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Shabbat Shalom!

Welcome to Parasha DEVARIM/WORDS, this week’s Torah portion.

Deuteronomy 1:1–3:22;

Isaiah 1:1–27; 

Mark 14:12–26;

Torah Reading

Deuteronomy 1:1–3:22;

1 These are the words Moshe spoke to all Isra’el on the far side of the Yarden River, in the desert, in the ‘Aravah, across from Suf, between Pa’ran and Tofel, Lavan, Hatzerot and Di-Zahav. It is eleven days’ journey from Horev to Kadesh-Barnea by way of Mount Se‘ir.

On the first day of the eleventh month of the fortieth year, Moshe spoke to the people of Isra’el, reviewing everything YAHUVEH had ordered him to tell them. This was after he had defeated Sichon, king of the Emori, who lived in Heshbon, and ‘Og, king of Bashan, who lived in ‘Ashtarot, at Edre‘i. There, beyond the Yarden, in the land of Mo’av, Moshe took it upon himself to expound this Torah and said:

YAHUVEH spoke to us in Horev. He said, ‘You have lived long enough by this mountain. Turn, get moving and go to the hill-country of the Emori and all the places near there in the ‘Aravah, the hill-country, the Sh’felah, the Negev and by the seashore — the land of the Kena‘ani, and the L’vanon, as far as the great river, the Euphrates River. I have set the land before you! Go in, and take possession of the land YAHUVEH swore to give to your ancestors Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya‘akov, and their descendants after them.’

“At that time I told you, ‘You are too heavy a burden for me to carry alone. 10 YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has multiplied your numbers, so that there are as many of you today as there are stars in the sky. 11 May YAHUVEH, the ELOHIM of your ancestors, increase you yet a thousandfold and bless you, as he has promised you! (ii) 12 But you are burdensome, bothersome and quarrelsome! How can I bear it by myself alone? 13 Pick for yourselves from each of your tribes men who are wise, understanding and knowledgeable; and I will make them heads over you.’

14 “You answered me, ‘What you have said would be a good thing for us to do.’ 15 So I took the heads of your tribes, men wise and knowledgable, and made them heads over you — leaders in charge of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens, and officers, tribe by tribe. 16 At that time I commissioned your judges, ‘Hear the cases that arise between your brothers; and judge fairly between a man and his brother, and the foreigner who is with him. 17 You are not to show favoritism when judging, but give equal attention to the small and to the great. No matter how a person presents himself, don’t be afraid of him; because the decision is ELOHIM’s. The case that is too hard for you, bring to me and I will hear it.’ 18 I also gave you orders at that time concerning all the things you were to do.

19 “So we left Horev and went through all that vast and fearsome desert which you saw on the way to the hill-country of the Emori, as YAHUVEH our ELOHIM ordered us; and we arrived at Kadesh-Barnea. 20 There I said to you, ‘You have come to the hill-country of the Emori, which YAHUVEH our ELOHIM is giving to us. 21 Look! YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has placed the land before you. Go up, take possession, as YAHUVEH, the ELOHIM of your ancestors, has told you. Don’t be afraid, don’t be dismayed.’

(iii) 22 “You approached me, every one of you, and said, ‘Let’s send men ahead of us to explore the country for us and bring back word concerning what route we should use in going up and what the cities we will encounter are like.’ 23 The idea seemed good to me, so I took twelve of your men, one from each tribe; 24 and they set out, went up into the hills, came to the Eshkol Valley and reconnoitered it. 25 They took some of the produce of the land and brought it down to us; they also brought back word to us — ‘The land YAHUVEH our ELOHIM is giving to us is good.’

26 “But you would not go up. Instead you rebelled against the order of YAHUVEH your ELOHIM; 27 and in your tents you complained, ‘It’s because YAHUVEH hated us that he has brought us out of the land of Egypt, only to hand us over to the Emori to destroy us. 28 What sort of place is it that we’re heading for? Our brothers made our courage fail when they said, “The people are bigger and taller than we are; the cities are great and fortified up to the sky; and finally, we have seen ‘Anakim there.”’

29 “I answered you, ‘Don’t be fearful, don’t be afraid of them. 30 YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, who is going ahead of you, will fight on your behalf, just as he accomplished all those things for you in Egypt before your eyes, 31 and likewise in the desert, where you saw how YAHUVEH your ELOHIM carried you, like a man carries his child, along the entire way you traveled until you arrived at this place. 32 Yet in this matter you don’t trust YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, 33 even though he went ahead of you, seeking out places for you to pitch your tents and showing you which way to go, by fire at night and by a cloud during the day.’

34 YAHUVEH heard what you were saying, became angry and swore, 35 ‘Not a single one of these people, this whole evil generation, will see the good land I swore to give to your ancestors, 36 except Kalev the son of Y’funeh — he will see it; I will give him and his descendants the land he walked on, because he has fully followed YAHUVEH.’

