheva of this lie. This person is now a Judas and shall have the same fate as Judas.)

Since when! Since when! When you pray that you become one with YAHUSHUA mind, body, spirit and soul and ask forgiveness of your sins and HIS Blood washes you clean, since when is this evil? Who would dare to say such a lie?! Who would dare believe such a lie?! The RUACH ha KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT is not within them! You have head knowledge and not heart knowledge. Communion is important,and is a weapon against the enemy.

To you who say, ‘Communion is not important’, YAHUSHUA’s last words as HE sat with HIS disciples were, ‘This is MY Body, do this in Remembrance of ME.’ ( Mt. 26:26-28, Mk.14:22-24, Lk. 22: 17-20, 1 Cor. 11: 22-30) Since when is that a sin!? Who but satan would say such a thing!? Who would dare say such a thing!? This is the ultimate insult for you have mocked MY SON’s Blood! You have called evil what I called perfect! This is the ultimate insult and then you liars try to lead MY Prophet astray that I speak forth from, and tell others this lie. Communion is the ultimate weapon against satan and you have called this communion evil, and that which I have spoken forth as good, you call it evil?

As surely as you have blasphemed not only YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and not only I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, who sent MY only SON to give HIS body and Blood for you, you have insulted the RUACH ha KODESH. You have blasphemed all THREE! I told you. I warned you, ‘Beware of the time that evil is spoken of as good and good is spoken of as evil.’ (Is. 5:20)

I always send forth MY Prophets to speak MY Words. The Holy Scriptures were not spoken forth by man. It is no different than ME speaking forth out of this vessel of clay’s mouth now. It is I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, that put those Words in them to write. The pure Words were corrupted by various transcribers, and translators.

I warn you, do not rely only on the King James Version of the Bible for King James burns in hell. He took out books and words which he didn’t want to include just as surely as they’re doing today and saying, ‘These Scriptures and Torah Laws apply no more. This does not line up with my idea of who God is. HE’s not supposed to curse. HE sent HIS only Begotten SON to pay the price at Calvary to suffer and die in my place, so now I can do anything I want, it doesn’t matter to GOD anymore. HE doesn’t care what I do because HE sent HIS only Begotten SON to pay the price. The Law was nailed on the cross, so I can do anything I want. The Forth Commandment I say, any day will do for the Sabbath, JESUS CHRIST, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, said HE is LORD of the Sabbath, it no longer matters because they threw away that day.’

Liars! Liars! Liars! Do you think I would waste MY time to take MY own finger and inscribe on a tablet of stone and give it to Moses and defend the Israelites and command them to honor ME on the Sabbath Day by resting?! By resting?! Not by working but by resting?! Liars!

You who claim that you are Christian and put up these videos about why Christians, ‘no longer have to worry about the Sabbath, it doesn’t matter what day, it doesn’t matter, the Roman Catholic Church has changed it.’

Liars! If you do not repent you shall find yourself in the Lake of Fire! I’m not going to play games! The Great Tribulation, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, is almost upon you, the time of lamenting, weeping, of great suffering, more than this world has ever known!

What do you think keeps hell burning? The flames only grow hotter! It is I, YAHUVEH’s wrath, rage and fury!

I want MY Bride home! I want YAHUSHUA’s Bride home! HIS Bride is MY Bride. I want them home.

I look upon this sewer called earth. Dung is everywhere and I see little sparkles in the dung of those who are the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and all the Holy, here and there. It is as though they are buried under the dung and oh how much dung. So much stench is in the feces in that which calls themselves the ‘Christian churches’! Judgment! Judgment! Judgment has come to that which you call the ‘House of the LORD’!!

When the Ichabod Christian churches stop preaching against sin such as abortion, fornication and same-sex marriages, when you allow sin behind the pulpit, when you let homosexuals preach behind the pulpits and brag about their sin, when you stopped rebuking the sinners, Ichabod was put on your doors and MY RUACH ha KODESH/HOLY SPIRIT was taken out of it! (1 Sam. 4:21)

You sing your songs and gather on Sunday and yet I am not there! Oh, some of MY People are there but MY true Presence, MY RUACH ha KODESH Anointing, it’s not welcomed there. You use your emotions and you get yourself all hyped up with songs but MY true Prophets are not allowed to speak.

WE are not allowed there. When I say, ‘WE’ I mean the very presence of YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA, and the RUACH ha KODESH. OUR presence is NOT there otherwise they would all fall on their faces!

They’ll repent for America but will they warn others of the sin they are in? It is a mockery. Do you want to know why the power of the Anointing, is not as the First Church? Look and behold what I see. The stench is more than I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, can bear.

The heathen look at these so called Christians and say, ‘There’s no difference between you and me’. Elton John says, ‘There’s no difference between you and me. I can rewrite the Scripture too. People say, ‘Throw out the Forth Commandment,’ so I can say, ‘JESUS CHRIST is gay,’ it’s no different.’

But you see, I raised up this Ministry who refuses to compromise with sin, the Aleph and Tav (Alpha & Omega) Almightywind (also called Amightywind) RUACH ha KODESH Wildfire Ministry!

MY Amightywind Ministry is a mighty rushing wind going through the world and satan cannot stop it! So he gets everyone focused on a mere woman (Elisheva Eliyahu [Elisheva Eliyahu]).

Those who know and love her can tell the difference between her and when I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, speak forth. But it isn’t a mere woman speaking forth. I am YAHUVEH/YAHWEH and I tell you this Ministry is calling forth the true Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH to come forth because you need one another. All of you are being attacked. You are like a wounded animal licking your own wounds because you cannot trust anyone so I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, put this group together and I use this vessel speaking forth to birth it into the physical realm, I YAHUVEH had already birthed it in the Spiritual realm and it is the YAHUSHUA Demon Stompers (YDS, Holy Prayer Warriors).

You will see Judas’ come and go, it is their choice. I told you, ‘Not everyone is fit to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, only those that remain loyal to the end. You will know who the Bride is.

MY Darling Ones, I forbid you to weep another tear over another Judas! I forbid you to weep! Instead, look at all the Apostles and true followers of YAHUSHUA who refuse to conform with sin! The Church of the Pretenders refuse to put I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA and the precious RUACH ha KODESH first, and you are surrounded by the pretenders and they will have the fate of a Judas. It was already written down.

