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Emor -Speak

Shabbat Shalom !

Welcome to Emor -Speak, this week’s Parasha (Torah Portion).

Prophecy 111,110,15;

Leviticus 21:1–24:23;

Ezekiel 44:15-31;

James 1:1-18;

New Blood Covenant Prophecies

AMIGHTYWIND YAHUSHUA’S New Blood Covenant Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva Eliyahu) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago (this entire ministry was birthed in 1995, and what he speaks here is of the anointing. I give all praise honor and glory to ABBA YAH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH, for it is their anointing in each page that you read, for it is not by my words, it is by the anointing of the RUAH ha KODESH that I can even hear what YAH speaks). It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

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May 17, 2019

Torah Portion: Priests Will Be Judged By A Stricter Standard Than Others

Prophecy 111: I, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, Grant You A Holy Divorce Decree, For Those Who Need It.

“Beloved Son (or Daughter), as I see you compare your marriage to a woman (or man) marking off time as a prisoner in jail on death row, you grieve ME more than you know. You fear breaking your wedding vows and think divorce is not allowed, but this marriage was not ordained by ME, rather it was ordained by both of thee.

You chose this woman (or man) and asked ME to bless what I did not join together. It was only a matter of time before you both would regret your choices and realize this illusion of a marriage is like the fate of the Titanic boat, it turned out to be another one of satan’s cruel jokes.

Rejoice MY Son (or Daughter) and this know, I AM YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, I AM your ROCK of AGES, your anchor and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will never let you go!

A man (or woman) on death row can be released by the signing of a pardon, by a figure of authority. There is no higher power than “I AM” so by the Authority of Heaven with MY Holy shed Blood I sign this divorce decree, I,YAHUSHUA, your LORD/GOD/MASHIACH now pardon thee! Remember, I promised you life more abundantly and full of MY Glory and I came to set the captives free!

Now, all I ask you to do is put legal action behind MY words. Make it so in the world’s eyes legally and repent of this sin, let it not happen again. Continue to keep your eyes on ME and be a faith water walker and remember what happens if you keep your eyes on the troubled stormy waters in a sea of depression, and hopelessness. It will drown thee if you don’t keep your eyes upon ME.

I have now removed the scales off of your eyes, and undeafened your ears so you can plainly see and hear that the woman (or man) you’re unhappily married to was by your own lustful hand. You are unequally yoked spiritually in various ways. Your spirits and personalities do not complement one another no matter how hard you try. It is all a sham, a lie. It is like trying to get vinegar and oil to mix, no matter how hard you try, it always will separate in the end. Do not look upon this as another failure, instead realize I am blessing you with another new Holy beginning.

The main thing you both have in common are broken pieces of shattered hearts, turmoil and pain, for both of you had an illusion this would be a happy marriage and you would never fail again. You both thought you knew one another, and now neither of you like what spirit you behold in the other. This marriage hasn’t turned out what either thought it should be. That is because Son or Daughter, it wasn’t ordained in Heaven and decreed a blessing by the HOLY TRINITY. So through MY Name, YAHUSHUA MASHIACH your LORD, GOD and SAVIOR, I now take MY blood and apply it to that manmade marriage certificate and say to whom I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, has set free is free indeed. I now grant you this HOLY Divorce decree!

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 05/22/2009

Torah Portion: Our Behavior Must Exemplify Our Relationship With YAH

Prophecy 110 My Sheep Have No Worry Or Fret, For I Beat The Wolves Off!

Shout it loud enough that everyone can plainly see the victory this Ministry has had for 14 years on the internet. In big letters put the date April 10th for that which the enemy said would be destroyed in Indiana the place of the birth pains of this Ministry. On April 10, 2009 has not only lived but flourished worldwide and grown to be 21 years old. This is no man or woman’s victory but this is your ABBA’s victory, your YAHUSHUA’s victory, your beloved RUACH ha KODESH’s victory, your IMMAYAH.