37 “Also, because of you YAHUVEH was angry with me and said, ‘You too will not go in there. 38 Y’hoshua the son of Nun, your assistant — he will go in there. So encourage him, because he will enable Isra’el to take possession of it. (iv) 39 Moreover, your little ones, who you said would be taken as booty, and your children who don’t yet know good from bad — they will go in there; I will give it to them, and they will have possession of it. 40 But as for yourselves, turn around and head into the desert by the road to the Sea of Suf.’

41 “Then you answered me, ‘We have sinned against YAHUVEH. Now we will go up and fight, in accordance with everything YAHUVEH our ELOHIM ordered us.’ And every man among you put on his arms, considering it an easy matter to go up into the hill-country. 42 But YAHUVEH said to me, ‘Tell them, “Don’t go up, and don’t fight, because I am not there with you; if you do, your enemies will defeat you.”’ 43 So I told you, but you wouldn’t listen. Instead, you rebelled against YAHUVEH’s order, took matters into your own hands and went up into the hill-country; 44 where the Emori living in that hill-country came out against you like bees, defeated you in Se‘ir and chased you back all the way to Hormah. 45 You returned and cried before YAHUVEH, but YAHUVEH neither listened to what you said nor paid you any attention. 46 This is why you had to stay in Kadesh as long as you did.

2 “Then we turned and began traveling into the desert along the road to the Sea of Suf, as YAHUVEH had said to me; and we skirted Mount Se‘ir for a long time. (v) Finally YAHUVEH said to me, ‘You have been going around this mountain long enough! Head north, and give this order to the people: “You are to pass through the territory of your kinsmen the descendants of ‘Esav who live in Se‘ir. They will be afraid of you, so be very cautious, and don’t get into disputes with them; for I am not going to give you any of their land, no, not even enough for one foot to stand on; inasmuch as I have given Mount Se‘ir to ‘Esav as his possession. Pay them money for the food you eat, and pay them money for the water you drink. For YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has blessed you in everything your hands have produced. He knows that you have been traveling through this vast desert; these forty years YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has been with you; and you have lacked nothing.’

“So we went on past our kinsmen the descendants of ‘Esav living in Se‘ir, left the road through the ‘Aravah from Eilat and ‘Etzyon-Gever, and turned to pass along the road through the desert of Mo’av. YAHUVEH said to me, ‘Don’t be hostile toward Mo’av or fight with them, because I will not give you any of their land to possess, since I have already given ‘Ar to the descendants of Lot as their territory.’” 10 (The Emim used to live there, a great and numerous people as tall as the ‘Anakim. 11 They are also considered Refa’im, as are the ‘Anakim, but the Mo’avim call them Emim. 12 In Se‘ir the Horim used to live, but the descendants of ‘Esav dispossessed and destroyed them, settling in their place. Isra’el did similarly in the land it came to possess, which YAHUVEH gave to them.) 13 “‘Now get going, and cross Vadi Zered!’

“So we crossed Vadi Zered. 14 The time between our leaving Kadesh-Barnea and our crossing Vadi Zered was thirty-eight years — until the whole generation of men capable of bearing arms had been eliminated from the camp, as YAHUVEH had sworn they would be. 15 Moreover, YAHUVEH’s hand was against them to root them out of the camp until the last of them was gone. 16 When all the men who were able to bear arms had died and were no longer part of the people, 17 YAHUVEH said to me, 18 ‘Today you are to cross the border of Mo’av at ‘Ar. 19 When you approach the descendants of ‘Amon, don’t bother them or fight with them, for I will not give you any of the territory of the people of ‘Amon to possess, since I have given it to the descendants of Lot as their territory.’”

20 (This too is considered a land of the Refa’im: Refa’im, whom the Emori call Zamzumim, used to live there. 21 They were a large, numerous people, as tall as the ‘Anakim; but YAHUVEH destroyed them as the people of ‘Amon advanced and settled in their place — 22 just as he destroyed the Horim as descendants of ‘Esav advanced into Se‘ir and settled in their place, where they live to this day. 23 It was the same with the ‘Avim, who lived in villages as far away as ‘Azah — the Kaftorim, coming from Kaftor, destroyed them and settled in their place.)

24 “‘Get up, get moving, and cross the Arnon Valley! Here, I have put in your hands Sichon the Emori, king of Heshbon, and his land; commence the conquest, begin the battle! 25 Today I will start putting the fear and dread of you into all the peoples under heaven, so that the mere mention of your name will make them quake and tremble before you.’

26 “I sent envoys from the K’demot Desert to Sichon king of Heshbon with a peaceable message, 27 ‘Let me pass through your land. I will keep to the road, turning neither right nor left. 28 You will sell me food to eat for money and give me water to drink for money. I only want to pass through. 29 Do as the people of ‘Esav living in Se‘ir and the Mo’avim living in ‘Ar did with me, until I cross the Yarden into the land YAHUVEH our ELOHIM is giving us.’

