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Behaalotecha /When You Raise

Shabbat Shalom!

Welcome to Parasha Behaalotecha /When You Raise, this week’s Torah portion.


Torah Reading

Numbers 8:1–12:16;

8 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, 2 “Tell Aharon, ‘When you set up the lamps, the seven lamps are to cast their light forward, in front of the menorah.’” 3 Aharon did this: he lit its lamps so as to give light in front of the menorah, as YAHUVEH had ordered Moshe. 4 Here is how the menorah was made: it was hammered gold from its base to its flowers, hammered work, following the pattern YAHUVEH had shown Moshe. This is how he made the menorah.

5 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, 6 “Take the L’vi’im from among the people of Isra’el and cleanse them. 7 Here is how you are to cleanse them: sprinkle the purification water on them, have them shave their whole body with a razor, and have them wash their clothes and cleanse themselves. 8 Then they are to take a young bull with its grain offering, which is to be fine flour mixed with olive oil; while you take another bull for a sin offering. 9 You are to present the L’vi’im in front of the tent of meeting, and assemble the entire community of the people of Isra’el. 10 You will present the L’vi’im before YAHUVEH, the people of Isra’el will lay their hands on the L’vi’im, 11 and Aharon will offer the L’vi’im before YAHUVEH as a wave offering from the people of Isra’el, so that they may do YAHUVEH’s service. 12 The L’vi’im will lay their hands on the heads of the bulls; the one you will offer as a sin offering and the other as a burnt offering to YAHUVEH to make atonement for the L’vi’im. 13 You are to place the L’vi’im before Aharon and his sons, and offer them as a wave offering to YAHUVEH. 14 In this way you will separate the L’vi’im from the people of Isra’el, and the L’vi’im will belong to me.

(ii) 15 “After that, the L’vi’im will enter and do the service of the tent of meeting. You will cleanse them and offer them as a wave offering, 16 because they are entirely given to me from among the people of Isra’el; I have taken them for myself in place of all those who come first out of the womb, that is, the firstborn males of the people of Isra’el. 17 For all the firstborn among the people of Isra’el are mine, both humans and animals; on the day I struck all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, I set them apart for myself. 18 But I have taken the L’vi’im in place of all the firstborn among the people of Isra’el, 19 and I have given the L’vi’im to Aharon and his sons from among the people of Isra’el to do the service of the people of Isra’el in the tent of meeting and to make atonement for the people of Isra’el, so that no plague will fall on the people of Isra’el in consequence of their coming too close to the sanctuary.”

20 This is what Moshe, Aharon and all the community of the people of Isra’el did to the L’vi’im. The people of Isra’el acted in accordance with everything that YAHUVEH had ordered Moshe in regard to the L’vi’im. 21 The L’vi’im purified themselves and washed their clothes. Then Aharon offered them as a holy gift before YAHUVEH and made atonement for them in order to cleanse them. 22 After that, the L’vi’im came to do their service in the tent of meeting in front of Aharon and his sons; they acted in accordance with YAHUVEH’s orders to Moshe in regard to the L’vi’im.

23 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, 24 “Here are instructions concerning the L’vi’im: when they reach the age of twenty-five, they are to begin performing their duties serving in the tent of meeting; 25 and when they reach the age of fifty, they are to stop performing this work and not serve any longer. 26 They will assist their brothers who are performing their duties in the tent of meeting, but they themselves will not do any of the work. This is what you are to do with the L’vi’im in regard to their duties.”

9 (iii) YAHUVEH spoke to Moshe in the Sinai Desert in the first month of the second year after they had left the land of Egypt; he said, 2 “Let the people of Isra’el observe Pesach at its designated time. 3 On the fourteenth day of this month, at dusk, you are to observe it — at its designated time. You are to observe it according to all its regulations and rules.” 4 Moshe told the people of Isra’el to observe Pesach. 5 So they observed Pesach at dusk on the fourteenth day of the month in the Sinai Desert; the people of Isra’el acted in accordance with all that YAHUVEH had ordered Moshe.

6 But there were certain people who had become unclean because of someone’s corpse, so that they could not observe Pesach on that day. So they came before Moshe and Aharon that day 7 and said to him, “We are unclean because of someone’s corpse; but why must we be kept from bringing the offering for YAHUVEH at the time designated for the people of Isra’el?” 8 Moshe answered them, “Wait, so that I can hear what YAHUVEH will order concerning you.” 9 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, 10 “Tell the people of Isra’el, ‘If any of you now or in future generations is unclean because of a corpse, or if he is on a trip abroad, nevertheless he is to observe Pesach. 11 But he will observe it in the second month on the fourteenth day at dusk. They are to eat it with matzah and maror, 12 they are to leave none of it until morning, and they are not to break any of its bones — they are to observe it according to all the regulations of Pesach. 13 But the person who is clean and not on a trip who fails to observe Pesach will be cut off from his people; because he did not bring the offering for YAHUVEH at its designated time, that person will bear the consequences of his sin. 14 If a foreigner is staying with you and wants to observe Pesach for YAHUVEH, he is to do it according to the regulations and rules of Pesach — you are to have the same law for the foreigner as for the citizen of the land.’”

(iv) 15 On the day the tabernacle was put up, the cloud covered the tabernacle, that is, the tent of the testimony; and in the evening, over the tabernacle was what appeared to be fire, which remained until morning. 16 So the cloud always covered it, and it looked like fire at night. 17 Whenever the cloud was taken up from above the tent, the people of Isra’el continued their travels; and they camped wherever the cloud stopped. 18 At the order of YAHUVEH, the people of Isra’el traveled; at the order of YAHUVEH, they camped; and as long as the cloud stayed over the tabernacle, they stayed in camp. 19 Even when the cloud remained on the tabernacle for a long time, the people of Isra’el did what YAHUVEH had charged them to do and did not travel. 20 Sometimes the cloud was a few days over the tabernacle; according to YAHUVEH’s order, they remained in camp; and according to YAHUVEH’s order, they traveled. 21 Sometimes the cloud was there only from evening until morning; so that when the cloud was taken up in the morning, they traveled. Or even if it continued up both day and night, when the cloud was up, they traveled. 22 Whether it was two days, a month or a year that the cloud remained over the tabernacle, staying on it, the people of Isra’el remained in camp and did not travel; but as soon as it was taken up, they traveled. 23 At YAHUVEH’s order, they camped; and at YAHUVEH’s order, they traveled — they did what YAHUVEH had charged them to do through Moshe.