So I want no one having to search for this. I want it right in the enemies face for this is a day of great victory. Elisabeth [Elisheva], when I put you on this internet how few, how few and far between were the women Prophets. You paved the way and I use you to do what has never been done for you Prophesy in Holy Tongues. You can not even conceive the impact this has over the enemy as it is carried all over the airwaves to the four corners of the earth. Your voice full of MY anointing, full of MY power, stored not only in printed matter, not only on computers and cd’s but on ipods, on tape recorders for it is not just the written, it is spoken.

So this day is not only celebrated on earth but it is being celebrated in Heaven. Not only your physical birth but the birth of the Ministry on the internet and on April 10th, 21 years counted by human time. One day in heaven, and it is not afar off, all those that helped you will see the results of the faithfulness of one tiny, tiny little seed that started out as a small beginning. I not only use it now, but it shall be used even in the Great Tribulation and MY truths will continue to set mankind free as they believe.

Now Elisabeth [Elisheva] (Read Elisabeth’s [Elisheva’s] Testimony) you know why the enemy always wanted you to die and when it wasn’t by satan’s hands it was by your own hand you would try. But through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH not only you have the victory but all those who listen and believe.

[MY beloved children], it was all part of MY good plan to bring you when I did for the burden became too heavy for Elisabeth [Elisheva] to carry and if I hadn’t she would’ve given up long ago. (Read Updated- Don’t Give Up And Quit) I did not stop there, I used her to give birth to “YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers” (YDS) and even in that she had a price too pay before I could send the Holy Angels (Read about Elisabeth’s [Elisheva’s] healing by touching Archangel Michael’s wing) her way. Now they (YDS) stand against the forces of evil as they intercede and they pray each and every day at least an hour at a time. These are special holy anointed Prayer Warriors and great, great, great shall their blessings be as long as they remain faithful to ME.

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: Thank you ABBA.

So I place you in a home where next to you in a pasture the sheep roam to remind you I, YAHUSHUA, am your Good Shepherd and as I provide, always remember, as those sheep next to you have no worry or fret, they trust that farmer to led them to the green pasture. So too, I have led you to the green pasture. I protect you. I beat the wolves off or anyone that seeks to do you harm. As those sheep have no worry and the lambs have no worry so you two who live in that home and those who are part of you shall have no worry. It is here MY Beloved that I restoreth your soul as you lay down in MY green pastures and not wander off and try to find your own.

I speak to all of those who allow I,YAHUSHUA, to be your MASHIACH, to be your Good Shepherd. I will protect those that are MINE. To those who look upon this Ministry as a blessing done by MY own hand, the nail pierced hands of your YAHUSHUA, will receive bountiful miracles from ME. If they believed the words that I have spoken forth and they have not been ashamed and they rebuke any retort. They rebuke the lies. They stand firm in what they believe and they do battle against satan the enemy and his servants that are sent.

Anyone that calls this Ministry unholy the true spirit that is within has been exposed and they are not of ME. Yea I say, the Holy Spirit is not in them for you can not call that which is Holy, that which only lifts up the standard of Holiness, warning people to repent before it’s too late, lifting up the Names of your ABBA YAHUVEH, I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH. Anyone who labels this evil truly I tell you this, they have blasphemed and they had better tremble in fear for every word they’ve spoken, I hear. And on judgment day their very words will be spoken again and they will hang their head in shame and if they could they would do it over again in another way.

But remember MY Children, I have not labelled this ‘The Last Chance Ministry’ for nothing. Anyone who has contact with this Ministry come face to face with YAHUVEH and what they do unto you is done as unto HIM. For no man or woman gets the glory for this Ministry, all Praise, Honor and Glory to that which you call the Holy Trinity.

So it’s on this day and it’s on April 5th the anniversary of the first time Elisabeth [Elisheva] that I told you, you are MY Ringmaiden and I do use the words spoken through you to reach this world, to those who want to listen and yea I say, even those who are forced to listen and to those who will listen.

On April 10th, 2009 I want this celebration to be shouted far and wide, 21 as man counts them years and this Ministry is still here and it’s for YAHUVEH’s Praise, Honor and Glory I speak this.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 04/05/2009

Torah Portion: YAH’s Plan Revealed In HIS Appointed Meeting Times

Prophecy 15 It’s One Minute Until Midnight! YAHUSHUA Comes In The Midnight Hour!