A Judas is the ultimate contamination. You see, this Judas did not want to keep this contamination (of telling this ministry and prophet that doing communion is of the devil like cannibalism and vampirism) like leprosy to themselves. They reached out to defile and contaminate the Holy Bride, YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers, even this Holy one speaking forth, to lead them to the anti-christ. The Judas’ will always do this. They do not want to keep the contamination to themselves. They want to share it, so weep no more for the Judas’.

This is a somber Message. Do you think YAHUSHUA took pleasure on the day HE exposed who Judas was? But you see Beloved Ones, I will only allow a Judas to stay hidden for so long.

Look around the world. Some have put their faith in their jobs. Some love their jobs more than I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH. Some put their faith in finances. They’re seeing their financial empires crumble before their eyes. Some put their faith in spouses and I am revealing things you’d rather not see. I am dividing and I will continue to divide anyone who contaminates MY Bride.

I test you, who do you love more, that heathen spouse? Those who claim they are equally yoked and yet when one of the spouses will say, ‘I must have more of your attention,’ who will you prove that you love more? So many that desire to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA are in these households? (Matt. 10:37, John 21:15-17)

I am testing. The trials of your faith are more precious than gold. (1 Pet. 1:6-7) This is your trial, who do you love more?

For those not married, you weep, mourn and say, ‘I must have a mate.’ Who do you love more? You do not know what you ask. That is why I said I will not join unequally yoked marriages in these End Times. You can make all the excuses you want. The marriages I join together, they equally love ME, work for ME, obey MY SPIRIT and not their flesh. Those who are not married and weep and mourn, you do not know the blessing I give you. You do not know what you ask. I repeat, this is why I said I will not join an unequally yoked marriage in these End Times. The marriages I join together are Holy. Those who are not married and weep and mourn, you do not know the blessing I give you. You do not have to be concerned pleasing anyone but I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH.

In the end none of MY Bride will be unequally yoked. I shall repeat, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will use the dividing sword and before this Bride is taken off of this earth, if they are unequally yoked, YAHUSHUA will divide. I will not allow MY Bride to be contaminated, it was only for a set time, for lightness and darkness cannot go together. This is a war, YAHUSHUA fights for HIS Bride, the enemy cannot win.

I put light with light and the light only becomes brighter. It is not a struggle together when you put YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH first in your life and your love.

Did I not warn, ‘Your worst enemies will be in your own households’? (Micah 7:6, Mt. 10:36) I warn again now, those who do not want to be divided, those who love their spouse more than I, YAHUVEH/YAHWEH, those that spit MY Word back in your face and brand you a false prophet Elisheva, know this, these are not your Words, these are MY Words! And it is backed up in the Holy Scriptures! Remember Prophecy 111 – I, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, Grant You A HOLY Divorce Decree, For Those Who Need It.

I had another prophet (Nehemiah, Neh. 13:23-30) literally curse and pull the men’s beards and slap them for being unequally yoked, so when the attacks come and yes, they will come, be as a Stephen, Holy Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, keep your eyes not focused on the boulders that will hit you, keep your eyes focused on YAHUSHUA. They stone you but are really stoning YAHUSHUA/JESUS and yes, I dare to speak to those who dare call themselves ‘Christians’ but I, YAHUVEH call you Ichabod Christians.

(Neh. 13:25 and I contended with them, and cursed them, and smote certain of them, and plucked off their hair, and made them swear by GOD, saying, Ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters unto your sons or for yourself.

Neh. 13:27 Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil, to transgress against our GOD in marrying strange wives?)

So I leave you with these Words. I told you, ‘Everything that can be shaken will be Shaken’. I remind you of this in Prophecy 105, “I, YAHUVEH, Say, ‘In 2009 I’m going to shake everything that can be shaken!‘”, I warned you ahead of time what 2010 will be like in Prophecy 116, “You Must Be Faith Water Walkers”.

I have spoken this day, your ABBA YAHUVEH/YAHWEH. The true Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who hears this Word will contact you, will validate this Word. They have heard MY voice. They will stand by your side, be loyal and defend. They will no longer care what men and women say. They will defend what they know to be true.

Know this also, this Prophecy only gives the enemies more reason to hate you, but this is nothing new. YAHUSHUA was and is hated. Can you expect anything less, for you are HIS reflection on this earth, the ones I call ‘YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s Bride’.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 02/19

Anointed Holy Eagles come forth. This is an Eagle’s call. Baby Eagles come forth. Attention all Hindu’s and Buddhists and all other religions, The God of creation calls you to listen to this prophecy. We stand together or fall together all our religious freedoms are at risk. We worship a different god but in this area of religious freedom, when one is taken, all will be taken. Anointed Holy Eagles, arise. Come forth in YAHUSHUA’s Name! Fight against the attacks of the unholy vultures! Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I have hidden you safely away from this world’s eyes, away from the church systems. I have hidden you and taught you how to fly and soar for such a time like this. You have been out of the nest and are no longer baby Eagles, but you are mature spiritually, discerning with the eyes of the eagle, and you know MY voice.

Those reading this that are still baby Eagles, don’t worry. The more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles shall nourish you, and protect you, and even teach you how to war in the spiritual realm, in a higher realm then you have soared before. Anointed Holy Eagles be warned! The unholy vultures are gathering against you and are going to try and devour you as prey. But you will not become prey if you will seek MY face and humble yourself and pray for MY instructions and soar higher when I tell you to soar and dive bomb the enemy when I tell you to dive. They will be the prey in MY Holy Name, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I have hidden and taught you for such a time like this. Seek MY face in a new way. Believe that you have heard MY voice in the wilderness for I have called and you have known what to do when the time would come.

Anointed Holy Eagles, I have given you the keen eyesight of an Eagle. You can discern your enemy and prey from afar off. I have given you sharp razor talons that carry MY double-edged sword. Use it for MY glory! Think nothing is impossible when you call upon MY Name YAHUSHUA. What was impossible before will not be any more, if you can just believe with your own eyes you shall see. The unholy vultures gather against you and seek to take the necessities of life away from you water, food, heat, shelter, finances, electricity, gasoline, oil, clothes, communications. The unholy vultures seek to take your religious freedoms away from you. They look at you and mock the God you serve. Anointed Holy Eagles, they seek to destroy your nests that I so loving built with MY own hands. They seek to devour your young. The unholy vultures now devour your young and you have stood by and watched as you lost more freedom each year, as your children are taught that which I have not taught them. Not all knowledge is profitable for the young.