10 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, 2 “Make two trumpets; make them of hammered silver. Use them for summoning the community and for sounding the call to break camp and move on. 3 When they are sounded, the entire community is to assemble before you at the entrance to the tent of meeting. 4 If only one is sounded, then just the leaders, the heads of the clans of Isra’el, are to assemble before you.

5 “When you sound an alarm, the camps to the east will commence traveling. 6 When you sound a second alarm, the camps to the south will set out; they will sound alarms to announce when to travel. 7 However, when the community is to be assembled, you are to sound; but don’t sound an alarm. 8 It will be the sons of Aharon, the cohanim, who are to sound the trumpets; this will be a permanent regulation for you through all your generations.

9 “When you go to war in your land against an adversary who is oppressing you, you are to sound an alarm with the trumpets; then you will be remembered before YAHUVEH your ELOHIM, and you will be saved from your enemies.

10 “Also on your days of rejoicing, at your designated times and on Rosh-Hodesh, you are to sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; these will be your reminder before your ELOHIM. I am YAHUVEH your ELOHIM.”

(v) 11 On the twentieth day of the second month of the second year, the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle of the testimony; 12 and the people of Isra’el moved out in stages from the Sinai Desert. The cloud stopped in the Pa’ran Desert.

13 So they set out on their first journey, in keeping with YAHUVEH’s order through Moshe. 14 In the lead was the banner of the camp of the descendants of Y’hudah, whose companies moved forward; over his company was Nachshon the son of ‘Amminadav. 15 Over the company of the tribe of the descendants of Yissakhar was N’tan’el the son of Tzu‘ar. 16 Over the company of the descendants of Z’vulun was Eli’av the son of Helon.

17 Then the tabernacle was taken down; and the descendants of Gershon and the descendants of M’rari set out, carrying the tabernacle.

18 Next, the banner of the camp of Re’uven moved forward by companies; over his company was Elitzur the son of Sh’de’ur. 19 Over the company of the tribe of the descendants of Shim‘on was Shlumi’el the son of Tzurishaddai. 20 Over the company of the descendants of Gad was Elyasaf the son of De‘u’el.

21 Then the descendants of K’hat set out, carrying the sanctuary, so that [at the next camp] the tabernacle could be set up before they arrived.

22 The banner of the camp of the descendants of Efrayim moved forward by companies; over his company was Elishama the son of ‘Ammihud. 23 Over the company of the tribe of the descendants of M’nasheh was Gamli’el the son of P’dahtzur. 24 Over the company of the descendants of Binyamin was Avidan the son of Gid‘oni.

25 The banner of the camp of the descendants of Dan, forming the rearguard for all the camps, moved forward by companies; over his company was Achi‘ezer the son of ‘Ammishaddai. 26 Over the company of the tribe of the descendants of Asher was Pag‘i’el the son of ‘Okhran. 27 Over the company of the descendants of Naftali was Achira the son of ‘Enan.

28 This is how the people of Isra’el traveled by companies; thus they moved forward.

(S: vi) 29 Moshe said to Hovav the son of Re‘u’el the Midyani, Moshe’s father-in-law, “We are traveling to the place about which YAHUVEH said, ‘I will give it to you.’ Come with us, and we will treat you well, because YAHUVEH has promised good things to Isra’el.” 30 But he replied, “I will not go; I would rather go back to my own country and my own kinsmen.” 31 Moshe continued, “Please don’t leave us, because you know that we have to camp in the desert, and you can serve as our eyes. 32 If you do go with us, then whatever good YAHUVEH does for us, we will do the same for you.”

33 So they set out from YAHUVEH’s mountain and traveled for three days. Ahead of them on this three-day journey went the ark of YAHUVEH’s covenant, searching for a new place to stop. 34 The cloud of YAHUVEH was over them during the day as they set out from the camp. (A: vi) 35 When the ark moved forward, Moshe said,

“Arise, YAHUVEH! May your enemies be scattered!
Let those who hate you flee before you!”

36 When it stopped, he said,

“Return, YAHUVEH of the many, many
thousands of Isra’el!”

11 But the people began complaining about their hardships to YAHUVEH. When YAHUVEH heard it, his anger flared up, so that fire from YAHUVEH broke out against them and consumed the outskirts of the camp. 2 Then the people cried to Moshe, Moshe prayed to YAHUVEH, and the fire abated. 3 That place was called Tav‘erah [burning] because YAHUVEH’s fire broke out against them.

4 Next, the mixed crowd that was with them grew greedy for an easier life; while the people of Isra’el, for their part, also renewed their weeping and said, “If only we had meat to eat! 5 We remember the fish we used to eat in Egypt — it cost us nothing! — and the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, the garlic! 6 But now we’re withering away, we have nothing to look at but this man.”

7 The man, by the way, was like coriander seed and white like gum resin. 8 The people would go around gathering it and would grind it up in mills or pound it to paste with mortar and pestle. Then they would cook it in pots and make it into loaves that tasted like cakes baked with olive oil. 9 When the dew settled on the camp during the night, the man came with it.