Thus saith YAHUVEH, unless this nation humbles itself before ME and all of Heaven and earth, this nation, America that was set apart to bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory, will never win another war again. It’s been only by MY grace thus far, this country has remained free. But now your leaders have gone awhoring after other gods, they have called themselves MINE, yet mock all that is holy. They don’t even lie like evil Pharaoh did.

Your head of state, your president, flaunts all that is holy, even the sanctity of marriage in MY face and leads the country into war that I have not called forth, but will allow for MY wisdom, and council and guidance is not asked for by the leaders. They mock ME with the Supreme Court. This nation says ‘God Bless America’. I will, if only America will again be a blessing to ME.

You are a thorn in MY side America. I am greatly angered, as I have seen what is taught in the schools as your children sit in the dens for the antichrist as evolution is taught and not creation. As one lie after another erases the good the parents that raised up their children In the way of godliness is raped from them. Your children are lying naked and raped. Yet, you do little to protect them. Yes, I am speaking to MY People, not the heathen that doesn’t know any better. Your children are being fed a vocabulary where MY Name is being removed and only used as a curse word. They are being taught unholiness and rebellion against all that is holy.

Why have MY People stood by and been silent? Music that was created for beauty and for healing to the soul and for praise and worship to ME is now being used by hell and satan to lead MY Children away from holiness and instead is putting the spirits of unholiness in them. Are you listening to your children’s music? Do you really think it’s harmless? They have been demonized through music. You have not protected your children; violence and rebellion are pounded in your children daily.

Are you paying attention to the games? Those are inventions from hell. Are you paying attention to the television programs they watch? The horror movies they attend that only hardens their heart to murder and violence. Till at last satan has them see a real murder on the news and they say so what? No big deal! Rebellion against the parents and in America the laws of this land say it’s wrong to spank your children.

Satan is setting it up now by taking the child abuse that is in the minority and saying, “Beware, it will create child abusers if you spank your children.” Read MY Word that cannot lie. Your children are not in rebellion because of discipline, but because of lack of discipline. I created the hindquarters not only for sitting, but also for spanking. The government seeks to raise your children. They are doing it already and you don’t even understand what is happening. Even the schools are teaching them to obey their rules, not YAHUVEH’s rules. Respect the government and the laws of this land are plainly heard in America or you will be punished. Yet with the same voice, it is spoken, “Rebel against holiness.” Young girls have rights to get abortions without the parent’s knowledge. The states have taken your rights away.

The children are handed condoms and told go ahead, have sex without consequences. We won’t tell your parents. Laws are passed to encourage rebellion against what I have taught. Even your own president mocks MY Ten Commandments. Yet do the people care? They only care, how does it affect them. My pastors are afraid to speak up for they can’t afford to lose their tax status. I will show you who to fear, for you will lose your tax status.

You who look down on pastors that I have called, like this one I am now giving this prophecy to. You mock her, for she uses her own money along with others that give love offerings or tithes but has never taken a salary. But she shall have a salary, and MY other ministers who support the ministries out of their own pocket. Never taking, only giving to others, they shall have the blessings, for MY Word says: The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just. I shall take your wealth and give it to those that will use it for MY glory. Not for their own.

I shall bless those that dare stand up in MY Name and rebuke the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Though their flesh cringes, the RUACH ha KODESH rejoices, for they are obeying ME and not man. You pastors who drive the expensive cars bought with the congregation’s money that was to be MY holy tithes. You pastors that live in plush palaces, fit for a king that MY tithe money was spent for. You pastors whom the government pats on the back, who sold out the truth for lies. Don’t you see you have been bribed to remain silent or you will lose your tax-exempt status?

You will lose your tax-exempt status and truly the financial blessings above shall come to an end also. You have been warned! Those that you mock will see you humiliated before the world if you don’t repent today. Give back to ME the tithes and offerings that have been stolen, heaped up for your rainy day. When you hear this, you will know MY conviction and know who this word is for. You are standing before ME and the hands of the clock are at one minute til midnight. I am sickened as holiness is mocked on your television programs. Your children are being taught that homosexuality is another lifestyle. Clinton is going to make this legal for homosexuals not to be discriminated against whether it be a pastor or be a teacher.