30 “But Sichon king of Heshbon would not let us pass through his territory, because YAHUVEH your ELOHIM had hardened his spirit and made him stubborn, so that he could hand him over to you, as is the case today. (vi) 31 YAHUVEH said to me, ‘See, I have begun handing over Sichon and his territory before you; start taking possession of his land.’ 32 Then Sichon came out against us, he and all his people, to fight at Yahatz; 33 and YAHUVEH our ELOHIM handed him over to us, so that we defeated him, his sons and all his people. 34 At that time we captured all his cities and completely destroyed every city — men, women, little ones — we left none of them. 35 As booty for ourselves we took only the cattle, along with the spoil from the cities we had captured. 36 From ‘Aro‘er, on the edge of the Arnon Valley, and from the city in the valley, all the way to Gil‘ad, there was not one city too well fortified for us to capture — YAHUVEH our ELOHIM gave all of them to us. 37 The only land you didn’t approach was that of the descendants of ‘Amon — the region around the Yabok River, the cities in the hills and wherever else YAHUVEH our ELOHIM forbade us to go.

3 “Then we turned and went up the road to Bashan, and ‘Og the king of Bashan came out against us with all his people to fight at Edre‘i. YAHUVEH said to me, ‘Don’t be afraid of him; for I have handed him, all his people and his territory over to you; you will do to him as you did to Sichon king of the Emori, who lived at Heshbon.’ So YAHUVEH our ELOHIM also handed over to us ‘Og the king of Bashan with all his people, and we defeated him until he had no one left. At that time we captured all his cities; there was not one city of theirs that we didn’t capture. There were sixty cities, all the region of Argov, the kingdom of ‘Og in Bashan; all of them fortified cities with high walls, gates and bars — in addition to a great number of unwalled towns. We completely destroyed them, as we did with Sichon king of Heshbon, annihilating every city —men, women and little ones. But we took all the livestock, along with the spoil from the cities, as booty for ourselves.

“At that time we captured the territory of the two kings of the Emori east of the Yarden between the Arnon Valley and Mount Hermon,” the Hermon which the Tzidonim call Siryon and the Emori call S’nir, 10 “all the cities of the plain, all Gil‘ad and all Bashan, as far as Salkhah and Edre‘i, cities of the kingdom of ‘Og in Bashan.” 11 ‘Og king of Bashan was the last survivor of the Refa’im. His bed was made of iron; it is still in Rabbah with the people of ‘Amon. It was nine cubits long and four cubits wide, using the normal cubit [thirteen-and-a-half by six feet].

12 “Of this land that we took possession of then, I assigned to the Re’uveni and the Gadi the territory extending from ‘Aro‘er along the Arnon Valley together with half the hill-country of Gil‘ad, including its cities. 13 The rest of Gil‘ad and all Bashan, the kingdom of ‘Og, I gave to the half-tribe of M’nasheh.”

The whole region of Argov together with all of Bashan form what is called the land of Refa’im. 14 Ya’ir the son of M’nasheh took all the region of Argov, as far as the border with the G’shuri and the Ma‘akhati; he named this whole area, including Bashan, after himself — it remains Havot-Ya’ir to this day.

(vii) 15 “I gave Gil‘ad to Machir; 16 and to the Re’uveni and the Gadi I gave the territory from Gil‘ad to the Arnon Valley, with the middle of the valley as the border, as far as the Yabok River, which is the border with the people of ‘Amon; 17 the ‘Aravah too, the Yarden being its border, from Kinneret to the Sea of the ‘Aravah, the Dead Sea, at the foot of the slopes of Pisgah to the east.

18 “At that time I gave you this order: ‘YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has given you this land to possess. But all of you who are fit to fight must cross over, armed, ahead of your brothers the people of Isra’el. 19 Your wives, your little ones and your livestock — I know you have much livestock — will stay in your cities which I have given you, (Maftir) 20 until YAHUVEH allows your brothers to rest, as he has allowed you; and they too take possession of the land YAHUVEH your ELOHIM is giving them on the west side of the Yarden. At that point you will return, each man to his own possession which I have given you.’

21 “Also at that time I gave this order to Y’hoshua: ‘Your eyes have seen everything that YAHUVEH your ELOHIM has done to these two kings. YAHUVEH will do the same to all the kingdoms you encounter when you cross over. 22 Don’t be afraid of them, because YAHUVEH your ELOHIM will fight on your behalf.’

Prophetic Reading

Isaiah 1:1–27;

1 This is the vision of Yesha‘yahu the son of Amotz, which he saw concerning Y’hudah and Yerushalayim during the days of ‘Uziyahu, Yotam, Achaz and Y’chizkiyahu, kings of Y’hudah:

“Hear, heaven! Listen, earth!
For YAHUVEH is speaking.

“I raised and brought up children,
but they rebelled against me.
An ox knows its owner
and a donkey its master’s stall,
but Isra’el does not know,
my people do not reflect.

“Oh, sinful nation,
a people weighed down by iniquity,
descendants of evildoers,
immoral children!
They have abandoned YAHUVEH,
spurned the Holy One of Isra’el,
turned their backs on him!