10 Moshe heard the people crying, family after family, each person at the entrance to his tent; the anger of YAHUVEH flared up violently; and Moshe too was displeased. 11 Moshe asked YAHUVEH, “Why are you treating your servant so badly? Why haven’t I found favor in your sight, so that you put the burden of this entire people on me? 12 Did I conceive this people? Was I their father, so that you tell me, ‘Carry them in your arms, like a nurse carrying a baby, to the land you swore to their ancestors?’ 13 Where am I going to get meat to give to this entire people? — because they keep bothering me with their crying and saying, ‘Give us meat to eat!’ 14 I can’t carry this entire people by myself alone — it’s too much for me! 15 If you are going to treat me this way, then just kill me outright! — please, if you have any mercy toward me! — and don’t let me go on being this miserable!”

16 YAHUVEH said to Moshe, “Bring me seventy of the leaders of Isra’el, people you recognize as leaders of the people and officers of theirs. Bring them to the tent of meeting, and have them stand there with you. 17 I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take some of the Spirit which rests on you and put it on them. Then they will carry the burden of the people along with you, so that you won’t carry it yourself alone.

18 “Tell the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, and you will eat meat; because you cried in the ears of YAHUVEH, “If only we had meat to eat! We had the good life in Egypt!” All right, YAHUVEH is going to give you meat, and you will eat it. 19 You won’t eat it just one day, or two days, or five, or ten, or twenty days, 20 but a whole month! — until it comes out of your nose and you hate it! — because you have rejected YAHUVEH, who is here with you, and distressed him with your crying and asking, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?”’”

21 But Moshe said, “Here I am with six hundred thousand men on foot, and yet you say, ‘I will give them meat to eat for a whole month!’ 22 If whole flocks and herds were slaughtered for them, would it be enough? If all the fish in the sea were collected for them, would even that be enough?” 23 YAHUVEH answered Moshe, “Has YAHUVEH’s arm grown short? Now you will see whether what I said will happen or not!”

24 Moshe went out and told the people what YAHUVEH had said. Then he collected seventy of the leaders of the people and placed them all around the tent. 25 YAHUVEH came down in the cloud, spoke to him, took some of the Spirit that was on him and put it on the seventy leaders. When the Spirit came to rest on them, they prophesied — then but not afterwards.

26 There were two men who stayed in the camp, one named Eldad and the other Medad, and the Spirit came to rest on them. They were among those listed to go out to the tent, but they hadn’t done so, and they prophesied in the camp. 27 A young man ran and told Moshe, “Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp!” 28 Y’hoshua, the son of Nun, who from his youth up had been Moshe’s assistant, answered, “My lord, Moshe, stop them!” 29 But Moshe replied, “Are you so zealous to protect me? I wish all of YAHUVEH’s people were prophets! I wish YAHUVEH would put his Spirit on all of them!”

(vii) 30 Moshe and the leaders of Isra’el went back into the camp; 31 and YAHUVEH sent out a wind which brought quails from across the sea and let them fall near the camp, about a day’s trip away on each side of the camp and all around it, covering the ground to a depth of three feet. 32 The people stayed up all that day, all night and all the next day gathering the quails — the person gathering the least collected ten heaps; then they spread them out for themselves all around the camp. 33 But while the meat was still in their mouth, before they had chewed it up, the anger of YAHUVEH flared up against the people, and YAHUVEH struck the people with a terrible plague. 34 Therefore that place was named Kivrot-HaTa’avah [graves of greed], because there they buried the people who were so greedy.

35 From Kivrot-HaTa’avah the people traveled to Hatzerot, and they stayed at Hatzerot.

12 Miryam and Aharon began criticizing Moshe on account of the Ethiopian woman he had married, for he had in fact married an Ethiopian woman. 2 They said, “Is it true that YAHUVEH has spoken only with Moshe? Hasn’t he spoken with us too?” YAHUVEH heard them. 3 Now this man Moshe was very humble, more so than anyone on earth. 4 Suddenly YAHUVEH told Moshe, Aharon and Miryam, “Come out, you three, to the tent of meeting.” The three of them went out.

5 YAHUVEH came down in a column of cloud and stood at the entrance to the tent. He summoned Aharon and Miryam, and they both went forward. 6 He said, “Listen to what I say: when there is a prophet among you, I, YAHUVEH, make myself known to him in a vision, I speak with him in a dream. 7 But it isn’t that way with my servant Moshe. He is the only one who is faithful in my entire household. 8 With him I speak face to face and clearly, not in riddles; he sees the image of YAHUVEH. So why weren’t you afraid to criticize my servant Moshe?” 9 The anger of YAHUVEH flared up against them, and he left.

10 But when the cloud was removed from above the tent, Miryam had tzara‘at, as white as snow. Aharon looked at Miryam, and she was as white as snow. 11 Aharon said to Moshe, “Oh, my lord, please don’t punish us for this sin we committed so foolishly. 12 Please don’t let her be like a stillborn baby, with its body half eaten away when it comes out of its mother’s womb!” 13 Moshe cried to YAHUVEH, “Oh ELOHIM, I beg you, please, heal her!” (Maftir) 14 YAHUVEH answered Moshe, “If her father had merely spit in her face, wouldn’t she hide herself in shame for seven days? So let her be shut out of the camp for seven days; after that, she can be brought back in.” 15 Miryam was shut out of the camp seven days, and the people did not travel until she was brought back in. 16 Afterwards, the people went on from Hatzerot and camped in the Pa’ran Desert.

Prophetic Reading

Zechariah 2:14[10]–4:7; 

14 (10) “Sing, daughter of Tziyon; rejoice! For, here, I am coming; and I will live among you,” says YAHUVEH. 15 (11) When that time comes, many nations will join themselves to YAHUVEH. “They will be my people, and I will live among you.” Then you will know that it was YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot who sent me to you. 16 (12) YAHUVEH will take possession of Y’hudah as his portion in the holy land, and he will again make Yerushalayim his choice. 17 (13) Be silent, all humanity, before YAHUVEH; for he has been roused from his holy dwelling.’”