Get ready! The onslaught of demonic inspired laws is coming forth. But those that are MINE, you will know what to say and you will do it this time. The President and leaders of this country are about to feel MY all consuming wrath for leading this nation astray. Be not deceived, I am a jealous God! Vengeance is mine saith YAHUVEH! REPENT, it’s one minute until midnight. Then as in the days of old, Exodus 11:4, so it shall be again. Because I sent MY Son to save you as I sent Moses to warn Pharaoh, so I am sending forth this prophet to warn you, to encourage the Bride. Its one minute til midnight. What are you going to do? I have spoken this forth through this handmaiden, Prophet Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu], to warn you.

I am speaking forth this warning to the ones who claim they are leaders of this country. LET MY PEOPLE GO to live holy before ME. Let them worship ME and all I stand for. Leave MY Children alone. Stop persecuting them. Deuteronomy 28 curses are reserved for the disobedient. Exodus 11:4 will be your judgment once again. Turn back to the God of your forefathers once again. Turn back leaders of this nation and become RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) filled leaders of this nation. Rebuke sin and punish unholiness or Pharaoh’s fate shall be yours. LET MY PEOPLE GO, thus saith YAHUVEH!

I am going to prove once again I am not a God to be mocked or ignored. America get ready! World get ready! Enemies of the Gospel of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH get ready. Those that are not MINE will again see a separation between those that worship ME, those that hate ME and all that is holy. You shall see how I will punish the heathen and see with your eyes the way I protect the holy and punish the unholy and all those condoning sin. All your riches will not be able to stop what Almighty God YAHUVEH is going to do.

Remember the plague of rats that descended on the White House? Because I sent MY Prophets and you wouldn’t listen. I sent MY prophecies and you burned them. MOCKING! It shall even be greater than before. Repent before it’s too late. Its one minute until midnight. There is yet time before I take MY Children home with ME and this nation will gnash their teeth in pain for they dared mock the great God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! At Midnight MY wrath will fall. You know not which midnight I send YAHUSHUA, MY beloved Son. Get ready Bride; your blessings are yet to come.

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu 02/02/1998

Torah Reading

Leviticus 21:1–24:23

*~Leviticus Chapter 21 ~*

1And YAHUVEH said to Moses, Speak to the priests, Aaron’s sons, and you shall say to them, None shall be defiled for the dead among his people.

2But for his relative who is near to him, for his mother, and for his father, and for his son, and for his daughter, and for his brother,

3and for his sister, the virgin, who is near to him, who has not been with a man, for her he may be defiled.

4A leader shall not defile himself among his people, to pollute himself;

5they shall not make their heads bald, and they shall not shave the corner of their beard; and they shall not make a cutting in their flesh;

6they are holy to their ELOHIM, and they shall not pollute the name of their ELOHIM. For they offer the fire offerings of YAHUVEH, bread of their ELOHIM, and they are holy.

7They shall not take a woman who is a harlot, or polluted; nor shall they take a woman divorced from her husband; for he is holy to his ELOHIM.

8And you shall sanctify him, for he brings near the bread of your ELOHIM; he is holy to you; for I am holy, YAHUVEH who is sanctifying you.

9And when a daughter of any priest pollutes herself by going whoring, she is polluting her father; she shall be burned with fire.

10And the high priest of his brothers, on whose head the anointing oil is poured, and whose hand is consecrated to put on the garments, his head shall not be bared, nor his garments torn;

11nor shall he come near any dead person; he shall not defile himself for his father or for his mother;

12nor shall he go out from the sanctuary; nor shall he pollute the sanctuary of his ELOHIM. For the crown of the anointing oil of his ELOHIM is on him; I am YAHUVEH.

13And he shall take a wife in her virginity.

14He shall not take a widow, or one divorced, or a polluted one, a harlot, but he shall take a virgin of his own people for a wife;

15and he shall not pollute his seed among his people; for I am YAHUVEH who sanctifies him.