Your young children are being force-fed filth that has polluted their minds, bodies, spirits and, yes, souls! MY anointed Holy Eagles have said, “What am I to do, for it is out of my control?” You have called to ME, the Father Eagle, and I say to you, take back what the enemy has stolen. Take back what the unholy vultures have stolen and are stealing. I have given you the foresight how to do this. You have said it is too hard. Is it not hard to watch your children be led to hell? You have lost your right to discipline your children and you stood by as the states dictate how to raise your children and what morality to give them. Is it any wonder the younger generation is now is in rebellion? Did I not forewarn you this would happen through the prophets and apostles? Did I not forewarn you this would happen through MY Holy Word? Why do you not fight the unholy vultures? Is it because you think they out number you?

Anointed Holy Eagles, you must gather and fast and pray for this world. The unholy vultures seek not one religion as prey, the unholy vultures seek not one nation or country or province. The unholy vultures that gather against you seek to corrupt and control the ENTIRE WORLD. There is no religion that believes in a God that the unholy vultures will not seek to devour as prey. It is not only MY Children that the unholy vultures seek to devour but warn those that do not worship I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH! The unholy vultures will also seek to devour and shall devour the Buddhists, Hindu’s among other religions although they do not submit to MY authority as they lose their religious freedoms so shall you if you don’t gather together now and fight the unholy vultures that gather together against you all.

When one loses their religious freedoms, you all lose it. All will lose their freedom to worship. Now will you care for one another? You have the gold and silver to create idols, use it to fight the unholy vultures. The idols can’t speak or war but those that oppose you will speak and war against you. Use what means I have given you, not only spiritually but legally and financially. Satan seeks to go ahead of MY timing. Satan seeks to destroy before the time I have set. I will allow this if you do not gather together and pray that you will not become food for the unholy vultures. Do not let race, creed, tongue or religious beliefs stop you from fighting this beast that comes in the form of an unholy vulture, but is a beast of great proportion. For it is like a fatted beast and it has been eating little by little at your freedoms in all ways until the word freedom no longer speaks of freedom, but is bondage in disguise.

The unholy vultures come in this form to mock MY RUACH ha KODESH, which came in the form of a dove. The unholy vultures even poison the air that you breathe and will mark you in ways you least expect, setting you apart from others, for they know who are MY Anointed Holy Eagles and who are the young to the unholy vultures. Beware your very blood will betray you and will be forced to cry out and identify who you are. No race or nationality will be kept secret once the blood is forced to cry out. Be cautious of all surgical procedures for your own body will cry out and betray you. Learn of MY natural medicines and seek the hidden Anointed Holy Eagles I have trained and nurtured and raised for such a time as this. Scoff not at their wisdom, for it is I, YAHUVEH, who has taught them how to save your lives when you can no longer go to the physicians for they will not be part of the Holy Eagles any more but will belong to the unholy vultures so they can practice medicine.

It will be rare when the doctors will not do what the unholy vultures command them to do. You have been warned. Beware of any type of injections for the unholy vultures have plans to use this as a weapon against you and your young Eagles. Do not be dismayed and have faith when I tell you to soar as the Eagle soars and to fly somewhere. Do not question ME. Just move when I say move. Can an Eagle stand still in the sky? NO, neither can you. All MY Anointed Holy Eagles shall follow one another and not even understand what they are doing as they fly in perfect formation not one wing overlapping another wing all will circle the same prey the unholy vultures and will discern who is an anointed Holy Eagle and who is a unholy vulture.

The baby Eagles who cannot fly alone will have to be carried on the wings of the more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles. I will speak more on this when you retain what I have already spoken here. One more thing, remember this and do not take this lightly. You must ask MY Blessings and protection from this moment on for every morsel of food you eat and every beverage you drink, thank ME for it. Get in the habit now for there is coming a time when you will find it necessary to eat what you rather not eat and drink what you rather not drink but all will be a blessing to your body. Yes even that which I have forewarned you is unclean MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Blood will make clean when it is necessary!

Learn to be grateful in small things now and take nothing I give you for granted. Even your fruit and vegetables have not the nutrients that I created in them. The water and air has polluted them and the soil is depleted of minerals needed. You don’t even know what a fruit or vegetable should taste like anymore. It is rare if you do. As for meats, again I say you do not understand that which you have eaten the unholy vultures have poisoned in so many ways. The water you drink you don’t even know why your body doesn’t crave water the way I created it to thirst. It is because even the water is not the way I created it. That is why you must pray blessings on all you partake in MY Son YAHUSHUA’s Name. Ask ME to bless the food and beverages so it will be a blessing to your body and not a curse to it.

Lastly, I tell you this although all won’t understand, but MY Anointed Holy Eagles must honor ME on the true Sabbath! I will speak to them on this day if they will acknowledge ME and worship ME in a special way on this day. On this day set your work aside and Love and Honor ME even more than all the other days of the week. Let this be our time together. I am so jealous for your time. Even those who do MY work, set this time aside for ME. It is healthy for not only your mind, spirit, and soul, but also your body. Ask ME what I want you to do that day and include ME for that is our day of rest together. Everyone has a different way of resting in ME but on the Sabbath just include ME. I am the Lord of the Sabbath and don’t forget it! I shall return on the Sabbath! Not the one the unholy vultures decree either (Sunday).

Now take these words and digest them as food for your mind, body, spirit and soul. More will be forth coming but listen as I speak forth the words through MY other Anointed Holy Eagles, for no one Anointed Holy Eagle has all the answers. You need one another and never let ME see an injured Holy Eagle be devoured by another Holy Eagle. Help one another to soar high in the sky and have faith. Psalm 91 is your secret nest where I dwell.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH 
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 08/10/2000

Prophecy 99 Obendience Is Better Than Sacrifice.

Who are you going to fear, saith YAHUVEH? MY beloved Son …….. , who do you fear more? Who do you fear of offending, of disobeying?

You are being tested. (Exodus 20:20, Zechariah 13:9) There is not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, of the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH that is not being tested right now to see who they obey, to see who they fear offending. It better be I. It better be I. It better be I, YAHUVEH. It better be YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. For did HE not set the example? That HE refused to disobey YAHUVEH. HE refused to disobey HIS Heavenly FATHER?