3 He showed me Y’hoshua the cohen hagadol standing before the angel of YAHUVEH, with the Accuser [a] standing at his right to accuse him. 2 YAHUVEH said to the Accuser, “May YAHUVEH rebuke you, Accuser! Indeed, may YAHUVEH, who has made Yerushalayim his choice, rebuke you! Isn’t this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?” 3 Y’hoshua was clothed in garments covered with dung; and he was standing before the angel, 4 who said to those standing in front of him, “Take those filthy garments off of him.” Then to him he said, “See, I am taking your guilt away. I will clothe you in fine robes.” 5 I said, “They should put a clean turban on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and gave him fine robes to wear, while the angel of YAHUVEH stood by. 6 Then the angel of YAHUVEH gave Y’hoshua this warning: 7 “YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot says this: ‘If you will walk in my ways, obey my commission, judge my house and guard my courtyards; then I will give you free access among these who are standing here. 8 Listen, cohen gadol Y’hoshua, both you and your colleagues seated here before you, because these men are a sign that I am going to bring my servant Tzemach [Sprout]. 9 For look at the stone I have put in front of Y’hoshua: on one stone are seven eyes; I will engrave what is to be written on it,’ says YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot; ‘and I will remove the guilt of this land in one day. 10 When that time comes,’ says YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot, ‘you will all invite each other to join you under your vines and fig trees.’”

4 Then the angel that had been speaking with me returned and roused me, as if he were waking someone up from being asleep, 2 and asked me, “What do you see?” I answered, “I’ve been looking at a menorah; it’s all of gold, with a bowl at its top, seven lamps on it, and seven tubes leading to the lamps at its top. 3 Next to it are two olive trees, one on the right side of the bowl and the other on its left.” 4 I then asked the angel speaking with me, “What are these, my Lord?” The angel speaking with me said, 5 “Don’t you know what these are?” I said, “No, my Lord.” 6 Then he answered me, “This is the word of YAHUVEH to Z’rubavel: ‘Not by force, and not by power, but by my Spirit,’ says YAHUVEH-Tzva’ot. 7 ‘What are you, you big mountain? Before Z’rubavel you will become a plain; and he will put the capstone in place, as everyone shouts, “It’s beautiful! Beautiful!”’

Philippians 2:1–18;


2 Therefore, if you have any encouragement for me from your being in union with the Messiah, any comfort flowing from love, any fellowship with me in the Spirit, or any compassion and sympathy, 2 then complete my joy by having a common purpose and a common love, by being one in heart and mind. 3 Do nothing out of rivalry or vanity; but, in humility, regard each other as better than yourselves — 4 look out for each other’s interests and not just for your own.

5 Let your attitude toward one another be governed by your being in union with the Messiah YAHUSHUA:

Though he was in the form of ELOHIM,
he did not regard equality with ELOHIM
something to be possessed by force.
On the contrary, he emptied himself,
in that he took the form of a slave
by becoming like human beings are.

And when he appeared as a human being,
he humbled himself still more
by becoming obedient even to death —
death on a stake as a criminal!
Therefore ELOHIM raised him to the highest place
and gave him the name above every name;

that in honor of the name given YAHUSHUA,
every knee will bow —
in heaven, on earth and under the earth —
and every tongue will acknowledge[a]
that YAHUSHUA the Messiah is YAHUVEH —
to the glory of ELOHIM the Father.

12 So, my dear friends, just as you have always obeyed when I was with you, it is even more important that you obey now when I am away from you: keep working out your deliverance with fear and trembling,[b] 13 for ELOHIM is the one working among you both the willing and the working for what pleases him. 14 Do everything without kvetching or arguing, 15 so that you may be blameless and pure children of ELOHIM, without defect in the midst of a twisted and perverted generation,[c] among whom you shine like stars in the sky, 16 as you hold on to the Word of Life. If you do this, I will be able to boast, when the Day of the Messiah comes, that I did not run or toil for nothing. 17 Indeed, even if my lifeblood is poured out as a drink offering over the sacrifice and service of your faith, I will still be glad and rejoice with you all. 18 Likewise, you too should be glad and rejoice with me.

AmightyWind Prophecies;

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)
June 1, 2018

Torah Portion: The Menorah: Raising the Light of Purity
Prophecy 76 Arise And Prepare Yourself For Your Bridegroom Doth Come!
MY beloved Bride, you consist of both male and female. You are called a virgin, for you have come out of the man-made doctrines and fled the churches of Babylon. MY Bride, you are not afraid to expose evil, even when it is in the churches and expose the compromising Pastors of the churches and those who call themselves Rabbi’s who are compromising too. This is evil in MY sight. You, MY Bride, will not remain silent and the more the heathen and Pharisees as well as the Lukewarm Christians and the 6 churches mentioned in Revelation try and muzzle you, the louder you yell. MY beloved Bride, you who praise, worship, love and adore, desire above all else to put a smile on Abba YAHUVEH’s face pleasing HIM as well as your MESSIAH and soon coming Groom. MY Bride, you know obedience to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is Love and you prove your love and loyalty by obeying YAH’s commands.
The Bride of YAHUSHUA does not struggle to keep the Ten Commandments, instead you guard them and defend them knowing YAHUVEH wrote these Ten Laws on a tablet of stone with his own finger and HE has not changed the Laws nor discarded any of them. Man changes the Laws, not Abba YAHUVEH who is the Creator of the Laws given to Moses at Mount Sinai. YAHUVEH is the Creator of the Sabbath and commanded all creation to honor it when he rested on the 7th day after creating all of Creation. The Sabbath is perpetual, never ending, and even will be honored in the Reign of the Millennium.