16And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

17Speak to Aaron, saying, No man of your seed throughout their generations shall draw near to offer the bread of his ELOHIM if there is a blemish in him.

18For no man in whom there is a blemish shall draw near, a blind man, or one lame, or disfigured, or deformed;

19or a broken footed man, or a broken handed man,

20or one humpbacked, or a crushed one, or with a spot in his eye, or a scurvy one, or one scabbed, or one with crushed testicles.

21No man of the seed of Aaron the priest in whom there is a blemish shall come near to offer the fire offerings of YAHUVEH; a blemish is in him; he shall not come near to offer the bread of his ELOHIM.

22He shall eat of the bread of his ELOHIM, of the most holy things, and of the holy things.

23But he shall not enter into the veil, and he shall not draw near to the altar; for a blemish is in him; and he shall not pollute My sanctuary; for I am YAHUVEH who sanctifies them.

24And Moses spoke to Aaron, and to his sons, and to all the sons of Israel.

*~ Leviticus Chapter 22 ~*

1And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

2Speak to Aaron, and to his sons, that they set themselves apart from the holy things of the sons of Israel, and that they do not profane My holy name in what they devote to Me; I am YAHUVEH.

3Say to them, Out of all your seed throughout your generations, any man who draws near to the holy things which the sons of Israel set apart to YAHUVEH, and his uncleanness being upon him, that person shall be cut off from before Me; I am YAHUVEH.

4Any man of the seed of Aaron that is leprous or has an issue, he shall not eat of the holy things until he is clean. And he who touches any uncleanness of a person, or a man whose semen has gone out of him;

5or a man who touches any swarming thing which is unclean to him, or touches a man who is unclean to him, by any of his uncleanness,

6the person who touches it shall even be unclean until the evening, and shall not eat of the holy things, but shall bathe his flesh with water.

7And when the sun goes in, he shall be clean, and afterwards he shall eat of the holy things, for it is his food;

8he shall not eat a dead body or torn thing, for it is unclean; I am YAHUVEH.

9And they shall keep My charge, and shall bear no sin for it, that they may not die for it when they pollute it; I am YAHUVEH, who is sanctifying them.

10And no stranger shall eat of the holy things, a tenant of a priest, or a hired servant; these shall not eat of the holy thing.

11And if a priest buys a person, the purchase of his silver, he shall eat of it; also one born in his house, they shall eat of his bread.

12And a priest’s daughter, when she belongs to an alien man, she shall not eat of the heave offering of the holy things.

13But a priest’s daughter, when she is a widow, or divorced, and has no seed, and has turned back to her father’s house, as in her youth, she shall eat of her father’s bread. But no stranger shall eat of it.

14And if a man shall eat of a holy thing through ignorance, then he shall add the fifth part of it, and shall give it to the priest along with the holy thing.

15And they shall not pollute the holy things of the sons of Israel, that which they lift up to YAHUVEH;

16and so cause them to bear the iniquity of the guilt offering in their eating their holy things. For I am YAHUVEH who sanctifies them.

17And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

18Speak to Aaron, and to his sons, and to all the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them, Any man of the house of Israel, or of the aliens in Israel, who brings near his offering, of all his vows, or of all his freewill offerings which they bring near to YAHUVEH for a burnt offering;

19at your own will a male, without blemish, of the oxen, of the sheep, or of the goats may be offered.

20You shall not offer that which has a blemish; for it shall not be accept-able for you.

21And when a man brings near a sacrifice of peace offerings to YAHUVEH, to complete a vow, or for a freewill offering, of the herd or of the flock, it shall be without blemish to be accepted; no blemish shall be in it;

22blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a flow, or scurvy, or scabbed, you shall not bring these near to YAHUVEH; and you shall not make of them a fire offering on the altar to YAHUVEH.

23As to an ox or a sheep deformed, or dwarfed, you shall make it a freewill offering; but it is not acceptable for a vow.

24As to anything bruised, or beaten, or torn, or cut, you shall not bring it near to YAHUVEH; even you shall not do it in your land.

25And you shall not bring near the bread of your ELOHIM from the hand of a son of a stranger, or any of these, for their corruption is in them; they are blemished; they are not acceptable for you.