The time is so short. I’ve been weeding them out one by one. There’s no more free rides. I told you I am on a countdown of MY patience. Why do you think I keep asking you, ” Are you counting down the Omer?” (Leviticus 23:15-16) If you cannot hear ME now, how will you hear ME then? This Ministry has the anointing to give the desire to the people whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life to hear MY voice, to do MY will, for you are an example unto them. What will you do …….? I already know.

It would be so easy for ME ………. to do it the easy way for you but how would you have passed your test? How would you prove obedience? How would you prove who you love more? This goes for all the men right now and all the women right now who are in unequally yoked marriages. It was not by MY hand they were put together. What will you do when the time of the Great Tribulation comes and if you are not found worthy to be called MY Bride, if you are not found worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA? For remember whatever is YAHUSHUA’s is MINE. And whatever is MINE is MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s. What will you do when you are left behind? Will it be worth it? For the very ones that you have yoked yourself to will be the very ones that will betray you. What will you do? You think it’s hard now? You don’t have a clue. At that time husbands shall betray wives and wives shall betray husbands. Children shall betray parents and parents shall betray children. There will be no loyalty. The only family that will count will be the family in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. These are the only ones you will be able to trust. Even when you meet a stranger, you will recognize who they are. It will be evident for all to see.

So men, I am not going to cancel your tests. That’s what you want ME to do. All are tested. Does not MY Word say, “The trials of your faith are more precious than gold.” (1 Peter 1:7) The one I speak through now, these five that represent the Five Wise Virgins, all have been tested. Adam walked away from that which he called his home for many, many years. He walked away from a lucrative job and oh how long he waited for it to become union, yet I told him to walk away. [When a mother] had to leave her biological family, her own child from her loins—all of you, all of you, all of you, the mother’s heart that comes before ME so battered and broken and bruised. You miss your children but you laid them on the altar of sacrifice and you [parents] said, “Do with them as YOU will for they are not MY Children, they are YOURS.” So I raise you up spiritual children that cry to you like a Momma and a Daddy and they desire your mentorship and they desire your love. They want to obey ME and I tell you to lead them and to guide them. And I am about ready to give you a shock, these spiritual children love you more than your biological children could ever love you. They respect you. They honor you. Take none of them for granted. As you have patience with your biological children, have patience with your spiritual children. Do not throw up your hands and say, “I have had enough.”

Never get so puffed up in pride, to make people think that you have always been obedient unto ME for all, all, all have struggled at some point, all of you said, “I would rather do it my way.” It is just that I gave you such a butt beating, all of you learned the hard way. And that is why now you say, “Whatever YOU say ABBA YAHUVEH, I am doing it YOUR way.” I do not even have to raise MY voice. You know when you do wrong. I am not saying that anyone is perfect but MY Son YAHUSHUA, but I am saying all I expect of any of MY Children is just try.

So you do your part, you know what I told you to do. You know what I told you not to do. Satan does not want this invention to ever see the light. So he has one woman stand in the way. And she is like a mouse that roars and you go scampering in the corner. How can she respect this?

The time is later than you think and I sent China as an example of what happens when MY patience starts to wear out. Long ago I gave you a Word Elisheva, ‘End of round one, now for round two.’ Beware China because a round three is coming. (China just had a devastating earthquake that killed at least 60,000 people)

And America, I have not even begun. Again and again I said, I have saved the worst for last. You have not even, even, even begun to taste MY wrath. And Europe, think not that you will escape your fate. Right now there is only one loud voice protesting that which I find an abomination and I use the Catholic church, remember, as I used the donkey to speak out of, (Numbers 22:22-32) I use the Catholic church to warn, to warn about the sanctity of life. Where are the others? Where are the other organized religions? A worldwide outcry should have gone forth to join together an animal and human embryo, to even devise such a plan, to have a half human and half animal, you do not even begin to know the road that you have started to walk upon. To mock ME with the sanctity of marriage? There should have been a worldwide outcry against same sex marriage! Why is it so silent? Where are the churches? Why don’t all those in Islam raise up? They care about a cartoon! They send terror into anyone that does not agree with them. But why are they silent?

This is why I am on a countdown of MY patience now. That which you think is years away, all of you, all of you have a rude awakening coming. I am commanding this Ministry to do that which they are to do and do it quickly. There is no time any longer to mollycoddle (over protect) the babies. It’s time for them to grow up. It’s time for men to be men. This is why I have put women in the leadership. This is why I raised up a Deborah! The men are Baraks! (Judges, chapter 4) They are cowards! Not all MY men. I have MINE, MY own. And they hear MY voice and they speak forth MY Words but oh how few, how few. And you women who have been browbeaten in these unequally yoked marriages and the Scriptures have been used against you to say, “Keep silent.” I only told you to obey that husband as he lines up with MY Word. If he does not, kick him to the curb! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

My darling, I anoint you this day to speak forth the words in boldness to these men so they can remember what a man is supposed to be! They are to please ME before they please any woman, before they please any child and for the women who are unequally yoked in a marriage, I remind you of the spirit of Deborah! You are to please ME. You are to please YAHUSHUA! Before you try to please any man! Before you please your children. Obedience, obedience, obedience is better than sacrifice! Take away your tithes and take away your offerings and take away your praise, if you are not obeying ME! For if you do not obey ME now, what makes you think you will obey ME in the Great Tribulation when it will be rare to hear a Prophet speak as this? Learn to obey now! How do you prove that you love YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH? Does not MY Word say, “If you love ME, you will obey ME.” (Gospel of John 14:15, 21) How did YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH prove that HE loves YAHUVEH? By obedience to every Word I say. Do not make promises to ME that you never intend to keep.

I am not concerned with manmade marriage vows to marriages I did not even put together and now you see each other for who you are. I am only concerned with those marriages that have been ordained from Heaven. And how do you know they are ordained from Heaven? Because you are one in ME. It is true that the Word says the husband should be the spiritual leader of the household (Ephesians 5:22) and when that husband is not fit to be the spiritual leader of the household, then I shall have a leader of the household, whether it be the woman or whether it be a child, I will have someone speaking forth MY Words. I will have someone speaking forth MY Words! Even if it be a little child, I will have someone that speaketh forth MY Words! MY glory shall be evident for all to see! You in these organized churches, you know that they are a stench in MY nostrils but you say you have to have a building to fellowship in. What happened to fellowshipping with ME one on one? What happened to fellowshipping one on one with MY Son? You are in the countdown of the Omer. You are in the countdown of MY patience.