Verily I say unto you, the True Bride of YAHUSHUA, you know all of this and your sole desire is to obey YAHUVEH’s every word and I am that Word that was made Flesh. I am the Living Torah. Verily I say unto you that you, the Bride of YAHUSHUA seek to obey and go the extra mile, what ever it takes to obey Abba YAHUVEH, to do what others deem foolish such as observing the Holy Feast Days and keeping the true Sabbath and flee man-made religions that changed the Sabbath to Sunday. MY Bride you know anything that is corrupt or perverted is not Holy and is an abomination unto YAHUVEH such as abortion, homosexuality and same-sex marriages. MY Bride, you do not remain silent but loudly protest these things and condemn anyone who does not do so, calling them a coward and a hypocrite.
MY Bride, you not only love Abba YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA but are passionately in love with Abba YAHUVEH and I,YAHUSHUA, just as in the songs of Solomon. MY Bride, you put both the Creator and the Messiah equally first in your lives and love. All others be they spouse, children, family, friends, business or pleasure come second in your love and life. MY Bride, you would be willing to lay down your life if need be, if this was YAH’S will. MY Bride, you forsook all your earthly comforts when I said to you, “Come and follow ME!”

MY Bride, you will not only have MY Name inscribed on your foreheads but the name of Abba YAHUVEH so all will see what Revelation 14 plainly states. MY Bride, you have a burden to speak forth the truths when only a remnant really desires to hear and obey. MY beloved Bride, you would rather have the Name of your beloved Abba YAHUVEH and I,YAHUSHUA, on your lips speaking of US in love and meditating on who WE are and how to please US and study on Heavenly things and prophetic things to come and you do not despise the gift of prophecy nor mock the gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH.
Prophecy 23 Church Of Pretenders! Let MY People Go!
For when you are together, truly Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul then you are one with ME and the Holy Trinity. But how can you be one with one that goes whoring around? How can you be one whose mind thinks of every kind of sin? How can you be one that hates MY very Name? Oh I tell you this and I am going to make it very plain. I will no longer tolerate MY Bride being contaminated by sexual sin. I will no longer tolerate this and you better take these words seriously, for you see, I am not a God that can be mocked and you know MY very voice and I tell you this, be you the husband or the wife, you are not betraying them you are betraying YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! Especially you so called Christian husbands who claim to be MINE and yet MY Spirit you cannot hear and your spiritual eyes are blind. You have not just betrayed that husband and you have not just betrayed that wife. I tell you this, once again you have betrayed YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I am going to hold you up to open SHAME! It was the beginning when this President of this nation went before the people and said, “Although I have done wrong, it’s none of your business” and the people agreed.

Well, I tell you this, this day. It is the Lord God ALMIGHTY’S business for I warn you this day. Church of the pretenders listen closely to what I say. Even if you pretend to be MINE, even if you pretend like the leader of this nation pretends to be MINE I will hold you up to OPEN SHAME as I have done this leader and I will do it again. You who claim to be MINE, you sneak behind the spouses back and you go into adulterous relationships and sexual sin and lust, you have no lack. But I tell you this when you’re in the very act of adultery the very next time, remember this, the very breath you breathe, the very next heartbeat is MINE, you won’t know what day or time. I am going to let the spouse know exactly what you’re all about. The world is going to shake their head and they’re not going to understand why PROSTATE CANCER is so prevalent in man. But I am going to show exactly what I think of sex sin and I am going to show and you have been warned this day that you are held accountable for what you now know.

You had better REPENT and fall on your face and knees and you had better REPENT not only before your Almighty Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I will forgive you today, but then you must confess to the spouse you have offended and betrayed. For I tell you this, I am not going to be mocked, no not another day. You may be in the very act of adultery and think you got away with it. But I tell you this; I the Lord God will drop you DEAD and you know not when I am going to do it and you will slide on your own SPERM right into HELL! I am telling you this for I am a God of mercy, you listen and you listen well. You’re taught, “Oh well, I am just a man. I can do whatever I want as long as my wife doesn’t see it then all is well.”

But you forget you have a Heavenly Father even if you’re pretending to be MINE, I know you oh so well and you so called Christian women who claim to be MINE are NO better. You slip away how many days and you think as long as my husband doesn’t know then everything is all right. But I tell you this day, I am holding you into account and you too know not when I will take your life! You too will be plagued with cancers and there shall be no cure. Take ME at MY Word for these words you know you hear are of MY RUACH ha KODESH and fear has come upon you. For you know who I am speaking to. It’s YOU and YOU and YOU!
Torah Portion: The Light of Obedience
Prophecy 86 Away From ME You Disobedient So Called Bride
For truly I have spoken forth. Does not your entire body have to operate in unison? Can one foot say it is going to walk to the left and the other foot say it is going to walk to the right? Can one side of your mouth say I am going to speak out of one side and the other on the other side? This is what it is like when I try to deal with a disobedient so-called Bride. I say, “Walk this way” they say, “No; I want to walk that way.” Do you remember when I said, “It is the last call for the Bride?” Do you know how many are missing it because they refuse to listen to MY voice? I am not an earthly husband, when I give an order I expect it to be followed. When I say, “Lay it on the altar of sacrifice,” I expect it to be put down.

Do you know how many still smoke cigarettes? Do you know how many still get drunk behind closed doors? Do you know how many still read porn? Do you know how many have lust in their hearts? And yet they say, “I want to be part of the Bride.” Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride! When I tell you to lay everything down, when I tell you to lay your finances down, when I tell you to join together with the others, to depart from the unbelievers, when I tell you that lightness and darkness do not go together. Instead you keep going trying to find a prophet for your itching ears. Well, you’re not going to find it here.

This Ringmaiden will speak forth MY truths, she will not compromise. You think you hate her now, those who are not of ME? You haven’t seen anything yet. But those who truly belong to ME, you will have a love like you never dreamed possible for you will embrace the truths that I speak forth. For those of you who are obedient, who truly do wait and pant for MY every word…


Oh how I LOVE YOU! How I embrace you. When you say, “Tell me the way, light the path, I will do whatever you say even if it goes against my flesh, even if it means I have to financially sacrifice, I will do it your way.” These are MY Bride. And you recognize one another for you are a family like no other family. You think with one mind and you love with one heart and MY Name is never far apart.