“Where should I strike you next,
as you persist in rebelling?
The whole head is sick,
the whole heart diseased.
From the sole of the foot to the head
there is nothing healthy,
only wounds, bruises and festering sores
that haven’t been dressed or bandaged
or softened up with oil.

“Your land is desolate,
your cities are burned to the ground;
foreigners devour your land in your presence;
it’s as desolate as if overwhelmed by floods.
The daughter of Tziyon is left
like a shack in a vineyard,
like a shed in a cucumber field,
like a city under siege.”

If YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot had not left us
a tiny, tiny remnant,
we would have become like S’dom,
we would have resembled ‘Amora.
10 Hear what YAHUVEH says,
you rulers of S’dom!
Listen to ELOHIM’s Torah,
you people of ‘Amora!

11 “Why are all those sacrifices
offered to me?” asks YAHUVEH.
“I’m fed up with burnt offerings of rams
and the fat of fattened animals!
I get no pleasure from the blood
of bulls, lambs and goats!
12 Yes, you come to appear in my presence;
but who asked you to do this,
to trample through my courtyards?
13 Stop bringing worthless grain offerings!
They are like disgusting incense to me!
Rosh-Hodesh, Shabbat, calling convocations —
I can’t stand evil together with your assemblies!
14 Everything in me hates your Rosh-Hodesh
and your festivals;
they are a burden to me —
I’m tired of putting up with them!

15 “When you spread out your hands,
I will hide my eyes from you;
no matter how much you pray,
I won’t be listening;
because your hands are covered with blood.

16 “Wash yourselves clean!
Get your evil deeds out of my sight!
Stop doing evil, 17 learn to do good!
Seek justice, relieve the oppressed,
defend orphans, plead for the widow.

18 “Come now,” says YAHUVEH,
“let’s talk this over together.
Even if your sins are like scarlet,
they will be white as snow;
even if they are red as crimson,
they will be like wool.
19 If you are willing and obedient,
you will eat the good of the land;
20 but if you refuse and rebel,
you will be eaten by the sword”;
for the mouth of YAHUVEH has spoken.

21 How the faithful city has become a whore!
Once she was filled with justice,
righteousness lodged in her;
but now murderers!
22 Your silver is no longer pure,
your wine is watered down.
23 Your leaders are rebels, friends of thieves.
They all love bribes and run after gifts.
They give no justice to orphans,
the widow’s complaint doesn’t catch their attention.

24 “Therefore,” says the Lord, YAHUVEHTzva’ot,
the Mighty One of Isra’el,
“I will free myself of my adversaries,
I will take vengeance on my enemies.
25 But I will also turn my hand against you!
I will cleanse your impurities as with lye
and remove all your alloyed base metal.
26 I will restore your judges as at first
and your advisers as at the beginning.
After that, you will be called
the City of Righteousness, Faithful City.
27 Tziyon will be redeemed by justice;
and those in her who repent, by righteousness.

Mark 14:12–26;

12 On the first day for matzah, when they slaughtered the lamb for Pesach, YAHUSHUA’s talmidim asked him, “Where do you want us to go and prepare your Seder?” 13 He sent two of his talmidim with these instructions: “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him; 14 and whichever house he enters, tell him that the Rabbi says, ‘Where is the guest room for me, where I am to eat the Pesach meal with my talmidim?’ 15 He will show you a large room upstairs, furnished and ready. Make the preparations there.” 16 The talmidim went off, came to the city and found things just as he had told them they would be; and they prepared the Seder.

17 When evening came, YAHUSHUA arrived with the Twelve. 18 As they were reclining and eating, YAHUSHUA said, “Yes! I tell you that one of you is going to betray me.” 19 They became upset and began asking him, one after the other, “You don’t mean me, do you?” 20 “It’s one of the Twelve,” he said to them, “someone dipping matzah in the dish with me. 21 For the SON OF ELOHIM will die, just as the Tanakh says he will; but woe to that man by whom the SON OF ELOHIM is betrayed! It would have been better for him had he never been born!”

22 While they were eating, YAHUSHUA took a piece of matzah, made the b’rakhah, broke it, gave it to them and said, “Take it! This is my body.” 23 Also he took a cup of wine, made the b’rakhah, and gave it to them; and they all drank. 24 He said to them, “This is my blood, which ratifies the New Covenant, my blood shed on behalf of many people. 25 Yes! I tell you, I will not drink this ‘fruit of the vine’ again until the day I drink new wine in the Kingdom of ELOHIM.”

26 After singing the Hallel, they went out to the Mount of Olives.


AmightyWind Prophecies

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

July 20, 2018


Torah Portion: Facing The Consequences of Sin

Prophecy 138 Male Masturbation- Repent Before YAH!

Enough with apologies, Elisheva, just because I use your mouth and your voice. These sons are going to know this is not the mother speaking. This is I YAHUVEH SPEAKING! BE YE HOLY AS I AM HOLY!