Woe, woe, woe, woe be unto this earth when MY patience is done! Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape MY Wrath! This should be your constant prayer each and everyday. I am not angry at those who are obeying ME. I am not angry at those who are trying to obey ME. I am not angry at those who will say, “I am listening for YOUR voice. Lead me and guide me.” I am not even angry at those who will say, “Please forgive me.” I am angry at those who refuse to obey. And Judgment starts at the House of YAHUVEH. The heathen do not know how to hear MY voice. But I am angry at those who claim they are MINE and belong to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and refuse to obey!

China is tasting MY Wrath now. But I spare those who are MINE. They stood up and they said, “No Bibles allowed here.” They imprison MY saints, those who truly love and serve ME, they execute them. They torture them. They starve them! Taste MY Wrath China for more is to come!

(Elisheva says: “I have a vision right now and I see clouds and inside the clouds before the earthquake and now I understand why, there was a cloud and it had, if we look at it we would say it had the most brilliant rainbow (We do not agree with all the comments on the link to youtube) in the cloud, but I saw it on youtube and other news reports. It was so bright, different colored lights inside a white cloud and it looked so beautiful and they said from 30 minutes before that devastating earthquake, these clouds hung and I saw the pictures that they took and we have got to be able to put these pictures up for all the people to be able to see but now I understand and I said, “Why would such beauty come before the earthquake came in China?” And this is what YAHUVEH says to me now as HE shows me this vision.”)

Word continues: Because the rainbow represents a promise and I made a promise to those who called on ME, to the afflicted, to the persecuted, to those who were martyred in China, to be in prison, those who are in prison and who have been tortured because they worship YAHUSHUA, I made a promise that I would take vengeance for them! And this is just the beginning China! This is just the beginning, as an example as one nation around this world does the same.

Does not MY Word say that I, YAHUVEH, take vengeance? Vengeance is MINE saith I, YAHUVEH! (Deuteronomy 32:35) Call on ME and I will cause your enemies to run in 7 different directions! How many different directions are you running now oh Chinese government? But I am making sure the Holy angels are there to protect and provide for your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Woe be to the world because watch China. You are going to see what happened to China hit California. I will not mention the other parts of the world but America you want to play a harp? (H.A.A.R.P.) Wait until I play MY harp. You want to control the weather, you have not seen anything yet.

I am sending confusion to the scientists. I am sending confusion to the astronomers. There is insanity in the White House. There is insanity in the government. The people run to and fro. The politicians are insane. How can they lead the people? So call on ME. Call on ME. Call on ME while I will yet listen, call on ME. I do not do anything until first I speak forth out of the Prophets. (Amos 3:7) I warned out of this Prophet’s mouth what would happen from the moment that they left America, a Prophecy was released and warned you what would happen when the price of oil went up, I warned you of the food prices. (Prophecy 85) I warned you of the costs. I even warned you of the truck drivers as their costs go up, you have not seen anything yet.

But know this, this famine is not of MY making. It is the manipulation of those who are full of greed. As they heap the gold and the silver to themselves and plot to kill those that are in need. It started with abortion and then it went to those too sick to defend themselves. This was the genocide that I speak of. There is death in the vaccinations. I have warned again and again. Because this world does not think it needs poor children. I warned you it would go to the elderly. All of it is genocide. All of this is so the rich can be provided for in their own eyes. And now you wring your hands and you wonder why teenagers suicide is so high. Your only hope is in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Your only hope is in repentance and obedience. Your only hope is in MY mercy. For I am long suffering. So continue on what you are doing. Continue on warning. While you have the freedom to speak forth for there are powers that be that seek to silence you, that seeks to silence MY true Prophets. So speak while you can

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 05/25/2008

Torah Reading

Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11;

23And I prayed to YAHUVEH for favor at that time, saying,

24Adonai YAHUVEH, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your mighty hand (for who is a El in the heavens or in the earth who can do according to Your works and according to Your might?)

25Please let me pass over and see the good land which is beyond the Jordan, this good hill country, and Lebanon.

26But YAHUVEH was angry with me on your account, and would not listen to me. And YAHUVEH said to me, Let it be enough for you; do not speak any more to Me about this thing.

27Go up to the top of Pisgah and lift up your eyes westward and northward and southward and eastward, and see with your eyes; for you shall not cross over this Jordan.

28And command Joshua and make him strong, and make him brave, for he shall cross over before this people, and he shall cause them to inherit the land which you shall see.

29So we stayed in the valley across from Beth-Peor.

*~Deuteronomy Chapter 4 ~*

1And now, Israel, listen to the statutes and to the judgments which I am teaching you to do, so that you may live and go in, and possess the land which YAHUVEH the ELOHIM of your fathers is giving to you.

2You shall not add to the Word which I command you, nor take from it, to keep the commandments of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM which I command you. (Deut 12:30)

3Your eyes have seen that which YAHUVEH has done in Baal-Peor. For YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has destroyed them from among you, the men that followed Baal-Peor.

4And those of you clinging to YAHUVEH your ELOHIM are alive today, all of you.

5See, I have taught you statutes and ordinances, as YAHUVEH my ELOHIM has commanded me, to do them, in the midst of the land where you are going in, to possess it,

6and you shall keep and do them, for it shall be your wisdom and your understanding before the eyes of the peoples who hear all these statutes. And they shall say, This great nation is a people wise and understanding.

7For who is a great nation whose ELOHIM is coming near to them, as YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is, in all our calling on Him?

8And who is a great nation whose statutes and judgments are as righteous as all the Torah, which I set before you today?

9Only, be on guard for yourself and keep your soul carefully, that you do not forget the things which your eyes have seen; and that they not depart from your heart all the days of your life. And you shall make them known to your sons, and to your sons’ sons.

10The day that you stood before YAHUVEH your ELOHIM in Horeb, when YAHUVEH said to me, Gather the people to Me, and I will make them hear My Words, that they may learn to fear Me all the days that they live on the earth; and that they may teach their sons.

11And you drew near and stood below the mountain, and the mountain burned with fire to the heart of the heavens, darkness, cloud and thick gloom.