Each and everyone of you embrace ME with a love anew. These are MY Bride. Your desire to live Holy before ME only grows stronger each day. You say, “Speak to me my beloved, I want a glimpse of you” and I say, “I am here and I embrace you and I kiss you and I love you and I hug you and I hold you”. These are MY Bride. They are not a disobedient so-called Bride.

Those who are in unequally yoked marriages that I never yoked, it’s like it is a rope around their neck and you are being hung, but when I come to cut the rope you say, “No, no let me hang.” Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride. You are a Bride no more. In your eyes you call yourself a Bride, in your prayers you claim to be a Bride, but I test your obedience for I know your heart. I know who you love the most.

You can try and impress others, you can pray in MY Name, oh but I know your hearts. You will weep and you will lament one day, when you find out how many of you I had to call away. And I will say, “Away from ME, you disobedient ones who call yourself MY Bride.” MY Bride comes together and they say, “What is it that I can share? What is it that I can do for you?” They love each other with a love that is oh so true. These are MY Bride.” I have warned and I have warned again, I said, “Give up your sin.” I am not saying that you are not saved. But I am saying you are not worthy to be called MY Bride. Oh but these gathered here, oh what a love you have for one another. I sent you forth to call the European Bride and the other Nations beside.

How many care when you have a need and you put the need out? The Bride will not let you down. The Bride will be generous, they will know that your need is their need. Just as surely as I sent Elijah of old [in Hebrew, Eliyahu], and told the widow of Zarapeth to share with Elijah [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] and he said, “Share with me your last meal, so it will not be your last meal.” So too, I send this Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] to do the same thing. I send her to the widows of Zarapeth that say, “I have no need.” Oh, but so very quickly you shall see, you will have desperate needs. It is because you deafened your ears when MY Ringmaiden called, I shall deafen MY ears when you call.

For there is coming meteors and they shall fall from the sky, all over the world they will run and hide! The earth shall quake not in just one place and the volcanoes shall blow like a chain reaction it shall blow. And only those who are truly stayed in ME, in the Living Rock shall stay protected. Storms like you have never seen, this is just the beginning that shall come. But those who have stayed in ME and in MY Father Abba YAHUVEH you shall remain protected when you are protected in MY Name. You want to close your ears when I say, “Honor the Sabbath Day and I don’t mean the man-made one.” You want to cover your ears when I say, “Honor the Holy feasts and I don’t mean the man-made ones, the pagan holidays instead you would rather honor, instead of MY Father Abba YAHUVEH Holy Days.” WE are the same yesterday, today and forever MY Father and ME. Just because you change your idea of sin, doesn’t mean that WE have.

Torah Portion: Cleansing of YAHUVEH’s Servants
Prophecy 106 I, YAHUVEH, Say “Clean Your House!”
I told you that in 2009 anything and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Do not stand amazed Elisabeth [Elisheva] for you are going to see those that you call the YDS’ shaken, we will see just how firmly they are of ME, we will see how many want to pay the price to be called MY Bride. We will see as you have seen what happens in New Zealand. It is easy, it is so easy when there is no testing, it is so easy to say, thy will be done oh YAHUVEH. When MY will though goes against your will, will you still say, thy will be done oh YAHUVEH?

To those who refuse to walk holy, even to those by MY own hand I put together, by MY own hand I shall divide. Not only in this household do I speak forth but to all those who claim they belong to ME. (Luke 12:51-53) Do you want to be left in the Great Tribulation? Do you want to go to hell or do you want to obey ME? I can’t make it any simpler than that. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of YAHUVEH, to know that you are nothing but dust and by MY mercy I took that dust and created a man and I breathed into that man. (Psalm 111:10)

Do not grieve the RUACH ha KODESH, do not grieve your IMMAYAH. Do not test ME no (any) longer for this Minstry is a Ministry of Holiness. (Acts 5:9)

In the very midst of the YDS’, that which I reveal in New Zealand exposing the evil that was hidden, so too I shall do by those who claim they want to be part of this Holy Ministry. They are part of this Holy Ministry, but you see it is as you said beloved son Sylvester, on the surface it looks like it is so. As long as the leadership doesn’t know we can do what we want to do in secret, but I warn you, those that I have called the YDS’, those that have been invited to the YDS forum to fellowship, you are held more accountable.

Be assured in 2009 whatever was hidden shall be revealed. (Matthew 10:26) Whatever sin you think you have hidden, by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH it shall be revealed. For MY Word is true and in these endtimes the evil is growing more evil but MY Holy must grow more Holy and anyone who has a form of Holiness but no Holiness within shall be exposed. I will not allow them to be part of this Ministry. I will not allow it. (Ecclesiastes 12:14) So now it is your choice, who do you really choose to serve? The evil of this world? Or the Holiness of Heaven? So you see I have another reason Elisabeth [Elisheva] that you are to go to your sons.

MY Beloved Son, this is nothing that I can’t forgive but you must choose, you must choose this day. For that biological sister and that biological father only want to take you to hell with them.

I’m shaking this entire world. Judgment starts at MY house. (I Peter 4:17) Holiness will only desire Holiness. Sin must be kicked out. A repentant spirit is not someone who only repents with their mouth, it is someone that repents with their head and their heart and determined not to displease ME. I told you, (this world) you are on the verge of a holocaust. Do you want ME to hide you? Do you want ME to protect you? Do you want ME to bless you? For no enemy can pluck you out of YAHUVEH’s hand, or do you want ME to SMASH YOU? Do you want ME to CRUSH YOU? Do you want ME to BREAK YOU? Do you want ME by MY own hand to cast you into the flames of hell?