MY beloved sons—I speak to the singles ones; I speak to ones who masturbate behind their wives’ back, the ones who have done porn and masturbated when they have a lovely wife at home—walk in MY Holiness!


MY beloved sons, how many of you relieve yourself even in what you call “wet dreams”? How many of you dream about having sex with women and relieve yourself? Know you not this is not from Heaven?3


Listen to Ezra. He will not lead you astray. He knows right from wrong. He is a male like you.


When you’re overcome with temptation—and you awake with erections—you can control this with your mind. Pick up the Scriptures and read. Get your mind off your body. Train it. Those of you who are praying for soul mates, never let that4 enter into your mind. Then you wonder why you struggle with lust of the flesh.


When you come together with a wife, know you not how I will bless you? For you waited for her. You controlled the lust of the flesh.


And when you have these dreams you’re too ashamed to tell. They are not sent from Heaven but they are sent from hell. And there has been a door that has been opened and so many of you it was porn, [at] whatever age. And even now you look at images of women on an Internet page, how many of you imagine yourself with that woman? A jezebel from hell.


Repent for this!


Get control of your mind. I guarantee you this: You start reading Scriptures and you start praying, you start rebuking that lust of the flesh and it will get easier and easier. Be ye Holy as I AM Holy!


When you wake up—[ Elisheva whispers: ] I [can’t] believe I’m doing this—[Prophecy continues:] and you’ve had the kind of dreams where you felt relieved: know you not that it was a demoness that visited you in the night?


Everyone speaks of demons, no one speaks of demonesses. They come as a succubus. Beware what you listen to.


I have told Elisheva to lay the mother aside so remember these Words are coming from I YAHUVEH. For she keeps saying she doesn’t want to talk like this but it is not her, it is I.


I want you to repent and I want you to stop doing this. I don’t want you—no longer!—to think the leadership teaches this.


And to the married ones, the married men, I will speak to you at another time. For a couple, together, must have special Word from ME.5 Just remember this, even those who are married you also struggled with this. You have allowed your flesh to do what it wants to do and you have not let the SPIRIT get control of your flesh at these times for you did not call out to ME.


All of you are young men. All of you have raging hormones. Some of you just want to marry to release these hormones but I tell you if you do, this will not be called love and that marriage will not be blessed.


So before Yom Kippur, you will be given this Word and your mom and your dad are in unison in this. And they prayed and they discussed a subject that was the hardest yet. For your mom has trouble separating the Prophet that speaks, but it is for your own good. [What] if someone doesn’t tell you it’s wrong? Does not a parent teach you right from wrong? And now you’ve heard it this day.


The advice that Paul Hellem gave, opened the door even further to the spirit of lust. And do not blame Elisheva. She did not even have the email passwords. And Kathrynyah can verify this. It was at the time her health was the most critical on that Sabbatical leave. Words were written that she had no idea of. And he didn’t just do it to you. There were others who had written and asked for sexual advice and Elisheva will never know what was written and signed by her name. And she did not have any part of it.


Now remember MY sons before you [could] say you didn’t know but now you’ll have no excuse. When this happens and you are at home, have that Bible nearby when your body tries to overrule your mind and ask ME for a Scripture. Rebuke satan!


Remember, and this is I YAHUSHUA, if you are still on this earth at this time I have a very special woman waiting for you. So do not succumb to the lust of the flesh now. Learn what Dad Ezra and Elisheva is learning: I still gave them the instructions that the body is always last. Two meetings and joining of a body does not mean a marriage will last. So focus on that which is spiritual. For the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Mt 26:14; Mk 14:38).


MY sons I promise you it will get easier if you just take the first step of obedience. And you have a Dad Ezra who will understand and pray for you.


And I speak to the married ones. There is never an excuse for you to masturbate in secret. That’s why I gave you a wife for you to fulfill one another’s needs. Repent when you have done this.


Keep your eyes focused on ME, I YAHUSHUA. Keep your eyes focused on the jobs that I have given you. And slam that door of lust shut! When things happen to you in the night, quickly repent in the morning. This is the advice I have to give to you because I love you so much and so do these two parents who I have ordained, I have appointed, I have chosen to teach you right from wrong.


And it is IMMAYAH that convicts. How many of you that are listening will confess to Dad Ezra—will even confess before the other men so they do not feel alone?


Remember satan wants your soul and he wants you to marry in haste but do not listen to this. Remember the Bride of YAHUSHUA want to be more Holy. That’s what you’re all striving to do.

Torah Portion: Moses Prepares The Nation For Change

Prophecy 135 Circumcision And the Abrahamic Covenant

Just be at peace MY children. For you are in the palm of MY Hand. You are under the shelter of MY Wings. All of these young men are circumcised in the heart and now they want to follow and make a new covenant with ME as Abraham did (Gn 17:3-14). Why, why, why, would I allow anything to go wrong? For your hands are anointed Ezra.