12And YAHUVEH spoke to you out of the midst of the fire; you heard the sound of words, but you did not see a form, only a voice.

13And He declared His covenant to you which He has commanded you to do, the Ten Words; and He wrote them on two tablets of stone.

14And YAHUVEH commanded me at that time to teach you statutes and judgments, for you to do them in the land which you shall pass over to possess it.

15Therefore you shall carefully be on guard for your souls, for you have not seen any likeness in the day YAHUVEH spoke to you in Horeb out of the midst of the fire,

16lest you act corruptly, and make for yourselves a carved image, a likeness of any figure, the shape of a male or female,

17the shape of any animal in the earth; the shape of any winged bird that flies in the heavens;

18the shape of any creeping thing on the ground; the shape of any fish in the waters under the earth;

19and that you not lift up your eyes towards the heavens and shall see the sun, and the moon and the stars, all the host of the heavens, and you be drawn away and worship them, and serve them; which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has allotted to all the peoples under all the heavens.

20And YAHUVEH has taken you, and has brought you forth out of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, to be a people to Him, an inheritance, as it is this day.

21And YAHUVEH was angry with me because of your words, and swore I would not pass over the Jordan, and that I might not go into the good land which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is giving to you as an inheritance.

22For I will not be in this land; I shall not pass over the Jordan. But you shall pass over, and shall possess this good land.

23Be on guard for yourselves, that you not forget the covenant of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, which He has made with you, and make to yourselves a graven image, a likeness of anything which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has forbidden you.

24For YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is a consuming fire; He is a jealous El.

25When you father sons and son’s sons, and you have been long in the land, and have dealt corruptly, and have made a graven image, a likeness of anything, and have done evil in the sight of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, to provoke Him to anger;

26I call the heavens and the earth to witness against you today that you shall soon utterly perish from off the land to which you go over the Jordan to possess it; you shall not prolong your days on it, but shall utterly be destroyed.

27And YAHUVEH shall scatter you among the peoples, and you shall be left few in number among the nations to which YAHUVEH shall lead you away.

28And there you shall serve other gods, the work of man’s hands, wood and stone, which cannot see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.

29And if you shall seek YAHUVEH your ELOHIM from there, then you shall find Him, if you seek Him with your whole heart, and with all your soul,

30in your distress, when all these things have found you, in the latter days, then you shall return to YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, and shall listen to His voice.

31For YAHUVEH your El is a merciful ELOHIM. He will not forsake you, nor destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore to them.

32For ask now of the days past which were before you, since the day that ELOHIM created man on the earth, and from the one end of the heavens to the other end of the heavens, whether there has been a thing as great as this, or has anything like it been heard.

33Has a people heard the voice of ELOHIM speaking from the midst of the fire, as you have heard, and lived?

34Or has ELOHIM gone forth to take to Himself a nation from the midst of a nation, by trials, by signs, and by wonders, and by war, and by a mighty hand, and by a stretched out arm, and by great terrors, according to all that YAHUVEH your ELOHIM did for you in Egypt before your eyes?

35To you it was revealed, so that you might know that YAHUVEH He is The ELOHIM, and nothing exists without Him.

36He made you hear His voice out of the heavens, that He might discipline you; and He made you to see His great fire on earth; and you heard His Word from the midst of the fire.

37And because He loved your fathers, and chose their seed after them, and brought you out with His presence, with His great power, out of Egypt,

38in order to drive out nations greater and mightier than you from before you, to bring you in, to give their land for an inheritance, as it is this day;

39know today, and lay it to your heart, that YAHUVEH, He is The ELOHIM in the heavens above and on the earth beneath. Nothing Else .

40And you shall keep His statutes and His commandments which I am commanding you today, so that it may be well with you, and with your sons after you, and so that you may prolong your days on the earth, which YAHUVEH our ELOHIM is giving to you all the days.

41Then Moses separated three cities beyond the Jordan, toward the sunrising,

42that the manslayer might flee there, he who killed his neighbor unawares, and did not hate him in times before, and that he fleeing to one of these cities might live:

43Bezer in the wilderness, in the tableland, for the Reubenites; and Ramoth in Gilead for the Gadites; and Golan in Bashan for the Manassites.

44And this is the Torah which Moses set before the sons of Israel;

45these are the testimonies and the statutes and the ordinances which Moses spoke to the sons of Israel when they came out of Egypt;

46beyond the Jordan in the valley opposite Beth-Peor, in the land of Sihon the king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon, whom Moses and the sons of Israel struck when they came out of Egypt.

47And they took possession of his land, and the land of Og the king of Bashan, the two kings of the Amorites who were beyond the Jordan, toward the sunrising;

48from Aroer, which is on the edge of the river of Arnon, even to Mount Sion, which is Hermon;

49and all the Arabah beyond the Jordan eastward, even to the sea of the Arabah, under the Slopes of Pisgah.

*~Deuteronomy Chapter 5 ~*

1And Moses called to all Israel and said to them, Hear, Israel, the statutes and the judgments which I speak in your ears today. And you shall learn them, and be on guard to do them.

2YAHUVEH your ELOHIM cut a covenant with us in Horeb.

3YAHUVEH did not cut this covenant with our fathers, but with us, even us, these here today, all of us alive.

4YAHUVEH talked with you face to face in the mountain out of the midst of the fire.

5I stood between YAHUVEH and you at that time to declare to you the Word of YAHUVEH; for you were afraid from the face of the fire, and you did not go up into the mountain, when He spoke, saying:

6I am YAHUVEH your ELOHIM who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery.

7You shall have no other ELOHIM before Me.

8You shall not make a carved image for you, any likeness of anything in the heavens above, or in the earth beneath, and in the waters from under the earth.

9You shall not bow yourself to them nor serve them, for I, YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, am a jealous El, visiting the iniquity of fathers on sons, and on the third, and on the fourth generation of those that hate Me,

10and doing kindness to thousands of those who love Me and keep My commandments.

11You shall not take the name of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM in vain; for YAHUVEH will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

12Observe the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, as YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you.

13Six days you shall labor, and shall do all your work,

14and the seventh day shall be a Sabbath to YAHUVEH your ELOHIM. You shall not do any work, you nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male slave, nor your female slave, nor your ox, nor your donkey, nor any of your livestock, nor your stranger that is within your gates; so that your male slave and your female slave may rest like yourself.