26And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

27When an ox, or lamb, or goat is born, and when it has been seven days under its mother, then from the eighth day and onward it is acceptable for an offering, a fire offering to YAHUVEH;

28but an ox or sheep, it and its young one, you shall not slaughter in one day.

29And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgiving to YAHUVEH, you shall sacrifice it of your free will;

30it shall be eaten on that day; you shall not leave any of it until morning; I am YAHUVEH.

31And you shall keep My commandments and shall do them; I am YAHUVEH.

32And you shall not profane My holy name, and I shall be counted holy among the sons of Israel; I am YAHUVEH, who is sanctifying you,

33who is bringing you up out of the land of Egypt, to become your ELOHIM; I am YAHUVEH.

*~ Leviticus Chapter 23 ~*

1And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

2Speak to the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them, The set feasts of YAHUVEH which you shall proclaim as holy gatherings, shall be these: These are My appointed feasts:

3Work is to be done six days, and on the seventh day shall be a Sabbath of rest, a holy gathering; you shall do no work; it is a Sabbath to YAHUVEH in all your dwellings.

4These are appointed times of YAHUVEH, holy gatherings which you shall proclaim in their appointed seasons:

5In the first month, on the fourteenth of the month, between the evenings is the Passover to YAHUVEH.

6And on the fifteenth day of this month is the Feast of Unleavened to YAHUVEH; you shall eat unleavened things seven days.

7On the first day you shall have a holy gathering; you shall do no laborious work;

8and you shall bring near a fire offering to YAHUVEH seven days; and the seventh day shall be a holy gathering; you shall do no laborious work.

9And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

10Speak to the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them, When you come in to the land which I am giving to you, and have reaped its harvest, and have brought in the Omer, of the beginning of your harvest, to the priest,

11then he shall wave the Omer before YAHUVEH for your acceptance; on the morrow of the Sabbath the priest shall wave it.

12And you shall prepare a lamb in the day you wave the Omer, one without blemish, a son of a year, for a burnt offering to YAHUVEH.

13And its food offering shall be two tenths part of flour mixed with oil, a fire offering to YAHUVEH, a sweet fragrance; and its drink offering, a fourth of a hin of wine.

14And you shall not eat bread, nor roasted grain, nor fresh ears, until this same day, until you have brought the offering of your ELOHIM; it is a never ending statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings.

15And you shall number to you from the next day after the Sabbath, from the day you bring in the omer of the wave offering; they shall be seven complete Sabbaths;

16to the next day after the seventh Sabbath, you shall number fifty days; and you shall bring near a new food offering to YAHUVEH;

17you shall bring in bread out of your dwellings for a wave offering, two loaves; they shall be of two tenth ephah of flour; they shall be baked with leaven; first-fruits to YAHUVEH

18And besides the bread, you shall offer seven lambs, without blemish, sons of a year, and one bull, a son of the herd, and two rams; they are a burnt offering to YAHUVEH, with their food offering and their drink offerings, a fire offering of soothing fragrance to YAHUVEH.

19And you shall offer one he-goat for a sin offering, and two lambs, sons of a year, for a sacrifice of peace offerings.

20And the priest shall wave them, besides the bread of the first-fruits, a wave offering before YAHUVEH, besides the two lambs; they are holy to YAHUVEH for the priest.

21And you shall make a proclamation on this same day; it is a holy gathering to you. You shall do no laborious work of service. It is a never ending statute in all your dwellings throughout your generations.

22And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not completely reap the corner of your field, nor shall you gather the gleaning of your harvest; you shall leave them for the poor, and for the alien: I am YAHUVEH your ELOHIM.

23And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

24Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, In the seventh month, on the first of the month, a Holy Day Sabbath shall be to you, a memorial acclamation of the resounding of trumpets, a holy gathering.

25You shall do no laborious work and you shall bring a fire offering to YAHUVEH.

26And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses saying,

27Also, on the tenth of this seventh month shall be a day of atonement; there shall be a holy gathering, and you shall humble and weaken your bodies and shall bring a fire offering to YAHUVEH.