Oh MY son Ezra! I shall bless everything your hand touches—every instrument that you use, pray a blessing upon it. Remind each son that YAH is pleased with them. For they prove their love in another way as they come under another covenant, a new covenant for they already have the BLOOD COVENANT OF YAHUSHUA. Ezra you will make the video and it is as you have said, you were there as a father, the spiritual father, the head of the Ministry to be with your sons before they entered into surgery. And just like they follow with the head covering, look how they are already following with the circumcision.


You just speak in words that they can understand Ezra. Make it simple enough that a child can understand. For these are the rules that I have [always] given Elisheva.


And Ezra when you make this circumcision video, you let all those who are listening, who could not be there for you to lay hands on them and give them this special spiritual father blessing—to know this: As they obey ME and enter into this Abraham Covenant it is as if they were standing there [with you].


Encourage them to write the Ministry. For all those who are circumcised in heart and circumcised now in flesh, under the NEW BLOOD COVENANT OF YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH’S Abraham Covenant, this is a double blessing—to all the men who will receive, this has a double Anointing also!


Ezra, you are not saying circumcision saves anyone. For those enemies who will attack and say that you are saying this. This is not true. You will always teach that only under the NAME & BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA is the remission, forgiveness for sins. But the Abraham Covenant, is taking it a step further, is saying “I want to do all that YOU have commanded for me to do ABBA YAHUVEH,” as the young men and the old men speak, who belong to ME.


Only this: I AM going to send forth MY children—some who don’t even know yet they’re MY children—from the four corners of the earth to hear of this Ministry; If it be either by word of mouth, social media or by computer, I tell you this, they shall come! And now they have already come in 34 different languages.


You please ME Ezra and when you return you shall teach on circumcision, Genesis 17:1-27, and one by one the children who are not really children but young men [will also]—for it will be the other young men who will follow their example with their testimony—after they are healed and they explain the reason why they wanted to be under the Abrahamic Covenant. And you Ezra will do a teaching on it, as I said. And Adam’s video shall also be there. For people just do not understand why it is necessary when they’re already under the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA.


Then [after your salvation] came the circumcision of the flesh in obedience to MY Laws so you could be under the Abraham Covenant (Gn 17:1-27). You sacrificed your flesh—you were willing to go through the pain that is but temporary. And even when you see the blood: Remember this is not just Abraham’s Covenant, but this is a reminder of the BLOOD that was shed for you at Calvary by YAHUSHUA MASHIACH.


MY beloved son Ezra, I say well done! I AM so pleased with you for teaching about the Abraham Covenant.


I’m so pleased with you. For now they all will walk in a new Anointing. They were willing to suffer the pain of the flesh to obey the SPIRIT and I AM so pleased with them. This goes for everyone who has followed the example of one another—as you led the way and with the teaching.


Now you must teach everyone at AmightyWind Ministry.


Again each one of the children shall walk in a stronger Anointing than [before]—the ones that you have there now recently circumcised and that again goes for all, all, all who are newly getting circumcised.


Torah Portion: YAHUVEH Prepares the People For Redemption

Prophecy 62 The King Is Coming!


Tell the people, shout it from one end of the earth to the other, MY SON IS COMING, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Tell them, MY Children, repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, fall on your faces on this Yom Kippur day. Fall on your faces in the Spiritual realm; see yourselves flat on your faces, for the King is coming!


Let the world mock. Let the Pharisees mock. It will not stop for the KING IS COMING! He’s not coming for those who think they are not sinners, who think they are so righteous, that they do not even have to repent. HE’s coming for HIS Children, for the Bride that desires to obey. HE’s coming for the warriors who war in HIS Holy Name. He’s coming for those who humbly admit all have fallen short of MY glory.


Just be ready, MY Children. It doesn’t matter if you know the day or hour. What Bride doesn’t know when her Bridegroom approaches? What Bride doesn’t prepare herself in advance? MY true Bride are hearing MY voice. They are preparing themselves. They are desiring and seeking Holiness. They abhor the yeast of the Pharisees.


Hide yourself MY Children for yet just a little while. For all of Heaven rages, and against satan and his demons war rages. It is waged, for the King is coming! The Earth quakes and shutters in fear in various parts of the world. You are seeing floods, these are MY tears. Remember when the floods came in the time of Noah. Remember how he was mocked and they mocked up until the time the rains came. But I told MY Children Noah and his family to get in the ark and bolt the door, and when the floods came, the ungodly ones pounded on that door. Then they wanted in, then they believed who I am, but it was too late for them and the floods swallowed them.


Such it will be again. Those that stand in MY Son’s righteousness, those that have anointed their homes, those that hide in MY Word, those that strive to obey, those that love and serve and put ME first, those that know the treasures of this earth will not be what they can take to their Heavenly home. In this world they realize thieves break in. Moth and rust does corrupt that which you think is a treasure on earth you cannot take with you when you leave this earth.


Instead MY true Children, instead MY true Bride build up their Heavenly treasures where moth and rust and thieves cannot corrupt. Thieves cannot steal your treasures in Heaven. So many go in lack, but they do it for MY sake, forsaking luxuries so souls can be saved. These are MY beloved; these are MY true treasures on earth. Those that cry out in MY Son’s Name, in the Name of YAHUSHUA and pray so many times a day they cannot even begin to count, These are MY Children, these are the ones the King is coming for.