15And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and YAHUVEH your ELOHIM brought you out from there by a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm. On account of this YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you to keep the Sabbath day.

16Honor your father and your mother, as YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you, so that your days may be prolonged, and so that it may be well with you in the land which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is giving to you.

17You shall not commit murder.

18And you shall not commit adultery.

19And you shall not steal.

20And you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

21You shall not lust after your neighbor’s wife; nor shall you covet your neighbor’s house, his field, nor his male slave, nor his female slave, his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything which is your neighbor’s.

22YAHUVEH spoke these Words to all your assembly on the Mount, out of the midst of the fire of the cloud and out of the thick darkness with a great voice. And He added no more; and He wrote them on two tablets of stone, and gave them to me.

23And it happened, when you heard the voice out of the midst of the darkness, while the mountain burned with fire, you came near to me, all the rulers of your tribes, and your elders,

24and you said, Behold! YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has made us see His glory and His greatness to us, and we have heard His voice out of the midst of the fire; we have seen today that ELOHIM speaks with man, and he lives.

25And then why should we die? For this great fire will consume us. If we hear the voice of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM any more, then we shall die.

26For who of all flesh that has heard the voice of the living ELOHIM speaking out of the midst of the fire, as we have, and has lived?

27You go near and hear all that YAHUVEH our ELOHIM may say, and you shall speak to us all that YAHUVEH our ELOHIM may speak to you. And we will hear it and do it.

28And YAHUVEH heard the voice of your words when you spoke to me. And YAHUVEH said to me, I have heard the voice of the words of this people, which they have spoken to you; they have well said all that they have spoken.

29Would that this heart of theirs would be like this always, to fear Me, and to keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them, and with their sons forever.

30Go say to them, Return to your tents.

31But as for you, you stand here by Me, and I will speak to you all the commandments and the statutes and the judgments which you shall teach them, that they may do them in the land which I am giving to them, to possess it.

32And you shall be careful to do as YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you; you shall not turn aside to the right or left.

33You shall walk in all the ways which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you, so that you may live, and that good may be to you, and you may prolong your days in the land which you will possess.

*~ Deuteronomy Chapter 6 ~*

1Now this is the commandment, the statute and the judgments which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM commanded to teach you, to do them in the land to which you are crossing over, to possess it,

2that you might fear YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, to keep all His statutes and His commandments which I command you; you, and your son, and your son’s son, all the days of your life; and that your days may be prolonged.

3Hear, then, O Israel, and take heed to do it, that it may be well with you, that you may increase greatly, as YAHUVEH the ELOHIM of your fathers has promised you, in the land flowing with milk and honey.

4Hear, O Israel, YAHUVEH our ELOHIM is YAHUVEH echad.

5And you shall love YAHUVEH your ELOHIM with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.

6And these Words which I am commanding you today shall be on your heart.

7And you shall diligently teach them to your sons, and shall speak of them as you sit in your house, and as you walk in the way, and as you are lying down, and as you are rising up.

8And you shall bind them for a sign on your hand; and they shall be for frontlets between your eyes.

9And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house, and on your gates.

10And it shall be, when YAHUVEH your ELOHIM shall bring you into the land which He has sworn to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to you great and good cities, which you have not built,

11and houses full of every good thing which you have not filled, and wells dug which you did not dig, vineyards and olive yards which you did not plant; and you shall eat and be satisfied;

12then you shall be on guard that you do not forget YAHUVEH who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves.

13You shall fear YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, and you shall serve Him, and you shall swear by His name.

14You shall not go after other gods, of the ELOHIM of the people who are around you,

15for YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is a jealous ELOHIM in your midst, lest the anger of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM burn against you, and He destroy you from off the face of the earth.

16You shall not test YAHUVEH your ELOHIM as you tested Him in Massah.

17Diligently, you shall keep the commandments of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, and His testimonies, and His statutes which He has commanded you.

18And you shall do the right thing and the good thing in the eyes of YAHUVEH, so that it may be well with you, and that you may go in and possess the good land which YAHUVEH has sworn to your fathers,

19to drive out all your enemies from before you, as YAHUVEH has spoken.

20When your son asks you hereafter, saying, What are the testimonies and the statutes and the judgments which YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has commanded you?

21Then you shall say to your son, We were Pharaoh’s slaves in Egypt, and YAHUVEH brought us out of Egypt with a strong hand.

22And YAHUVEH gave signs and great and grievous wonders on Egypt, on Pharaoh, and on all his household, before our eyes.

23And He has brought us out from there in order to bring us in, to give us the land which He had sworn to our fathers.

24And YAHUVEH commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear YAHUVEH our ELOHIM for our good forever, to keep us alive, as today.

25And it shall be righteousness for us when we take heed to do all this commandment before YAHUVEH our ELOHIM, as He has commanded us.

*~ Deuteronomy Chapter 7 ~*

1When YAHUVEH your ELOHIM shall bring you into the land to which you are going, to possess it, and He casts out many nations from before you, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations larger and mightier than you;

2and when YAHUVEH your ELOHIM shall give them up before you, and you strike them, then you shall utterly destroy them; you shall not cut a covenant with them, nor show mercy to them;

3nor shall you intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughter to his son, nor shall you take his daughter to your son.

4For he will turn your son away from following Me, that they may serve other ELOHIM; and the anger of YAHUVEH will glow against you, and He will destroy you quickly.

5But you shall deal with them in this way: you shall break down their altars, and shatter in pieces their pillars; and you shall cut down their Asherahs; and you will burn their carved images with fire.

6For you are a holy people to YAHUVEH your ELOHIM. YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has chosen you to be His own treasure out of all the people on the face of the earth.

7YAHUVEH did not set His love on you or choose you because you were more in number than any people, for you were the fewest of all peoples.

8But because YAHUVEH loved you, and because He kept the oath which He swore to your fathers, YAHUVEH has caused you to go out with a strong hand, and redeemed you from the house of slaves, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.

9Because of this, know that YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, He is ELOHIM, the faithful El, keeping the covenant and mercy to those who love Him, and to those who keep His commandments, to a thousand generations;

10and repaying to his face those that hate Him, to destroy him; He will not delay, He will repay him who hates Him, to his face.