Do you want ME to love you? Do you want ME to comfort you? Do you want ME to mentor you? What do you really want? Do you want to be like Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego as they walked and were tossed in the fiery furnace? (Daniel 3) Yet, I did not even allow that which bound them to be burned. I did not allow their clothes to be singed, their own clothes that bound them for you see it was the enemies that got burned up. It was only that which tied and bound their hands that was burned up. Do you want to be like a Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego? That walked in the fiery furnace but the 4th man was there and that 4th man is YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH.

Do you want to be as Daniel when he was thrown in the lions den? He was not eaten though the lions were ravenous. (Daniel 6) It’s your choice. Do you want MY protection? Do you want to be like the widow of Zarephath? (I Kings 17:10) The one I sent the Elijah of Old too. When it comes down to your last morsel of bread, do you want ME to multiply it for you, so you will never go hunger? So you will live to Glorify ME.

In this year how man marks time, they say it is 2009. You see I don’t only ask these questions to you, I ask these questions to all those that believe the Truth comes forth from this Ministry and that I speak forth. What do you want ME to do? Do you want ME to open the Red Sea again so you can safely cross over as the enemies pursue you? (Exodus 15:4) Do you want these enemies to be drown so they can not harm you? What do you want ME to do?

I am YAHUVEH, and by your actions will be the amount of (your) protection. I am not playing games. Do you want to hide under the shelter of MY wings as psalm 91 says? You say you love ME and I only speak to those who say they love ME. I only speak to those who say they are washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, MY only begotten Son. I do not speak this forth to the heathen whose names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. You’re only fit for judgment. You’re only fit for hell. You are reprobate. You’re rejected silver.

But I speak to those now in the year you mark as 2009, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! Your house is the Temple of the RUACH ha KODESH (I Corinthians 6:19). Your house is the physical as well as the spiritual. Anything that offends ME, throw it out.




“Now YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying, ‘Speak to Aaron and say to him, “When you set up behaalotecha בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ the lamps, the seven lamps shall give light in front of the Menorah.”’”  (Numbers 8:1–2)

Last week, in Parasha Naso, the numbering of Israel continued with a census of the Levites.  The Nazirite vow was detailed, as well as the Aaronic Blessing.

This week’s Scripture portion is named Behaalotecha, which means when you step up because it begins with instructions as to how the Menorah /lampstand is to be set up in the Tabernacle.  A related word is aliyah /עליה — the Hebrew word for immigrating to the Land of Israel.  It can also be defined as the act of going up.

To take the step of faith to return to the Land of our Forefathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) is an act of spiritual elevation.

The Menorah: Raising the Light of Purity

“Now this workmanship of the Menorah was hammered gold; from its shaft to its flowers it was hammered work.  According to the pattern which YAHUVEH had shown Moses, so he made the lampstand.”  (Numbers 8:4)

Parasha Behaalotecha opens with the kindling of the Menorah.  This lampstand is a symbol of the light of revelation and truth.

YAHUVEH commanded Moses to make it out of gold according to the pattern shown him on Mount Sinai.  Why gold and not bronze or silver?

Gold symbolizes something precious — of great value, and it is a metaphor for purity in the Bible.

The fire in the Menorah represents the fire of the Divine Light spreading throughout the entire world, beginning with Israel HIS people.

We can understand it also as GODliness; therefore, the fire can be seen as symbolic of YAHUVEH refining HIS people so that they may be as fine gold!

“HE will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; HE will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver.  Then YAHUVEH will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness.”  (Malachi 3:3)

The Light of Obedience

Seven lamps were lit on the Menorah.

Why are there seven golden lampstands and not five or nine or any other number? Seven stands for perfection or completion.

The Book of Revelation also speaks of seven golden lampstands in a vision YAHUVEH gave to John:  “And I turned to see the voice that was speaking with me.  And having turned, I saw seven golden lampstands.”  (Revelation 1:12)

Here, these seven golden lampstands represent the seven congregations in Asia Minor (Revelation 1:10–11, 20).

YAHUVEH warned that HE might remove the lampstand of a congregation if they continue in sin and refuse to repent.  As YAHUSHUA told the church at Ephesus:  “I am coming to you, and will remove your lampstand out of its place — unless you repent.”  (Revelation 2:5)

Those who are HIS followers continually grow in obedience, love, joy, and peace, becoming more and more like YAHUSHUA.

That love, joy, and peace shines forth through a dark and dreary world.

Cleansing of YAHUVEH’s Servants

“Delight yourself in YAHUVEH, and HE will give you the desires of your heart.”  (Psalm 37:4)

As we pursue YAHUVEH, we also pursue purity in our attitudes, our speech, and our ministry.

And so we read in this Parasha/portion that the Levites who served YAHUVEH in the Temple had to be cleansed and purified before beginning their ministry.

“Then YAHUVEH spoke to Moses, saying: ‘Take the Levites from among the children of Israel and cleanse them ceremonially.  Thus you shall do to them to cleanse them:  Sprinkle water of purification on them, and let them shave all their body, and let them wash their clothes, and so make themselves clean.’”  (Numbers 8:5–7)

YAHUVEH took the Levites as His own in place of the firstborn who were spared during the Ten Plagues in Egypt.  Most of those sons defiled their hearts and spirits when they worshiped the Golden Calf.

The Levites didn’t worship the calf.  They stayed faithful and true to YAHUVEH of Israel; therefore, they were given the work of service in the Tabernacle, instead of Israel’s firstborn sons.

Murmuring in the Wilderness

“The manna was like coriander seed, and its appearance like that of bdellium.  The people went about and gathered it and ground it in handmills or beat it in mortars and boiled it in pots and made cakes of it.  And the taste of it was like the taste of cakes baked with oil.” (Numbers 11:7–8)

In Parasha Behaalotecha, the Israelites resume their trek to the Promised Land.  The Divine fire-cloud accompanies them as a supernatural manifestation of YAHUVEH’s Presence.