YAHUSHUA is on the way, the KING IS COMING! HE is your atonement for sin. He is the perfect Lamb that was sacrificed. No spot, no blemish, no sin was found in HIM. HE paid for this world, HE was ransomed for this world for all those that can believe and receive the Blood that was shed at Calvary. He paid the atonement for your sin. HE is your High Priest. For those Jews that deny Him, for the Muslims that deny Him. They acknowledge Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but they will not accept HIM as MESSIAH, when it comes to the Name YAHUSHUA.


Then they will be judged by the laws of Moses and they had better have not broken one commandment. How many find it hard to obey ten. Try 613. Why do you think I gave you a High Priest who will be touched by your infirmities and weaknesses? For MY desire is that none will perish. But for those who insist to be judged by Moses, then Moses will judge them and woe unto those that are judged by Moses for there is no mercy in him.


So in these ten days of awe, rejoice for those who know YAHUSHUA as Lord, rejoice that HE is your MESSIAH, your Deliverer, your Healer, the One that I Bless you with when you call out to ME in HIS Name. For I, YAHUVEH, am glorified through MY Son YAHUSHUA and YAHUSHUA is glorified by HIS Father YAHUVEH. And I take great delight in protecting MY Children and confounding the enemy in many different ways.




This Shabbat precedes Tisha B’Av, which begins Saturday night.  It is considered the saddest Shabbat of the year.


It is also called Shabbat Chazon (שבת חזון—Sabbath of Vision), which is taken from the special Haftarah (prophetic portion) that is read prior to Tisha B’Av, in which Isaiah laments the sin that will cause the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.




Deuteronomy 1:1–3:22; 

Isaiah 1:1–27; 

Mark 14:12–26;


“These are the words /devarim which Moses spoke to all Israel on this side of the Jordan in the wilderness.”  (Deuteronomy 1:1)


Last week, the readings in the Book of Bamidbar (Numbers) concluded with the double Torah portion of Matot–Masei.


This week, we begin the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy), with the Torah portion that is also called Devarim.  In this portion, Moses retells the wilderness saga and reviews with all the people everything that YAHUVEH had ordered them.


He begins with YAH’s directive at Horeb to get moving and take the Promised Land, which extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River, including the lands of Ammon, Moab, and Edom.


It is possible that the people were quite content not to move forward once they had received the Ten Commandments at Horeb (another name for Mount Sinai).  They were no longer under bondage, and the easiest thing to do would be to stay there.


Change can be difficult.  It takes effort to cope with a new situation.  But life is a journey.  We are not meant to stand still and stagnate.  We are meant to move forward.



Facing the Consequences of Sin


“Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account.  Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.”  (Hebrews 13:17)


In this Parasha, Moses reminds the new generation that before the Israelites left Horeb, he had to create a system of leaders in charge of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens because their quarrelsome nature has been such a heavy burden.


These leaders were commissioned to judge cases and disputes fairly, showing no favoritism.


After this, they moved on.  When they reached Kadesh-Barnea, Moses told them: “Look, YAHUVEH your GOD has placed the land before you.  Go up, take possession, as YAHUVEH, the GOD of your ancestors, has told you.  Don’t be afraid, don’t be dismayed.”  (Deuteronomy 1:21)


But the idea of representative leadership seems to have taken hold, and the people approached Moses asking that scouts go ahead of them to find the best way into the Land.  Moses appointed one man from every tribe.


Each representative came back saying that the Land was bountiful; however, 10 scouts said the inhabitants were bigger and stronger than the Israelites.  The implication was that YAH was not big or strong or faithful or real enough to defeat them.  The Israelites chose to believe the faithless majority, instead of the two faith-filled spies.


Believing the majority report was contrary to everything that they had witnessed and experienced.  YAHUVEH had moved powerfully and miraculously on their behalf both in Egypt and in the desert.


Not only that, HE had proven HIMSELF by going ahead of them and charting the way they should go.  They only had to follow.  There was no reason to think that YAHUVEH would bring them to the edge of the Promised Land only to desert them and leave them to their own devices.



In this Parasha, Moses reminds the new generation of the devastating consequences for their parent’s lack of faith: the entire generation died in the desert, as would he.


Moses also reminds them that when their parents knew they had sinned by listening to the 10 spies, and understood the consequences of their sin, they tried to “make it right” by fighting the enemy in their own strength.


Subsequently, they suffered a terrible defeat.


Moses seems to be teaching that the majority doesn’t always know what is best, and sometimes following the majority can have unforeseen, tragic consequences.  It is far too easy to get pulled along by the crowd.


We also understand that although YAHUVEH forgives us when we repent for not following HIM, we cannot escape the consequences of our actions.


YAHUVEH will not desert us, but there will be changes that we have to live with and accept.