11And you shall keep the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments which I am commanding you today, to do them.

Prophetic Reading

Isaiah 40:1-26;

*~Isaiah Chapter 40 ~*

1Comfort, O comfort My people, says your ELOHIM.

2Speak lovingly to the heart of Jerusalem; yea, cry to her that her warfare is done, that her iniquity is pardoned; for she has taken from the hand of YAHUVEH double for all her sins.

3The voice of him who cries in the wilderness: Prepare the way of YAHUVEH; make straight in the desert a highway for our ELOHIM.

4Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the knoll shall be a level place, and the rough places a plain.

5And the glory of YAHUVEH shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of YAHUVEH has spoken.

6A voice said, Cry! And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all its grace as the flower of the field!

7The grass withers, the flower fades because the Spirit of YAHUVEH blows on it. Surely the people is grass.

8The grass withers; the flower fades; but the Word of our ELOHIM shall rise forever.

9Go up for yourself on the high mountain, one bearing good news to Zion; lift up your voice with strength, one bearing good news to Jerusalem. Lift up, do not fear. Say to the cities of Judah, Behold! Your ELOHIM!

10Behold, Adonai YAHUVEH will come with strength, and His arm rules for Him. Behold, His reward is with Him, and His wage before Him.

11He shall feed His flock like a shepherd; He shall gather lambs with His arm; and carry them in His bosom; those with young He will lead;

12who has measured in His hand the waters and the heavens by a span meted out; and enclosed in the measure the dust of the earth, and weighed in the balance the mountains, and the hills in the scales,

13who has meted out the Spirit of YAHUVEH, or a man His counsel taught Him?

14With whom did He take counsel, and who trained Him and taught Him in the path of justice; and taught Him knowledge, and made known to Him the way of discernment?

15Lo, nations are as a drop from a bucket, and are reckoned as dust of the scales. Lo, He takes up coasts as a little thing.

16And Lebanon is not enough to burn, nor are its beasts enough for a burnt offering.

17All the nations are as nothing before Him; to Him they are reckoned less than nothing and emptiness.

18And to whom will you liken El? Or what likeness will you array to Him?

19The craftsman pours out the casted image, the smelter spreads it with gold; and he casts the chains of silver.

20He too poor for that offering chooses a tree that will not rot; he seeks a skilled artisan for him, to prepare a carved image that will not be shaken.

21Have you not known? Have you not heard? Was it not told to you from the beginning? Did you not discern from the foundations of the earth?

22He who sits on the circle of the earth, even those living in it are like grasshoppers; He who stretches the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in;

23who brings princes into nothing. He makes judges of the earth as nothing.

24Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they are not sown; yea, their stem is not taking root in the earth. And He shall also blow on them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall lift them up like stubble and take them away.

25To whom then will you compare Me, or am I equaled, says the Holy One?

26Lift up your eyes on high and look: Who has created these? Who brings out their host by number? By greatness of vigor, and might of power, He calls them all by names; not one is lacking.

John 10:1-42;

*~John Chapter 10~*

1Truly, truly I say to you that he who does not enter into the sheepfold of the flock by the gate but climbs up by another place; he is a thief and a robber.

2But the one entering through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep.

3The doorkeeper opens to him, and the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name, and leads them out.

4And when he puts forth his own sheep, he goes in front of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.

5But they will not follow a foreigner, never! But they will flee from him, because they do not know the voice of the strangers.

6YAHUSHUA spoke this parable to them, but they did not know what it was which He spoke to them.

7Then YAHUSHUA again said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you that I am the gate of the sheep.

8All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them.

9I am the gate. If anyone enters through Me, he will have life, and will go in, and will go out, and will find pasture.

10The thief does not come except that he may steal, and kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life and may have it abundantly.

11I am the Good Shepherd! The Good Shepherd lays down His life on behalf of the sheep.

12But the hireling, not even being a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and forsakes the sheep and flees. And the wolf seizes them, and scatters the sheep.

13But the hireling flees because he is a hireling, and there is not a care to him concerning the sheep.

14I am the Good Shepherd, and I know those that are Mine, and I am known by the ones that are Mine.

15Even as the Father knows Me, I also know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep.

16And I also have other sheep, those who were not from this sheepfold. And also them, It is necessary for me to bring them and they will hear my voice and all the flocks will become one. And there will be One Shepherd.

17For this reason My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life, that I may take it up again.

18No man takes it from Me but I lay it down by My own will. For I have authority to lay it down and I have authority to take it up again, for this commandment I have received from my Father.

19Then a division occurred again among the Jews, because of these words.

20And many of them said, He has a demon and is insane. Why do you hear Him?

21Others said, These are not words of one having been possessed by a demon. A demon is not able to open the eyes of blind ones.

22And the Feast of Dedication took place in Jerusalem, and it was winter.

23And YAHUSHUA was walking in the sanctuary, in Solomon’s Porch.

24Then the Jews encircled Him, and said to Him, Until when do You lift up our soul? If You are the Messiah, tell us openly.

25YAHUSHUA answered them, I told you, and you did not believe. The works which I do in the name of My Father, these bear witness about Me.

26But you do not believe for you are not of My sheep, as I said to you.

27My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

28And I give eternal life to them, and they shall not perish forever! And not anyone shall snatch them out of My hand.

29My Father who has given them to Me is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch out of My Father’s hand.

30I and the Father are One !

31Then again the Jews took up stones, that they might stone Him.

32YAHUSHUA answered them, Many pleasing works from the presence of My Father I have shown you. For which of them do you stone Me?

33The Jews answered Him, saying, We do not stone You concerning a good work, but concerning blasphemy; and because You, being a son of man, make Yourself ELOHIM.

34YAHUSHUA answered them, Has it not been written in your Law, “I have told you, you are elohim?”

35If those people He called elohim because the Word of ELOHIM was with them and scripture is not able to be broken.

36To Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world you say, You blaspheme! concerning that I had told you that I am the SON of ELOHIM.

37If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me.

38But if I do, even if you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may perceive and may believe that the Father is in Me, and I in Him.

39Then again they sought to seize Him. And He went forth from their hand.

40And He went away across the Jordan to the place where John was at first baptizing and remained there.

41And many came to Him and said, John indeed did no miraculous sign, but all things that John said concerning this One were true.

42And many believed into Him there.


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