It has been a year since He delivered His Chosen People from bondage in Egypt.  They saw the River Nile turn to blood and their firstborn saved by blood.  They even walked through a parted sea into safety.

But experiencing YAH’s supernatural Presence and His provision of manna did not stop them from murmuring in the wilderness.

Oh how they complained!  Even to the point of rejecting YAHUVEH and desiring to go back to bondage where they could have the fish “that cost nothing, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic.”  (Numbers 11:5)

Despite the manna, they were consumed with a craving for meat.  The Bible does not explain why they did not eat meat from their herds of sheep.

Moses finds the people’s complaining so hard to bear that he is ready to die if no solution is found, and his honesty with YAHUVEH brings about a Divine solution.

YAHUVEH tells him to gather 70 experienced elders to the Tent of Meeting.  They are to share the burden of leadership, and to help them, YAHUVEH endows them with Moses’ spirit (Numbers 11:17).

YAHUVEH also promises Moses that He will give the people so much meat that they will be sick of it, which Moses finds difficult to believe.

To satisfy the cravings of these ungrateful Israelites, YAHUVEH sends tons of quail.  Many gorge themselves and die as YAHUVEH’s anger is unleashed due to their rejection of Him.  They are buried at the place they named Kibroth-hattaavah /graves of craving.
(Numbers 11:31–35)

Miriam and Aaron also complain by speaking against their brother Moses. They criticize Moses for marrying a Cushite woman — slander, and they want more respect as prophets in their own right — pride.

For speaking lashon harah slander, but also speaking the truth to injure and for pride, YAHUVEH strikes Miriam with leprosy; she turns white “like snow.”

Aaron recognizes their sin and cries out to YAHUVEH, “O YAHUVEH, please heal her — please.”

Although repentance helps restore our relationship with YAHUVEH, a lesson still has to be learned by Miriam, Aaron, and the entire community.  They cannot move ahead until Miriam spends seven days outside the camp.

Haftarah /Prophetic Portion: Purity and the Menorah

The prophetic reading this Shabbat (Zechariah 2:14[10]–4:7) begins with an invitation to shout for joy because YAHUVEH will dwell in the midst of Zion and once again choose Jerusalem.  In that day many nations will join themselves to YAH.

Zechariah’s vision confirms how deeply YAHUVEH cares about the cleansing of His people.

The Prophet Zechariah sees the high priest Yahshua, son of Jehozadak, standing before the angel of YAHUVEH in the Heavenly Court.

Satan is also there accusing Yahushua, who is clothed in filthy rags, a metaphor for sin. Yahshua is guilty of allowing his sons to marry foreign women, which is not allowed for Levites ( Ezra 10:18).

The Angel of YAHUVEH identifies Yahushua as a brand plucked from the fire, interprets as the “hardships of exile.”

Indeed, Yahuhua has returned from the Babylonian exile along with Zerubbabel and the Jewish exiles to Jerusalem where they will rebuild the city and the Jewish Temple.

YAHUVEH rebukes Satan and says to Yahushua, “See, I have removed your guilt from you, and you shall be clothed in [priestly] robes.” (Zechariah 3:4)

Zechariah then describes his vision of a seven-branched Menorah, which is kindled for the first time in this week’s Torah reading.


Rebuilding Jerusalem and the Second Temple is a huge task.  And through the Prophet Zechariah, YAHUVEH reassures both Yahushua and Zerubbabel that He is behind the initiative.

Immediately after Zechariah sees the Menorah, the symbol of purity and the light of truth reaching the nations, YAHUVEH gives a word to Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah, saying,

“Not by might, nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT — said YAHUVEH of Hosts.”  (Zechariah 4:6)

Of course, pursuing spiritual goals is too difficult if we are left to our own devices.  Both the Parasha reading and the Haftarah reading reveal that we have supernatural help.

We see that even Moses had his limits as a mere man.  No one — not even Moses himself — could do the work of Moses without being anointed with the Spirit of YAHUVEH.

To ease Moses’ burden, YAHUVEH spread some of Moses’ anointing — the RUACH HAKODESH — giving it to 70 respected elders who would share in the task of leadership.

The Scriptures say that these elders immediately prophesied.

When the Spirit of YAHUVEH is working in someone, spiritual gifts manifest.  Prophecy is just one of these gifts (see 1 Corinthians 12:4–11, 28; Romans 12:6–8)

These gifts were only available to a select few until the RUACH HAKODESH descended on Shavuot /Pentecost upon the first Believers 50 days after Yeshua’s resurrection.

Through YAHUSHUA, our garments of iniquity have been removed and we, like Joshua, are clothed in vestments of purity and righteousness.  This is a fulfillment of one of Zechariah’s prophecies, which foretells of a time when the Messiah will remove all iniquity in a single day.

“I am going to bring My servant the Branch [a future king from the line of David] … and I will remove that country’s guilt in a single day.  In that day — declares YAHUVEH of Hosts — you will be inviting each other to the shade of vines and fig trees.”  (Zechariah 3:8–10; Jeremiah 33:15)

This righteous Branch from the line of David has appeared; and in one day, He paid the penalty for our sin and clothed us with His righteousness.

Each of us need YAHUVEH’s RUACH HAKODESH in our lives, empowering us to obey His word, manifest His love, joy, and peace, and exercise spiritual gifts He has bestowed.

Filled with His SPIRIT, each of us are beacons of light that show the way to a lost and dying world.

One practical way we can shine as lights in the midst of the darkness is by refusing to complain and, instead, express gratitude in all things, rejoicing in YAHUVEH always.

“Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of YAHUVEH above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world.”  (Philippians 2:14–15)

“But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of YAHUSHUA, His Son, purifies us from all sin.”  (1 John 1:7)

Shabbat Shalom from AMIGHTYWIND!