Moses Prepares the Nation for Change


In Parasha Devarim, we see that Moses is giving his parting words.  In less than 40 days, he will die.


Moses will not be crossing the Jordan with the Israelites.  So, he takes this opportunity to point the people toward YAHUVEH and impress on this new generation the importance of heeding HIS instructions.


As they move forward, he wants them to be aware of their tendency to get into trouble, but self-examination will help them bear fruit.


He also wants them to remember that their strength is in YAHUVEH HIMSELF.  It is YAHUVEH whom they will follow as they cross the Jordan to take the Land.


In that Land, they will experience a drastic lifestyle change.  They will no longer journey through the wilderness under His leadership, but will live in an abundant land under Joshua’s leadership.


He wants the people to internalize the message that despite their disobedience and grumblings, YAHUVEH had carried them throughout their 40-year journey through the wilderness the way a father carries his children.


“YAHUVEH your GOD, who is going before you, will fight for you, as HE did for you in Egypt, before your very eyes, and in the wilderness.  There you saw how YAHUVEH your GOD carried you, as a father carries HIS son, all the way you went until you reached this place.”  (Deuteronomy 1:30–31)


Although they will experience a change that will require great effort on their part, YAHUVEH will be with them.


Likewise, when YAHUVEH ordains a season of change for us, we can trust HIM and confidently move forward.




Isaiah Chastises the People


This week’s Haftarah (Prophetic) reading is the last in a series of three Haftarot of Affliction, which are read during the Three Weeks of mourning between 17 Tammuz and 9 Av.


In this Haftarah, Isaiah chastises the people for their rebellion against YAHUVEH.  Despite having been repeatedly reprimanded and punished while in the Promised Land, they have continued on with their sinful ways.  Isaiah even calls their leaders “rulers of Sodom.”


In fact, the people have become so sinful that YAHUVEH no longer delights in their sacrifices and holy day observances.  There is no problem with the actual sacrifices or observances, however. YAHUVEH ordained them.


The problem is a people whose hearts are far from HIM and are just going through the motions as though that is what makes them holy.


YAHUVEH actually requires us to bring our sacrifices and offerings to HIM in holiness, with a heart that seeks HIM first, so HE expresses HIS displeasure:


“Stop bringing meaningless offerings!  Your incense is detestable to ME.  New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations — I cannot bear your worthless assemblies.” (Isaiah 1:13)


In this portion, we learn that while they are going through the motions of required observances, their hearts follow after pagan practices and idolatry.


Coupled with this hypocritical admixture of the law of Moses and the ways of the world are selfishness, cruelty, and the perversion of justice.  Isaiah calls them “partners with thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts.  They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow’s case does not come before them.”  (Isaiah 1:23)


While these sins, if not repented for, will result in the destruction of the Temple, YAHUVEH does not leave Israel only with words of reprimand: He encourages the people to repent and turn to Him by performing just acts and showing kindness to the widows, orphans, and the needy.




YAHUVEH Prepares the People for Redemption


This Haftarah portion contains a very precious promise that points to our redemption in the Messiah:


“‘Come now, let us settle the matter,’ says YAHUVEH.  ‘Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.’”  (Isaiah 1:18)


This precious promise of renewed intimacy finds its ultimate fulfillment in YAHUSHUA and the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant) that HE ratified with HIS own blood.


“It was YAHUVEH’s will to crush Him and cause Him to suffer, and though YAHUVEH makes His life an offering for sin.”  (Isaiah 53:10)


At that time, a cleansed people would wholeheartedly follow YAHUVEH, and their hearts and minds would be supernaturally filled with the knowledge of ELOHIM.


“‘After that time,’ declares YAHUVEH.  ‘I will put MY TORAH in their minds and write it on their hearts.  I will be their ELOHIM, and they will be MY people.  No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know YAHUVEH,’ because they will all know ME, from the least of them to the greatest,” declares YAHUVEH.  ‘For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.’”  (Jeremiah 31:33–34)



On Shabbat Chazon, as we prepare for Tisha B’Av, we remember that the First Temple was destroyed on Tisha B’Av because of idolatry and wickedness, and the Second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred among Jews and especially, of YAHUSHUA.


But that is not the end of the story.  YAHUSHUA will return to Israel when another Temple is built and there is a national turning to HIM, as the Prophet Zechariah foretells.


“And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication.  They will look on Me, the one they have pierced, and they will mourn for HIM as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for HIM as one grieves for a firstborn son.”  (Zechariah 12:10)


Oh how we look forward to this wonderful day of grace and changed hearts!




These Last Days are a season of change.  


YAHUVEH is moving among His people to physically and spiritually restore them.  You can be part of this end-time move of YAH by contributing to our work among the Jewish People.


“Hear the word of YAHUVEH, you nations; proclaim it in distant coastlands:  ‘He who scattered Israel will gather them and will watch over HIS flock like a shepherd.”  (Jeremiah 31:10)



“You will again have compassion on us; You will tread our sins underfoot and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea.”  (Micah 7:19)