28And you shall do no work in this same day, for it is a day of atonement, to atone for you before YAHUVEH your ELOHIM.

29For any person who is not humbled in this same day shall be cut off from his people.

30And any person who does any work in this same day, I shall even cut off that person from the midst of his people.

31You shall do no work; it is a never ending statute throughout your generations, in all your dwellings.

32It is a Sabbath of rest to you, and you shall humble your souls in the ninth of the month at evening; from evening until evening you shall keep your Sabbath.

33And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

34Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, In the fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be a Feast of Booths, seven days to YAHUVEH.

35On the first day shall be a holy gathering; you shall do no laborious work.

36Seven days you shall bring a fire offering to YAHUVEH; on the eighth day you shall have a holy gathering; and you shall bring the fire offering to YAHUVEH; it is a solemn assembly; you shall do no laborious work of service.

37These are the set feasts of YAHUVEH which you shall proclaim, holy gatherings, to bring a fire offering to YAHUVEH, a burnt offering, and a food offering, a sacrifice, and drink offerings, the thing of a day on its own day;

38besides the Sabbaths of YAHUVEH, and besides your gifts, and besides all your vows, and besides all your freewill offerings which you shall give to YAHUVEH.

39Also, in the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather the increase of the land, you shall keep the feast of YAHUVEH seven days; on the first day a Holy Day Sabbath, and on the eighth day a Holy Day Sabbath.

40And you shall take to yourselves on the first day the fruit of majestic trees, palm branches, and boughs of oak trees, and willows of the valley, and shall rejoice before YAHUVEH your ELOHIM seven days.

41And you shall celebrate it a feast to YAHUVEH, seven days in a year, a never ending statute throughout your generations; in the seventh month you shall keep it.

42You shall sit in Sookkuhs for seven days; all who are native in Israel shall sit down in Sookkuhs,

43so that your generations shall know that I caused the sons of Israel to live in Sookkuhs, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt; I am YAHUVEH your ELOHIM.

44And Moses declared the appointed feasts of YAHUVEH to the sons of Israel.

*~ Leviticus Chapter 24 ~*

1And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

2Command the sons of Israel, and they shall bring to you pure olive oil, beaten, for the light, to cause a light to burn continually.

3Outside the veil of the testimony in the tent of meeting, Aaron shall arrange it from evening until morning before YAHUVEH continually, a perpetual statute throughout your generations.

4He shall arrange the lamps on the pure gold Menorah before YAHUVEH continually.

5And you shall take flour, and shall bake twelve cakes with it; two tenths shall be in the one cake.

6And you shall set them in two rows, six on a row on the pure gold table before YAHUVEH.

7And you shall put pure frankincense on the row, and it shall be the bread of a memorial, a fire offering to YAHUVEH.

8On each Sabbath day he shall arrange it before YAHUVEH continually, from the sons of Israel, a never ending covenant.

9And it shall belong to Aaron and to his sons, and they shall eat it in the sanctuary, for it is most holy to him, from the fire offerings of YAHUVEH, a never ending statute.

10And the son of an Israelite woman, and he was a son of an Egyptian man, went out among the sons of Israel. And the son of the woman of Israel and a man of Israel fought together in the camp.

11And the son of the woman of Israel blasphemed the Name of YAHUVEH, and cursed. And they brought him in to Moses; and his mother’s name was Shelomith, the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan.

12And they put him under guard, that it might be declared to them at the mouth of YAHUVEH.

13And YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying,

14Bring out the reviler to the outside of the camp. And all those who heard shall lay their hands on his head, and all the congregation shall stone him.

15And you shall speak to the sons of Israel, saying, When any man curses his ELOHIM, then he shall bear his sin.

16And he who blasphemes the name of YAHUVEH surely shall die. All the congregation shall certainly cast stones at him. As to the alien, so to a native, when he blasphemes the Name, he shall be executed.

17And a man, when he strikes the life from any man, he shall surely be executed.

18And he who smites an animal to death shall make it good, body for body.

19And when a man causes a blemish in his neighbor, as he has done, so it shall be done to him;

20break for break, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. As he has given a blemish to be in a man, so it shall be done to him.

21And he who smites an animal to death shall repay it; and he who smites a man to death shall be put to death.

22One judgment shall be for you whether an alien or a native; for I am YAHUVEH your ELOHIM.

23And Moses spoke to the sons of Israel, and they brought the reviler to the outside of the camp and stoned him with stones. And the sons of Israel did as YAHUVEH had commanded Moses.


Prophetic Reading

Ezekiel 44:15–31

 15 But the priests, the Levites, the sons of Zadok, who kept the charge of My sanctuary when the sons of Israel went astray from Me, they shall come near to Me to minister to Me. And they shall stand before Me to bring near to Me the fat and the blood, declares Adonai YAHUVEH.

16They shall enter into My sanctuary, and they shall come near to My table, to minister to Me. And they shall keep My charge.

17And it shall be when they enter in the gates of the inner court, they shall be clothed with linen garments. And wool shall not come upon them while they minister in the gates of the inner court, and in the house.

18Turbans of bleached linen shall be on their heads, and linen under-garments shall be on their loins. They shall not gird with sweat.

19And when they go out into the outer court, to the outer court to the people, they shall put off their garments by which they ministered and lay them in the holy chambers. And they shall put on other garments, and they shall not sanctify the people with their own garments.

20And they shall not shave their heads, and they shall not send forth long hair; trimming they shall trim their heads.

21And every priest shall not drink wine when they enter into the inner court.

22And they shall not take a widow or a divorcee, for wives for themselves, but they shall only take virgins of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow who is the widow of a priest.

23And they shall teach My people between the holy and the common, and between the unclean and the clean, to make them known.

24And in a dispute, they shall stand to judge, they shall judge it by My judgments. And they shall observe My Torah and My statutes in My appointed feasts, and they shall sanctify My Sabbaths.

25And he shall not come to a dead man, to defile himself; but for father, or for mother, or for a son, or for a daughter, for a brother, or for a sister who has not had a husband, they may defile themselves.

26And after he is cleansed, they shall count seven days for him.

27And in the day he goes into the sanctuary, to the inner court, to minister in the sanctuary, he shall bring his sin offering, declares Adonai YAHUVEH.

28And it shall be to them for an inheritance; I am their inheritance; and you shall not give them possession in Israel; I am their possession.

29They shall eat the food offering and the sin offering and the guilt offering. And every devoted thing in Israel shall be theirs.

30And the first of all the first-fruits of all, and every one of the heave offerings of all, of all your heave offerings, shall be for the priests. And you shall give to the priest the first of your dough, to cause a blessing to rest on your house.

31The priests shall not eat of every corpse and torn thing, of birds, or of beasts.

James 1:1–18


*~James Chapter 1 ~*

1Jacob, a slave of ELOHIM and of the Master YAHUSHUA Messiah, to the twelve tribes in the Diaspora among the nations, greeting:

2My brothers count it all joy when you fall into various trials,

3knowing that the proving of your faith works patience.

4But let patience have its perfective work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

5But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask from ELOHIM, who gives to all freely and with grace, and it will be given to him.

6But let him ask in faith, doubting nothing. For the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, being driven by wind and being tossed;

7for do not let that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Almighty;

8he is a double-souled man, not dependable in all his ways.

9But let the humble brother rejoice because he is exalted;

10and the rich one rejoice in his humiliation, because he will pass away like the flower of the grass.

11For the sun rose with the hot wind and dried up the grass, and its flower fell out, and the beauty of its appearance perished; so also the rich one will fade away in his ways.

12Blessed is the man who endures temptation, because having been approved he will receive the crown of life which YAHUVEH promised to the ones loving Him.

13Let no one being tempted say, I am tempted from ELOHIM. For ELOHIM is not tempted by evil, and He tempts no one.

14But each one is tempted by his own lusts, he covets and is seduced by them.

15Then having conceived lust brings forth sin. And sin being fully formed brings forth death.

16Do not go astray, my beloved brothers,

17every act of good giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Heavenly lights, with whom is no change or shifting shadow.

18It is He who begot us from His own will, by the Word of truth, that we should be the first-fruits of His creatures.


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